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My Lady of the Highlands


									My Lady of the Highlands
She cometh from the place high above
where mountains meet sky and clouds
where winds be strong and cold
whilst populace be sure and bold
from the land for those who be called Scots
was she delivered on to this world
It is from this land of the British isles
that my Lady cometh from
regal in her appearance
in tresses a brown
framing a face of beauty
which be not aware of boundaries
My lady of the highlands
with skin a pale
as the blossoms to be found
on apples while her checks
and lips be red as the fire of
her blood
My lady of the highlands
saunters on legs that stand
as sturdy and lovely in
their sensuality
that makes me feel her lust
as she gives to me in acts of
tenderness that which she
holdeth for mine and taketh
as we giveth
My lady of the highlands
is where I placeth my root
in what be the rose
of her womanhood that taketh
from mine that which be
essence of what is to be
My lady of the highlands
be romantic as is the land
which she be born in
of love and emotions
that be stern as the folk
who inhabit them
My lady of the highlands
free she be born in the spirit
of those of her nation
that adore with passion
as she does me who have been
captured by her womanly courage
that like the bagpipes she plays
has not choice but to let out its joy
for all to hear
My name is Gianni Truvianni, I am an author who writes with the simple
aim of sharing his ideas, thoughts and so much more of what I am with
those who are interested in perhaps reading something new. As for the
details regarding my life I would say that there is nothing that lifts
them above the ordinary. I was born in New York City in 1967 on May 21st
and am presently living in Warsaw, Poland where I wrote my first book
"New York's Opera Society" now Available on Amazon.

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