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I have never in my life written a poem before. I am far from the poetry
type. This just came to me this morning while working on my real estate
book. I consider it a gift.
We come to this earth with our notepads so clear.
And so we are born knowing no fear.
The world’s a stage, for us to perform.
Our life stories so great, so far from the norm.
We see things as they are, instead of “should be”…
The moon, the stars, the winds, and the trees.
There is no illusion, in the space between ears,
We experience life, with laughter and tears.
Things start to change, the world on our heads,
No sleeping at night, but not because of our beds.
Our world hasn’t changed, but somehow it has.
How did this happen? Why take this path?
Life is no longer in the here and the now,
Instead life is spent, with sweat on our brow.
Fearing the things we cannot even see,
Life is no longer about the wind and the trees.
Life has become one thing or another,
Time passing by, forgetting we’re lovers.
Loving our lives, that we once had.
Now just pages in time, the passing of sand.
Without even knowing life has passed by,
So many mistakes, why even try?
The world never changed, only in my head.
Why did I believe it? So close to dead.
Oh, what I would give, to go back to me?
And meet for a chat under that tree.
Eric Medemar is a real estate consultant/investor/Realtor with over 35
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