Love Unconditional Truly Makes a Friend

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					Love Unconditional Truly Makes a Friend
Many people in this world
Call themselves a friend
Someone who will be with you
Until the very end
But words are nothing more than words
It's what's really in our hearts
That shows us who our real friends are
And sets this world apart
A true friend is forever
Through all the thick and thin
They will forsake you never
On them you can depend
They'll rejoice when you triumph
Shed a tear when you're in pain
They'll walk with you in sunshine
Send you comfort in the rain
Friends will sometimes disagree
And give you their advice
But they will never judge you
For you they'd give their life
Friends give their love completely
Ask for nothing in return
Except your respect and kindness
They feel they've surely earned
They're with you in the valleys
Know every mountain you have crossed
Every teardrop that has fallen
Every gain you ever lost
I know down deep inside my heart
This message that I send
It is "love unconditional"
That truly makes a friend
A friend walks beside you
Always hand in hand
A friend is there to guide you
When you cannot understand
A friend is there to help you
When you're down and out
A friend will never doubt you
Or let you do without
A friend will stand up to you
Never turn and walk away
Always with good intentions
Are the things they do and say
I shall never dare to question
I'll repeat it once again
That truly makes a "FRIEND"
May God bless you always!
This is what I consider a true friend. How fortunate are we to find such
a treasure here on this earth.
To find several friends is a true blessings. I thank God for the friends
in my life. I only pray that I can be a true friend to others and have
unconditional love for all mankind.

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