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                                                                       News from Room 306 and
                                                                                  Jacksonville, Fl

                          NEWS!                                                October 15, 2010
                                                                              Volume 1, Issue 8

                        Here’s the scoop…..
         4-H Rabbit Show                                 4H Frenzy
  Dear Panther Parents,
                                                 Dear Panther Family
     Do you know about the upcoming fair?
  4-H is showing two rabbits in the fair on          I have something you can be interested
  November3, 2010. Will is representing 4-H      in. October 22 we are having a Fall
  with an American chinchilla rabbit named       Festival. There are many stations that you
  Beaster. Desirae is representing a new         can do. We have a Haunted House that’s
  bunny that 4-H has just got. Come on down      going to be better than ever. In the court
  and cheer us on. We’ll be at the Greater       yard the4h members will sponsor a petting
  Jacksonville Agricultural Fair!                zoo. You can pet Goats, Goose, and
                                                 rabbits. Also, kids can bang the car with a
  By: Brenna and Will                            sledge hammer. In a couple weeks 4H will
                                                 sponsor a spaghetti dinner. That same day
                                                 there will be a Science Night. There will be
                                                 a Mosquito man at Science Night. He will
                                                 bring surprising items.

                                                 BY Celine

     National Cookie Month!
                                                        School Spirit Days
Dear Panther Parents,
  We thank you for bringing all of the               School spirit days are every Friday!
cookies for the class. We had a spectacular      These days are when you wear the
time eating lots of cookies while staying on     Sheffield school colors which are blue and
task doing our normal routines. The first        yellow. You do not have to wear these
grade classes also had a great time with this    colors. You do not have to go all out for
activity when two students went and read to      this day. This is just a fun thing to do and
them. We also will like to state that we still   to show your school spirit. We would
have enough for the rest of the month!           appreciate for you to at least try!

By: Michael and Alex                             By: Cobi
                               Classroom Newsletter Page 2

                 Debates!                                 What are we studying?
                                                  Reading –Focus on Tall Tales, strategy review,
Dear Panther Parents,                             benchmark test on Wednesday
  We have been reading our scholastic             Mathematics – clustering (LOTS of division)
news and having to debate on yes or no            Writing – narrative writing, Writer’s Workshop,
                                                  plurals, dictionary skills
questions. One of the questions was to
                                                  Science – finish up projects, adaptations
ban bull fighting in Spain. Another was           Anti - Bullying: team building activities, class building
to ban silly bands during school hours.           activities
Don’t worry; an adult is always in the            Social Studies –Ancient Indian Civilizations
room when we are yelling at each other.           Reading Vocabulary – tendency, detect, elicit,
                                                  revelation, capable, mundane, distinguish, emanate
We have a really good time doing this
                                                  Spelling – magic, credit, exist, deposit, staff, direct,
debate. We always argue about the                 splendid, business, sense, discuss, contest, building,
debates. This is our favorite part of             swift, interest, exact, promise, habit, thus, active, solve
the day.
                                                       Mrs. Schermann’s Resources
Written by: Matthew and Hunter L.
                                                     P.E.: Blue Day 1:00-1:45
                                                     Media: Silver Day 1:00-1:45
        Reminder to Students
                                                     Music: Green Day 1:00-1:45
  Spelling is next week! Reading Vocabulary
    test will be Monday or Tuesday.                  Art: Yellow Day 1:00-1:45

  Candy-grams will be on sale daily and are         Computers: Orange Day 1:00-1:45
    only 50 cents!
  If you have toys, treats or candy you would
    like to donate to the treasure box it would            Ms. Snyder’s Resources
    be greatly appreciated.
  Homework will be collected daily.                 P.E.: Green Day 1:00-1:45
                                                     Media: Purple Day 1:00-1:45
  Don’t forget to study for your tests!
                                                     Music: Blue Day 1:00-1:45
  Send in your field trip money as soon as
    possible                                        Art: Orange Day 1:00-1:45
                                                     Computers: Yellow Day 1:00-1:45

                                                                 Important Dates
                                                         Remember, you can check grades on-
What has holes and still holds water?Look                 line.
for the answer next week!                                October 20th is our next Early Release
Last Week’s Answer: Wake up!                             October 25th is a planning day.
                                                         Scholastic News money needs to be
                                                          sent in AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Thanks!

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