Harley Davidson at Sturgis and 105th Anniversary by primusboy


									Harley Davidson at Sturgis and 105th Anniversary
Sturgis, a small hamlet in the state of South Dakota has a population of
around six thousand. This small town within the vicinity of Mount
Rushmore would have been unknown to the rest of the world had it not been
for around half a million motorcycle enthusiasts from across the country
attending the Motorcycle Rally held here annually for the past sixty-
eight years. The rally presents the weirdest of motorbike designs,
customizations and modifications that display the creativities of these
enthusiasts. Some of them adore wackiest of the looks whereas others
suggest a great utility. A few craziest ideas that shook heads this year
were riders mounted on lawnmowers, motorized barstools, hot tubs on
carriages of SUVs, three-wheelers and four wheelers carrying the load of
eight to ten adults, rat bikes, tattooed babes, fashion parades, several
biking acrobats and many other mechanized yet weird and wacky machines.
However, as we all know the joy of biking remains incomplete without the
legendry, 750 cc Milwaukee machine - the greatest of the great Harley-
Davidson "Harleys" motorcycles! Thousands of Harley-Davidson aficionados
rode their bikes into the Rapid City, S.D., for the 68th Annual Sturgis
Motorcycle Rally, August 2-9, 2008. The main Harley events at Sturgis
this year included New Product Show featuring the newly released 2009
model line-up in collaboration with Buell, an exclusive Harley -Davidson
Festival with fun activities including motorcycle stunt shows, live
entertainment, a free bike wash, free demo rides, Harley-Davidson custom
motorcycle Ride-In Show on with $500 as a cash prize. Also there was a
special Women's day on August 7.
Some of the most creative customized bikes at the Sturgis Rally were
displayed at the Harley-Davidson Ride-In Show Aug. 8. The entry fee of
this show was being donated to Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) and
all entrants received a special commemorative dash plaque. H -D Traveling
Museum revealed the mechanized evolution of Harley from its infancy to
the current world-class celebrity bike. Women's day included various
seminars that helped women bikers customize their heavy -weight machines
and also comprised of a training session that taught them how to lift
fallen bikes!
With a gigantic, "Welcome Riders" signboard waving in the main street
that initiated the atmosphere Sturgis turned out to be a "home away from
home" to the passionate bikers. Can't think of a better way to celebrate
the Harley Davidson's 105th anniversary year than at the Sturgis Rally!
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