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					Kennedy Middle School
The Kennedy Middle School is located in Cupertino, Ca, teaching grades 6-
8. Kennedy Middle School is part of the Cupertino Union School District,
serves more than 17,000 students in a richly diverse community
representing 46 different languages in a 26-square mile area that
includes the city of Cupertino and portions of San Jose, Sunnyvale,
Saratoga, Santa Clara, and Los Altos. The district has over 720 teachers
(FTEs) serving more than 17,000 students. Schools in this district are
considered some of the best in the state and this is one of the
contributing factors to high housing prices in the Cupertino area. The
Cupertino School District ranks at least 10th in elementary, middle, and
high schools statewide. Faria (William) Elementary ranks number 1 in the
school district with an API score of 1000.
Kennedy Middle School ranks number 1 in the school district with an API
score of 959

Monte Vista High School ranks number 1 in the school disrtict with an API
score of 911
The school was founded in 1963, originally known as Kennedy Junior High
School, it was the first school to be named after President John F.
Kennedy. The school originally had only grades 7 and 8, but later the 6th
grade was added in the Fall of 1998, and renamed Kennedy Middle School in
the Fall of 1999.
The teaching system over at Kennedy Middle School is excellent and is
known for its high academic rankings. Kennedy's API (Academic Performance
Index) was ranked number 1 in their school district for the 2004-2005
school year, and ranked 10th out of 1066 schools in California.
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