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 As midterm elections near, participation
 is key in close races, showing that...

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MEGAN HARRELL                                              “I  think  college  students  nor-          determines  an  outcome.  So  just           wants to make college more afford-            The last day to register to vote is 
Lead News Writer                                         mally don’t vote because they come            imagine if  one class of  UD students        able because he recognizes that the         Monday,  Oct.  4.  Early  voting  will 
                                                         up with excuses, don’t feel that the          decided  not  to  vote  —  that  could       jobs of  the future will require high-      end  on  Thursday,  Oct.  7.  Election 
  Early  voting  for  the  upcoming                      decisions  by  politicians  have  any         sway the outcome of  an election.”           er education.                               day is Tuesday, Nov. 2.
governor  race  in  Ohio  between                        effect on them and mainly don’t re-             The  candidates  in  the  governor           According  to  an  Ohio  Survey  of         Any  registered  Ohio  voter  can 
Republican  candidate  John  Ka-                         alize  how  easy  it  is,”  Rajaiah  said.    race  are  both  determined  to  make        1,000  likely  voters,  conducted  by       vote  by  absentee  ballot.  To  ap-
sich  and  Democratic  candidate                         “It takes less than a minute to reg-          an impact on Ohio’s economy.                 Pulse  Opinion  Research  for  Fox          ply  for  an  absentee  ballot,  go  to 
Ted  Strickland,  began  on  Tuesday,                    ister to vote.”                                 Republican  John  Kasich’s  top            News  on  Saturday,  Sept.  11,  48         and 
Sept.  28.  Recently,  support  for  Ka-                   According  to  Michelle  Pautz,  as-        priority is to revive Ohio’s economy         percent  of   voters  planned  to  vote     complete  the  Ohio  Absentee  Bal-
sich  has  decreased,  allowing  for  a                  sistant professor in the department           and create more jobs. Kasich wants           for  Kasich,  43  percent  planned  to      lot  Application.  Afterwards,  mail 
closer  race  in  which  students  can                   of   political  science,  by  research-       to put a new focus on economic de-           vote  for  Strickland,  four  percent       or  deliver  the  completed  absentee 
still make a difference.                                 ing  different  issues  and  candidate        velopment,  reducing  government             planned  to  vote  for  another  candi-     ballot  application  to  your  County 
  Many  college  students  make  the                     viewpoints,  any  individual  can             spending  and  cutting  taxes  to  help                  
                                                                                                                                                    date and five percent were unsure.          Board of  Elections. 
decision  not  to  vote,  but  voting                    make an impact on the government              bring jobs back to the state. He also          Results  showed  evidence  of   a 
gives  individuals  a  chance  to  have                  through educated voting.                      wants  to  improve  education  and           closer  race  in  the  survey  taken  on          KASICH
an impact and voice their opinions,                        “It’s  important  to  vote  in  any         make healthcare more affordable.             Saturday, Sept. 25. Support for Ka-               STRICKLAND
according to sophomore Daniel Ra-                        election  to  exercise  our  rights  for        Democratic  nominee  Ted  Strick-          sich  dropped  to  45  percent,  while 
                                                                                                                                                                                                      OTHER CANDIDATES
jaiah, former president of  the Uni-                     self  determination,” Pautz said. “In         land,  Ohio’s  governor  since  2007,        support  for  Strickland  increased 
versity  of   Dayton  College  Demo-                     particular, in close elections, voting        wants  to  create  jobs,  cut  taxes,  ex-   to  43  percent  and  two  percent  for  
                                                                                                                                                                                                 % OF UNSURE VOTERS NOT SHOWN
crats,  an  on-campus  organization                      really  matters,  as  it  may  be  little     pand healthcare access and reform            another  candidate,  and  10  percent 
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Pulse Opinion Research
that encourages student activism.                        more  than  a  few  dozen  votes  that        Ohio’s  schools.  Strickland  also           were unsure. 

Porches calendar puts all university events in one place
CHRIS RIZER                                              is  UD’s  organizational  website             Sept.  28  from  Dr.  Joseph  Saliba,        can  submit  events  to  this  new          and  pictures  also  can  be  submit-
Chief News Writer                                        which  features  class  registration          UD’s provost.                                calendar.  In  addition,  anyone  can       ted  for  inclusion  in  the  calendar, 
                                                         tools,  student  financial  and  orga-          The  calendar  was  made  “in  re-         submit  a  public  event,  which  is        Wade said. 
  The  new  University  of   Dayton                      nization information, and the cal-            sponse to many requests from stu-            reviewed by the Office of  the Pro-           “I think it (the calendar) allows 
Campus  Calendar  on  porches.                           endar, its newest addition.                   dents, faculty, and staff  for a com-        vost  to  ensure  the  submissions          us  to  do  a  better  job  of   intention-  was  launched  on                            The  calendar  on  Porches  is  a           prehensive  listing  of   University         are university-sponsored and only           ally  collaborating,”  said  Sarah 
Tuesday,  Sept.  28  with  the  goal                     result  of   the  collaborative  efforts      sponsored  activities  and  events,”         added once, according to Wade.              Schoper,  associate  director  of  
of   putting  information  about  all                    of   the  Office  of   the  Provost  and      said Saliba in the e-mail message.             In  addition  to  time,  date  or         leadership  development  and  as-
campus  events  in  one  central  lo-                    UD Information Technologies, ac-                Administrative  group  members             place,  other  information,  includ-        sistant dean of  students. “I hope it 
cation.                                                  cording to an e-mail message sent             on  the  Porches  website,  such  as         ing  an  event’s  cost,  contact  infor-
  Porches  (                         to  the  student  body  on  Tuesday,          Student  Life  and  Kennedy  Union,          mation, website links, description          See Calendar on p. 3




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The perfect Family Weekend does exist, and you can
find it this Friday and Saturday kickin’ back with Mom
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and Dad for some real fall-time festivities.
2                                                                                                                NEWS
                                                                                               Flyer News • Friday, October 1, 2010

EMILY JIRLES                                    Michigan, to promote knowledge of                runs  on  a  small  four  cylinder  en-      president of  the club respectively.        petitiveness  by  creating  a  lighter, 
Staff Writer                                    vehicle fuel economy. Now, the club              gine fueled by high octane gasoline.           Fink  and  Schubert  heard  about         stronger  vehicle  to  propel  it  into 
                                                is  working  on  increasing  the  car’s          The purpose of  the event is to raise        the  Supermileage  competition              the  500  to  1,000  mpg  range.    This 
  Last year, the Supermileage Club,             efficiency even more.                            awareness of  fuel economy.                  their  freshman  year  at  UD  and          would  place  UD  in  the  upper-mid 
a group of  University of  Dayton en-             Supermileage  is  an  annual  com-               The UD chapter of  the Supermile-          worked  hard  to  become  competi-          range in the national competition.  
gineers dedicated to fuel efficiency,           petition  founded  in  1980  that  chal-         age Club was started a year ago by           tive, even sending some students to           “We  hope  to  be  up  there  some-
entered  a  vehicle  that  measured             lenges engineering and technology                Daniel  Fink  and  Travis  Schubert,         the  national  competition  that  year      day,” Fink said.  
344 miles per gallon in the Nation-             students to design, build and race a             both  junior  engineering  majors,           to  observe  the  event  and  talk  with      Schubert  wants  to  see  more  stu-
al  Supermileage  Competition  in               fuel efficient, one-man vehicle that             and the current president and vice           other teams.                                dents  from  multiple  grade  levels 
                                                                                                                                                “When  we  came  back  next  year,        and  engineering  majors  show  in-
                                                                                                                                              it was nice to have had the previous        terest  in  the  club  this  year.  He  en-
                                                                                                                                              experience  there  and  to  see  famil-     joys that the group offers hands-on 
                                                                                                                                              iar teams and familiar faces,” Fink         experience  in  prototyping  and  de-
                                                                                                                                              said.                                       signs. 
                                                                                                                                                After  a  team  member  drove  the          The best part is having a hand in 
                                                                                                                                              vehicle over the track several times,       the creation of  the vehicle at every 
                                                                                                                                              the car’s top fuel efficiency was re-       stage of  production, Schubert said.
                                                                                                                                              corded at 344 mpg, in the low end of          Contact  Daniel  Fink  at  fink-
                                                                                                                                              the  competition,  Fink  said,  but  he  to  find 
                                                                                                                                              was confident that they boasted the         out more information on the Super-
                                                                                                                                              top  efficiency  of   the  rookies.  The    milage Club. Although the club and 
                                                                                                                                              winning  car’s  fuel  efficiency  was       competition  are  geared  toward  en-
                                                                                                                                              2,300 mpg.                                  gineering  majors,  they  encourage 
                                                                                                                                                The  UD  Supermileage  Club  had          any  business  majors  interested  in 
                                                                                                                                              been  in  contact  with  the  Univer-       helping  with  marketing  to  contact 
                                                                                                                                              sity  of   Dayton  Research  Institute      Fink as well to aid the club in look-
                                                                                                                                              throughout  last  year  for  advice         ing for sponsors.  
                                                                                                                                              about  their  designs  and  composite         Go to the Supermileage Competi-
                                                                                                                                              materials for constructing the car.         tion  website  to  learn  more  at  stu-
A member of the Supermilage Club drives the group’s car during last year’s race. The club hopes to improve its standings at this year’s Na-     This  year,  the  UD  Supermileage
tional Supermilage Competition in order to raise the public’s awareness on the importance of fuel economy. CONTRIBUTED BY DAN FINK            Club  hopes  to  increase  its  com-        mileage.
                                                                                                               NEWS                                                                                                                              3
                                                                                              Flyer News • Friday, October 1, 2010

Diversity Series to highlight plight of
jailed reporter, feature basketball legend                                                            Journalist advocates women’s rights
WILL GARBE                                        “The Diversity Lecture Series aligns                MEAGAN MARION
Staff Writer                                    with Dr. Curran’s goals,” she said. “He               Assistant News Editor
                                                is extremely excited about this. … He 
  Journalist  and  author  Roxana  Sa-          wants  the  community  to  understand                   The  League  of   Women  Voters  of  
beri  will  kick  off  the  University  of      the  privilege  of  living  in  the  United           the Greater Dayton area celebrated 
Dayton’s  2010-2011  Diversity  Lecture         States.”                                              its  90th  anniversary  by  hosting  the 
Series, “Voices from the Margins,” on             Headlining  the  lecture  series  will              Dangerous  Dames  of   Dayton  gala 
Wednesday, Oct. 13 at 7:30 p.m. in the          also  be  basketball  legend  Abdul-                  with  keynote  speaker  and  Pulitzer 
RecPlex. Saberi was jailed in Iran for          Jabbar,  who  is  scheduled  to  visit  UD            Prize-winning  author,  Ellen  Good-
her professional work in 2009, and will         in  March  2011.  His  visit  will  coincide          man, who also spoke at the Univer-
come to UD to share her experiences             with  the  men’s  basketball  First  Four             sity of  Dayton this week.
with the community.                             NCAA Tournament games at the UD                         On Tuesday, Sept. 28, the Danger-
  The series also will include lectures         Arena.                                                ous  Dames  of   Dayton  dinner  event 
by  former  basketball  player  Kareem            Geoffrey  Canada,  president  and                   was  held  at  the  Masonic  Temple.      
Abdul-Jabbar,  and  Geoffrey  Canada            CEO  of  the  Harlem  Children’s  Zone,               Heroines  of   the  night  included 
                                                                                                                                                   Ellen Goodman interacts with students during a lunch on Wednesday, Sept. 29. She led a discussion
of the Harlem Children’s Zone.                  an  organization  called  by  The  New                founding  leaders  Jessie  Davisson          about journalism, as well as the role of women in society. ETHAN KLOSTERMAN/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER
  In her first visit to UD, Saberi, who         York  Times  “one  of  the  most  ambi-               and  Minnie  Stanley,  among  others, 
spent 100 days in an Iranian prison on          tious  social-service  experiments  of                with guest speaker Goodman.                  en had to fight for their rights, and             social  change  are  enacted  through 
false  espionage  charges,  will  deliver       our  time,”  is  scheduled  to  speak  in               “The gala is a night to remember           textbooks do not have a lot of  infor-            communication.”
a lecture titled “Courage Under Fire:           January  2011.  Canada  was  most  re-                our  founding  women,”  Sue  Hessel-         mation  about  the  women’s  move-                  Throughout  all  of   this,  Hessel-
Matters  of  Conscience  and  Faith  in         cently  featured  on  the  “Oprah  Win-               gesser,  education  director  for  the       ment. Some know a little about the                gesser  wants  people  to  be  inspired 
Iran.”                                          frey  Show”  and  NBC  Nightly  News                  League of  Women Voters, said.  “We          Seneca  Falls  Convention  in  1848,              by the story being told and feel con-
  Saberi,  who  is  of  partial  Iranian        with Brian Williams.                                  wanted  to  honor  the  women  who           and that’s it. It’s like we don’t know            fident  about  the  strides  that  have 
descent, was arrested in Iran in early            In  its  sixth  year,  the  Diversity  Lec-         opened  the  League  doors.    Back  in      our own history.”                                 been  made  toward  women’s  rights 
2009 while authoring a book, and was            ture Series is co-sponsored by the of-                that  time,  women  didn’t  have  any          Hesselgesser  hoped  to  change                 in  the  last  century.  It  is  because  of  
sentenced to eight years in prison for          fices of the president and provost and                rights.    The  women  who  decided  to      that  with  this  year’s  anniversary             the  founding  females  who  spoke 
espionage.  Her  sentence  was  over-           is supported through numerous com-                    speak  out  were  considered  danger-        celebration,  pointing  to  the  strug-           out  for  what  they  believed  in  that 
turned  in  May  2009.  Saberi  said  in  a     munity  partners  throughout  Dayton.                 ous  to  society,  and  they  were  ha-      gle that the founders of  the League              women were given the right to vote, 
National  Public  Radio  interview  that        The series works to increase inclusion                rassed and shunned.”                         went  through  to  win  over  the  right          according to Lisa Rismiller, director 
she spent a major part of her time in           and diversity on campus and prepare                     Hesselgesser  said  Goodman’s              to vote.                                          of  the UD Women’s Center.
prison praying.                                 students, faculty, staff and the Dayton               work  on  women’s  issues  is  an  im-         The  University  of   Dayton  helped              “It’s  important  to  remind  all  UD 
  “I prayed a lot,” she said. “I prayed         community for success in a global so-                 portant  reason  she  was  selected  as      sponsor  Goodman’s  appearance                    women  that  their  right  to  vote  was 
more than I ever have in my whole life.         ciety. For more information on the lec-               the gala’s speaker.                          at  the  gala.  She  also  spoke  on  UD’s        hard  won  and  fairly  recent,”  she 
I  learned  that  other  people  can  hurt      ture  series,  go  to  president.udayton.                 Goodman  is  a  retired  journalist      campus  on  Wednesday,  Sept.  29.                said. “We should take advantage of  
my  body,  maybe  they  can  imprison                                                                 who  has  studied  and  written  about       Goodman’s  interactive  discussion,               this right at every opportunity.”
me,  but  I  did  not  need  to  fear  …  be-                                                         the women’s movement for 35 years,           “Food Fight: Journalism in a Divid-
cause they could not hurt my soul, un-                                                                shedding light on the changing roles         ed Country,” focused on the role of  
less I let them.”                                                                                     of  women in our society, according          news media and journalism on pub-
  According  to  Lynnette  Heard,  ex-                                                                to Hesselgesser.                             lic discourse.
ecutive  director  of  the  office  of  the                                                             Goodman  graduated  from  Rad-               Goodman  also  met  with  a  select 
president,  Saberi  has  an  important                                                                cliffe College in 1963 and soon went         group  of   female  students  for  a  lun-
message for members of the UD com-                                                                    on to write for Newsweek Magazine.           cheon  on  Wednesday,  Sept.  29,  to 
munity.                                                                                               She  became  a  reporter  for  the  De-      discuss  career  opportunities  for 
  “It’s  important  to  understand  that                                                              troit  Free  Press  and  then  The  Bos-     women  in  journalism  and  the  role 
many countries do not have the free-                                                                  ton  Globe,  where  her  syndicated          of  women in the classroom and be-
doms  we  have,”  Heard  said.  “She                                                                  column was started.                          yond.
(Saberi)  was  chosen  mostly  because                                                                  Earning the right to vote was a 72           “She  is  a  person  who  has  been  a 
of her work to make sure people can                                                                   year-long  fight,  and  it  is  important    role model for many of  us for many 
speak freely.”                                                                                        to the League of  Women Voters that          years,”  said  Dr.  Teri  Thompson,  a 
  Members  of  the  university’s  ad-                                                                 women  know  how  they  got  their           communication  professor,  noting 
                                                Roxana Saberi will speak as part of the Diversity
ministration  are  excited  and  hopeful                                                              rights.                                      Goodman’s knack for writing about 
                                                Lecture Series this school year. Saberi is a
about  the  message  the  speakers  will        journalist who was jailed in Iran for her writings.     “Women have been written out of            women’s  social  roles  throughout 
bring to UD, according to Heard.                CONTRIBUTED BY UD MEDIA RELATIONS                     history,” Hesselgesser said.  “Wom-          society.  “All  social  movements  and 

CALENDAR                                        the same page.” 
                                                  Andrea  Meyer  Wade,  communi-
                                                                                                        Yale  and  Duke  universities, 
                                                                                                                                                   Facebook,  use  their  RSS  feed  for 
                                                                                                                                                   updates  on  event  information, 
(cont. from p. 1)
                                                cation  and  events  coordinator  for                 among several others, use the pro-           and add the UD Campus Calendar 
helps  students  find  more  ways  to           the Office of  the Provost, said she                  gram as well, Wade said.                     to  personal  electronic  calendars, 
get involved.”                                  began researching the idea for the                      Wade said she has met with sev-            such as Lotus Notes and Gmail. 
  Kelly  Nestor,  executive  vice               calendar this summer.                                 eral  offices  on  campus  this  year          The  calendar  is  viewable  by 
president  of   UD’s  Student  Gov-               “What  it  (the  research)  boiled                  to  discuss  using  the  calendar,  in-      logging  into 
ernment  Association,  said  it  has            down to was spending a lot of  time                   cluding the Office of  Student Life          and  clicking  the  “UD  Daily”  tab, 
been  easy  to  add  an  SGA  event  to         on  various  college  websites,”  she                 and KU, Campus Activities Board,             and eventually there will be a link 
the calendar for the organization.              said.                                                 and  Human  Resources.  She  said            on the UD website for those with-
  “It’s a really neat way to be able              The calendar was created using                      she  will  meet  with  all  organiza-        out a Porches account to view the 
to  go  to  one  common  site  for  all         a free downloaded program called                      tions  and  departments  that  wish          page. 
the  events  that  are  happening,”             Bedework, according to Wade.                          to include events on the calendar.             “It’s  a  constant  process,”  Wade 
she said. “I think it’s just a really             “It’s an open-source product, so                      According  to  Wade,  users  can           says.  “It  will  constantly  be  ex-
great  way  for  everybody  to  be  on          everyone  can  use  it,”  she  said  of               post  events  from  the  calendar  on        panding.”
4                                                                                                       NEWS
                                                                                       Flyer News • Friday, October 1, 2010

                                                                                        UD alumnus gets creative
                                                                                       Kevin Casey uses business-savvy principles learned at UD to
          OCT.          FRIDAY
                        FRIDAY FILM SERIES: ‘UP’
                                                                                       improve Worn Free, a clothing company catering to celebrities
                1       ArtStreet will host this hilarious yet
                        touching animated feature from 9 to
                                                                                        CARLY GOEBEL
                                                                                        Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                       ing  worn  by  celebrities  like  Halle 
                                                                                                                                       Berry,  Russell  Brand  and  Liv  Ty-
                                                                                                                                                                                      luxury brands.”
                                                                                                                                                                                        These  high-end  T-shirts  can  be 
                        11 p.m. in Studio B. Free popcorn and                                                                          ler, and have also been seen on the            found  at  stores  such  as  Blooming-
                        snacks will be provided by Art Happen-                            Kevin Casey, a 2005 University of            HBO series “Entourage.”                        dales  and  Adriano  Goldschmied 
                        ing – Students for the Arts. It is free and                     Dayton  graduate,  is  making  it  big           Casey joined Worn Free, founded              boutiques  in  the  U.S.  and  other 
                        open to the public.                                             in the city of  angels.                        by  British  graphic  designer  Steve          high-fashion  stores  across  the 
                                                                                          A  Chicago,  Ill.,  native,  Casey           Coe, two years ago.                            globe. Items also can be purchased 

           OCT.         SATURDAY
                        FAMILY GAME NIGHT AT ART-
                                                                                        now resides in Marina Del Ray, Ca-               “The  exciting  part  of   working           from the Worn Free website. 

                                                                                        lif.  He  is  the  director  of   business     with this company is that we have                “Each  piece  has  a  vintage  feel 
                        STREET                                                          development for Worn Free, a com-              just scratched the surface of  what            to  them  as  if   they  are  actually 
                        Come enjoy board games, Twister,                                pany that resurrects T-shirts worn             we  can  be,”  he  said.  “The  concept        worn by the music personality,” he 
                        karaoke, video games and great food                             by  icons  such  as  John  Lennon,             lends itself  to the expansion of  our         said.  “Each  item  is  packaged  with 
                        provided by the ArtStreet Café from 8 to                        Kurt  Cobain  and  Muhammad  Ali               line  to  many  products.  Across  the         a  hang  tag  that  resembles  a  back-
                        11 p.m. Bring your family, roommates                            and  re-creates  them  for  modern             globe,  we  are  in  the  best  stores  in     stage pass and has the photo of  the 
                        and friends!                                                    wearers.  These  shirts  are  now  be-         the  world  sitting  next  to  high-end        licensor wearing the piece.”
                                                                                                                                                                                        Casey said he uses his education 

           OCT.         MONDAY
                        EDUCATION ABROAD INFORMA-
                                                                                                                                                                                      from  UD  to  work  successfully  at 

                                                                                                                                                                                      Worn Free. 
                        TION SESSION                                                                                                                                                    “All  the  business  courses  at  UD 
                        Come to Alumni Hall 016 from 3:30 to                                                                                                                          really  do  a  great  job  in  preparing 
                        4:30 p.m. to learn more about educa-                                                                                                                          you  for  the  real  business  world,” 
                        tion abroad with a focus on New Zea-                                                                                                                          he  said.  “The  same  fundamentals 
                        land and Australia.                                                                                                                                           of   all  those  courses  are  transfer-
                                                                                                                                                                                      able  to  the  actual  running  of   a 
                                                                                                                                                                                      business,  particularly  in  small 

Crime Log
                                                                                                                                                                                        Casey  said  he  has  a  small  piece 
                                                                                                                                                                                      of  advice for students at UD.
                                                                                                                                                                                        “You  don’t  need  the  best  idea,” 
                                                                                        Kevin Casey shows off some of Worn Free’s creations. The 2005 UD graduate works at a          he said. “Do what’s been done, and 
The following incidents were reported to the Department of Public Safety on Sept.       company that creates T-shirts worn by a variety of celebrities. CONTRIBUTED BY KEVIN CASEY    do it better.”
12. This log was compiled by Flyer News from actual police reports obtained from the
Department of Public Safety.

Sept. 12, 1:32 p.m.
                                             Criminal Damaging
                                             Sept. 12, 1:39 p.m.                        Local business to honor President
                                                                                        Curran’s leadership in community
Officer Durian was dispatched                Officer Little was dispatched
to Kiefaber Street on a burglary             to parking lot “CR” on a
report. The complainant stated               criminal damaging report. The
that she and her roommates left              complainant said the gas cap               RACHEL TOVINITTI                                world  headquarters  and  Old  River          cellence  through  bold  and  innova-
the residence on Wednesday,                  of her gold 2000 Chevrolet                 Staff Writer                                    Park last December, which Curran              tive leadership. Now that the great-
Sept. 8 at 5 p.m. and returned               Cavalier was stolen between                                                                saw  as  a  good  opportunity  for  stu-      er  Dayton  region  is  suffering  very 
on Sunday, Sept. 12 around                   10:30 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 10               University  of   Dayton  President            dents and Dayton. The purchase of             difficult economic times, he and the 
1:30 p.m. The living room                    and 3 p.m. on Saturday, Sept.              Daniel  J.  Curran  will  receive  the          NCR Corp. will help UD expand and             trustees  have  seen  a  way  that  the 
window and screen had been                   11. She stated that someone                2010  Regional  Leadership  Award               become more visible.                          university can offer the community 
open and their 27 inch JVC flat              had broken off the passenger               by the Dayton Business Journal at                 Curran  said  he  sees  this  recog-        a beacon of  hope – there is a bright-
screen TV was missing. There                 side mirror some time between              the  Business  of   the  Years  awards          nition  more  for  UD  because  of   its      er future ahead for Dayton.”
are no known suspects.                       10:30 p.m. on Saturday, Sept.              banquet on Nov. 18 at the Schuster              dedication  to  community.  He  said            President  Curran  has  received 
                                             11 and 9:30 a.m. on Sunday,                Performing Arts Center.                         the  faculty,  staff   and  students  are     the  Eternal  Flame  Award,  The  Jo-
                                             Sept. 12. There are no known                 The  Dayton  Business  Journal                all friendly and willing to help each         seph E. Lowery Human Rights Leg-

                   HELP!                     suspects at this time.                     awards  this  to  an  individual  from 
                                                                                        the  Dayton  region,  who  has  acted 
                                                                                                                                        other, which shows how leadership 
                                                                                                                                        is valued at UD.
                                                                                                                                                                                      acy  Award  and  the  Humanitarian 
                                                                                                                                                                                      Award during his nine-year tenure 

      2 x 2
                I’m not good                 Theft                                      as a leader in improving and mak-                 “Our  past  president,  Bro.  Ray-          at UD. 
    yc =a +b
                                             Sept. 12, 9:05 p.m.
     x+–r         at math!                   Officer Huffman was dispatched
                                                                                        ing a difference in the local commu-
                                                                                        nity,  according  to  a  Dayton  Busi-
                                                                                                                                        mond  Fitz  set  high  standards,  and 
                                                                                                                                        I  just  continued  to  work,  as  I  hope 
                                                                                                                                                                                        In 2006, the Dayton Development 
                                                                                                                                                                                      Coalition  recognized  Curran  as 
                                             to Roesch Library on a theft               ness Journal article.                           the  next  president  does,”  Curran          Dayton’s  most  outstanding  volun-
                                             report. Officer Watts responded              “I  am  very  honored,  but  I  feel          said.                                         teer  citizen.  He  also  was  named  in 
                                             for assistance. The complainant            that the university is the one being              Curran  said  leadership  was  the          2009  as  one  of   the  25  most  influen-
    For great math tutoring                  said the wheels from her Grand             honored here,” Curran said.                     reason  why  the  university  has             tial people of  the decade in Dayton.
    or GRE prep, try Angie’s                 brand bicycle had been stolen                The  University  of   Dayton  has             grown  so  much,  especially  as  a             For  more  information,  contact 
    Math Studio in Oakwood!                  while it was locked up to the              grown in size, “from enrollment to              leader, in the last decade.                   Teri Rizvi, associate vice president 
                                             bike rack outside Roesch                   research  dollars  to  rankings,”  un-            “When  Dr.  Dan  [Curran]  took             for  university  communications,  at 
            CALL                             Library. Officer Watts was not             der  Curran’s  leadership  over  the            over the leadership of  the universi-         937-229-3241. 
        937-409-2019                         able to locate anyone fitting the          last nine years, according to  a  uni-          ty,  it  had  strong  momentum,”  said          To  read  more  about  Curran’s 
                                             description of the suspect. The            versity press release.                          Bro.  Ray  Fitz,  former  president  of       award,  go  to  dayton.bizjournals.               bicycle is valued at $200.                   During  the  declining  economy,              UD.  “He  and  his  team  have  taken         com/dayton/stories/2010/09/13/
                                                                                        UD purchased NCR Corp.’s former                 the university to new heights of  ex-         daily27.html.
                                                                                                         NEWS                                                                                                                             5
                                                                                       Flyer News • Friday, October 1, 2010

CLICK!                                            Think you’ve got an eye for photography? Here’s your chance to get it
                                                  published. Just send your ‘CLICK’ picture to along
                                                  with your first and last name and a brief description. Click away!
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Challenge Level: Medium

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 7            9
                                                                                                                                                    1                                                                       6 8
                                                                                                                                                  7 4     9 2
                                                                                                                                                        3   9
                                                                                                                                                  8   4   2   9   3
                                                                                                                                                        8   7
                                                                                                                                                        2 1     9 6
                                                                                                                                                  5 3           8
                                                                                                                                                  9   2           5
Students learn about positive study habits during the Study Ball in the RecPlex on Monday, Sept. 27. ETHAN KLOSTERMAN/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER                                                 Puzzle by
                                                                                                                                                                        SOLUTIONS AND PREVIOUS PUZZLES ON WWW.FLYERNEWS.COM

New program provides easier way to see degree requirements, courses
NATALIE KIMMEL                                 has  spearheaded  Degree  Works                   Students also can e-mail or write             course.”                                          and interactive than the old advis-
Staff Writer                                   since  August  2008.    “The  new  re-          notes  to  their  advisors  through               The  program  also  offers  a                   ing  reports,”  sophomore  photog-
                                               ports  also  have  updated  and  cor-           the website, and vice versa.                    “What  If ?”  tool  that  will  be  most          raphy  major  Krista  Walker  said.       
  The  University  of   Dayton  is  de-        rect  information.  Some  of   the  in-           Additionally,  Degree  Works                  beneficial  for  students  consider-              “I  love  the  fact  that  students  will 
veloping  its  web  portal,  Porches,          formation  in  the  old  reports  was           gives  students  gives  students  ac-           ing  changing  their  major,  adding              be able to play around with differ-
to  provide  students,  faculty  and           inaccurate.”                                    cess  to  tailored  tools  developed            a  concentration  and/or  consid-                 ent  scenarios  and  see  the  results 
staff   with  a  new  interactive  ad-           Furthermore,  students  will  be              to  meet  their  educational  and               ering  a  double-major.    This  tool             of   certain  actions.  Knowing  the 
vising  program  called  Degree                able to see what classes they need              personal  needs.  For  example,                 shows  students  how  the  change                 potential  consequences  of   my  de-
Works.  This new program will be               to take to fulfill the requirements             the  Educational  Planner  is  a  tool          will  affect  their  advising  report.            cisions will help me feel more con-
launched on Tuesday, Oct. 5.                   of  their major or minor and check              that can be used to drag and drop               Degree  Works  also  is  equipped                 fident  and  reassured  in  pursuing 
  Once the program is implement-               out what classes they have to take              classes  from  advising  reports  to            with  three  different  grade  point              my degree.”
ed,  students  will  have  access  to          in order to graduate.                           the planner in order to more effec-             average  calculators.  The  Gradua-
course  listings,  descriptions  and             While  the  program  was  created             tively  plan  out  a  student’s  future         tion  Calculator  shows  how  many 
prerequisites  from  the  UD  data-            to benefit UD students, it also will            semester course work.                           credits  a  student  has  remaining.                 For a brand new Global
base.  Lists  of   courses  scheduled          assist academic advisers.                         “I think the planning part of  the            The Term Calculator outputs how                      Connection blog, go to:
for upcoming terms and their cor-                “The new form puts more infor-                program will be very beneficial if              certain  grades  in  current  classes 
responding  dates  and  times  will            mation all in one place so that we              students  use  it  conscientiously,”            will  affect  a  student’s  GPA.  The 
be  available.  Porches’  newest  ad-          don’t  have  to  call  up  additional           Yoder  said.  “It  can  help  depart-           Advice  Calculator  informs  stu-
dition  also  will  give  students  the        websites  to  help  the  students,”             ments  know  how  many  sections                dents  if   their  desired  GPA  is  pos-
capability  to  view  new  and  im-            said  Dr.  Donald  Yoder,  an  adviser          of  courses to offer and when to of-            sible  with  the  amount  of   credits 
proved advising reports.                       in  the  communication  depart-                 fer  them  so  that  students  may  be          they’ve earned.  
  “The  new  advising  reports  will           ment.  “It  consolidates  informa-              shut  out  of   courses  less  often.  ...        Lawhorn said students will find 
be  easier  to  use  and  more  inter-         tion  so  we  can  find  details  more          A written plan is helpful for them              the graduation calculator helpful.     
active  than  the  old  advising  re-          easily  and  therefore  answer  stu-            to  see  what  to  take  and  what  the           “I’m  excited  that  Degree  Works 
ports,”  said  Becki  Lawhorn,  who            dents’ questions more quickly.”                 consequences  are  if   they  drop  a           is  going  to  be  more  user-friendly 

Classifieds                                                                            Flyer News  reserves  the  right  to  reject,  alter  or  omit  advertisements.  Advertisements  must  conform  to  the  policies  of  Flyer
                                                                                       News.  For  a  review  of  these  policies,  contact  the  Flyer News  business  office.  Business  Office:  937.229.3813;  Fax:  937.229.3893; 
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                                                           off street parking, first class.
               HOUSING                                     Check out website                               HELP WANTED
                                                           or call (937)456-7743 or cell                                                                                             Don’t miss your chance to advertise
Leo’s Quality Student Housing!                             (937)371-1046. Availability 3-5 students                    BABYSITTERS NEEDED for families in Dayton                                 in the FN!!
The Original!                                              65, 63, 57, 49, 29, 38, 40, 50 Jasper St.                   area. Apply at                                CONTACT US TODAY!
Behind Panera Bread                                        119 Fairground, 48, 50 Woodland, 42, 46                     Help Wanted
Secure your housing for next year                          Frankstreet. To make your stay comfort-
Furnished, some homes with leather                         able and a very enjoyable schoolyear.                                                                                               937-229-3813
                                                                                                                       Looking for mornings and afternoon
living room sets, Maytag washer/dryer.                                                                                 Apply at Second Time Around Music
Some homes with marble bathrooms,                                                                                      1133 Brown St. Please apply in person.
6                                                                              ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
                                                                                         Flyer News • Friday, October 1, 2010

New managers at Flyer Radio taking career applications, suggestions for programs
A&E Editor
  In  many  ways,  it’s  a  new  ball 
game  over  at  Flyer  Radio,  WUDR 
(99.5 FM), located in ArtStreet.  
  Formed  in  1964,  Flyer  Radio 
teaches students broadcasting and 
management  while  presenting  di-
verse music.
  “We  play  mostly  [independent] 
rock,  but  disc  jockeys  can  play 
anything  that’s  in  the  station’s  li-
brary,” said Bobby Trick, WUDR’s 
general  manager  and  a  fifth-year 
computer  engineering  technol-
ogy  major.  “Our  main  audience  is 
students, but we also have a small 
audience of  listeners in the Dayton 
  According  to  Trick,  WUDR  has 
36  weekly  shows  on  its  program 
schedule,  and  jobs  at  the  station 
are open to students of  all majors.
  “We’ve  got  business  majors  do-
ing  our  promotions,”  Trick  said. 
“You don’t have to be in communi-
cations. If  you use iTunes, you can 
operate the station.”
  For the complete story, go to fly-
                                            The man in front of the glass: Flyer Radio (99.5 FM) general manager Bobby Trick handles the sound board. Trick, a fifth-year senior, lived with the station’s previous general man-
                                            ager and musical director last year, and previously hosted the techno music-themed “WUDR Remix.” ANNAMARIE BOGUSZ/PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR

                                                                                          Star Like Me: ‘Basil Bennett’
                                                                                                                                         pening  in  our  lives  in  order  to  help     person,  and  goes  out  of  his  way  to 
                                                                                                                                         develop our friendships. As Pat Coyle           make other people happy. I think that 
                                                                                                                                         described  in  the  last  “Star  Like  Me,”     Basil  and  I  share  that,  which  makes 
                                                                                                                                         our characters in “The Diviners” have           lines where he reveals that part of him 
                                                                                                                                         known  each  other  for  their  entire          easy for me to deliver. However, Basil 
                                                                                                                                         lives, and we need to be able to act ac-        is  also  old-fashioned  and  doesn’t  like 
                                                                                                                                         cordingly.                                      new technology. This is the exact op-
                                                                                            CORY MCCLAIN, GUEST WRITER
                                                                                                                                           The hardest part for me is connect-           posite  of  me,  because  I’m  always  on 
              Do you feel                                                                                                                ing  with  some  of  the  people  I  didn’t     the computer talking with friends on 
              depressed?                                                                    “Star Like Me” is a series of journals       know before the play started. My char-          Facebook or playing on my Xbox 360.             
                                                                                          written by University of Dayton actors.        acter,  Basil,  is  married  to  first-year     Although,  rehearsals  and  prepara-
                                                                                          To see previous entries, go to flyernews.      Dominique  Mickens’  character,  Lu-            tions  have  kept  me  away  from  these 
                                                                                          com. This week’s writer is junior Cory         ella, so I have had to get to know her          leisure activities, and they’ll continue 
             Announcing a medical research study                                          McClain, of “The Diviners,” opening            for our scenes to be believable. Basil is       to for a while.
                 for people with depression                                               Friday, Oct. 22 in Boll Theater.               also  best  friends  with  Mark  Perkins’         This  week  of  rehearsals  is  promis-
                                                                                                                                         character, Ferris. I did not know Mark          ing  to  be  extremely  difficult  for  ev-
             Depression isn’t just feelings of sadness – it can a ect the                   Wow, I’m in my first play here at UD,        before  the  play  either,  so  getting  to     eryone,  especially  Louan’s  patience, 
             way you see the world. Your body may feel constantly                         and we’re already one month into the           know  him  has  been  vital  to  prepara-       because  we  are going  off  book, so  all 
             fatigued, and your mind may dwell on thoughts of worth-                      rehearsals. It’s been a wild adventure         tion for our roles.                             of our lines in Act I should be memo-
             lessness and guilt. If you are currently depressed and not                   for  me,  from  auditions  to  callbacks,        We  also  had  a  camping  trip  for          rized. Because the play is four weeks 
             taking an antidepressant, you may qualify for a medical
                                                                                          and then having rehearsal four days a          Studio Theatre recently. This is not a          away,  missing  one  line  or  not  getting 
             research study to determine the e ectiveness and safety
             of an investigational medication for Major Depressive                        week for three hours a day.                    Studio  Theatre  show,  but  a  lot  of  the    our cues right every so often is not a 
             Disorder. If you qualify, you’ll receive investigational study                 Coming into “The Diviners,” I didn’t         actors  and  actresses  in  the  show  are      big  deal,  but  it  is  important  for  us  to 
             medication, study- related medical exams and lab tests at                    really  know  anyone  in  the  cast  par-      also involved there. I was able to spend        have  our  lines  down  so  we  can  work 
             no charge. Financial compensation for time and travel                        ticularly well except for junior Lauren        some time with some of the cast to get          on  our  movements  on  stage  and  get-
             may also be available. To learn more, please call an area                    Haner (Norma). With all the time we            to know them better. Knowing the cast           ting the delivery of those lines down.
             physician listed below:                                                      are spending together, I’m starting to         better  has  helped  me  understand  my           I am so excited to continue to work 
                                                                                          know  each  person  and  how  person-          character.                                      on this show. While everything seems 
                    Midwest Clinical Research Center                                      able  each  member  of  the  cast  is.  At       My  character,  Basil,  is  a  farmer         so new to me because it is my first col-
                               Bernadette D'Souza, MD
                              1 Elizabeth Place, Suite G3                                 the  start  of  our  Monday  rehearsals,       from Indiana during the Dust Bowl in            lege  production,  I  am  sure  that  “The 
                                     South Building                                       the  director,  Louan  Hilty,  has  us  get    the 1930s. He has a lot of land, which          Diviners” will be a great show, and we 
                                 Dayton, Ohio 45417                                       in a circle and share a story about the        means he is relatively wealthy during           all will work hard at making it the best 
                                  937-424-1050                                            weekend  or  anything  important  hap-         the  Great  Depression.  He  is  a  people      we can.
                                                                               ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT                                                                                                                                     7
                                                                                         Flyer News • Friday, October 1, 2010

                                                the musical process.”                          went  all  around  the  country.  I 
                                                                                                                                               SHOW AT SCHUSTER LEAVES
                                                                                                                                               REPORTER ANYTHING BUT BLUE
                                                    From there, Schneider worked               toured  out  West  with  The  Werks 
                                                his  way  through  the  ranks,  put-           and  all  over  the  Midwest  [and] 
                                                ting his major to use.                         East Coast with OurVinyl.”                                                                      an  audience  full  of  people  twice  my 

JORDAN SCHNEIDER                                    Along the way, he helped start 
                                                a  company  called 
                                                                                                  Schneider’s  work  ethic  also 
                                                                                               came through when talking about 
                                                                                                                                                                                               age was my favorite part of the show. 
                                                                                                                                                                                               It  gave  excited  audience  members  – 
FRANK STANKO                                    LLC, shooting interviews and ex-               Street  Sound’s  vice  president,  ju-                                                          like myself – the opportunity to make 
A&E Editor                                      clusive performances for the web-              nior electrical engineering major                                                               the  older  guests  sitting  next  to  them 
                                                site and its YouTube channel.                  William  “Ronnie”  Pinnell.  Sch-                                                               feel  really  uncomfortable  while  they 
    For  senior  marketing  major                   As  of  Wednesday,  Sept.  29,             neider said there is only minimal                                                               shook  their  “twin  biscuits.”  What 
                                                                                                                                                SARA DORN, STAFF WRITER
Jordan Schneider, the presidency      ’s YouTube channel                 differences between the two men.                                                                more could you ask for out of  $90 tick-
of  ArtStreet’s  Street  Sounds  re-            had 10 videos available, featuring                “He  just  kinda  helps  me  out,”                                                           ets? I know … a good laugh.
cording  studio  was  the  result  of           musicians  like  Columbus,  Ohio’s             Schneider  said.  “We’re  really  co-             Trippy  lights,  booty-shaking,  com-           "The  most  impressive  part  is  they 
two and a half years of hard work.              Chandler  Wright,  and  bands  like            presidents, rather than him being               edy  and  audience  interaction  were           can capture an audience like they did 
    “Street  Sounds,  occupied  by              The  Compass  Rose,  from  Madi-               my  underling.  Or  it’s  president             incorporated  into  the  Blue  Man              for  an  hour  and  45  minutes  without 
the  ArtStreet  Audio  Production               son, Wis.                                      and  vice  president,  but  only  on            Group’s  wild  performance  Tuesday             saying one word,” Tokheim said.
Club,  is  a  live  recording  studio               “Started  in  May  2009,  OurVi-           paper.”                                         night  at  the  Benjamin  and  Marian             Later, the three blue mutes chose a 
loaded  with  equipment  and  tech-     set  out  to  embrace  the               One of Schneider and Pinnell’s               Schuster Performing Arts Center.                random  audience  member  to  direct 
nology,”  according  to  its  infor-            emerging  technology  of  this  era            current tasks is preparing for the                Dayton is the third stop on the Blue          their  action  on  stage,  but  gave  her 
mation  on  “Bands                and  the  way  our  generation  has            next  Thursday  Night  Live  CD  re-            Man  Group’s  2010-2011  Lexus  tour,           no  direction  at  all.  Their  victim  was 
performing  in  the  studio  can  be            grown  to  listen,  appreciate  and            lease.  Copies  of  the  first  CD  are         which features a show reconstructed             forced to wear a hideous plastic blue 
heard on Flyer Radio across cam-                respect  a  larger  variety  of  music         currently  sold  during  TNL  per-              for theater venues.                             shield over her poncho (provided for 
pus.”                                           and  independent  art,”  said  the             formances  at  9  p.m.  in  the  Art-             For an hour and 45 minutes, three             those sitting in the first few rows, be-
    Schneider,  who  played  in                 website’s mission statement.                   Street Café.                                    men painted head to toe in blue par-            cause the show does get messy.)  
bands  throughout  high  school                     Touring  with  bands  had  its                “Producing a CDs is becoming                 ticipated  in  a  variety  of  oddball  ac-       Then,  the  awkward  blue  men  sat 
–  and  still  writes  with  his  band,         perks, according to Schneider.                 my  profession,”  Schneider  said.              tivities  that  depicted  pop  culture,         at  an  awkward  table  uncomfortably 
The Most – began his current ca-                    “The best part was meeting so              “No  matter  how  good  you  are,               embarrassed  the  audience  and  most           close to this awkward guest, making 
reer by having one of his CDs pro-              many  fans  and  kind  people  that            you’re  always  learning.  I’ve  be-            importantly, left their viewers … well,         the entire audience feel … awkward. 
duced at Street Sounds during his               are  so  willing  to  help  out,”  he          come  a  better  producer,  a  better           giddy, actually.                                They  shoved  a  number  of  random 
freshman year.                                  said. “That was real exciting.”                sound  engineer  with  every  proj-               My  date  to  this  spectacle,  junior        objects  at  her  and  mimicked  what-
    The  day  at  the  studio  was  piv-            Among  the  groups  Schneider              ect.    I  get  to  network  with  more         finance  and  entrepreneurship  major           ever she chose to do with them. If she 
otal for Schneider.                             met were Mojo Flo and The Werks,               musicians, and make friends that                Blake  Tokheim,  was  equally  enter-           chose not to do anything, they would 
   “Whoa,  I  could  really  get                who he said changed his life in an             share my passion for music.”                    tained.                                         sit in silence starting at their nervous 
into  this,”  he  said,  recalling              unconventional  way  after  bring-                 Schneider  is  also  producing  a             “The GiPad skit was sick,” Tokheim            guest, making even the audience stir 
his  thoughts  as  he  watched  the             ing him along on a summer tour.                live  CD  for  The  Werks,  to  be  re-         said. “It was cool that they made fun           with anxiety. 
tracking  occur.    “I  was  interest-             “It  was  a  blast,  despite  the           leased in October, he said.                     of   society’s  technology  obsession.            At  another  point  in  this  mischief, 
ed  in  how  much  their  (the  Street          back problems I got from lugging                   When  not  in  the  studio,  Sch-           We’re  usually  in  awe  over  technol-         the  blue  men  were  smashing,  stir-
Sounds  staff’s)  knowledge  of                 equipment  around  and  sleeping               neider  is  in  the  planning  stages           ogy  and  what  not  so  their  take  on  it    ring,  throwing  and  mixing  Twinkies 
sound  and  production  added  to               on  f loors,”  Schneider  said.    “We         for  a  spring  concert  at  the  Art-          was  refreshing.  They  showed  you             together, an act so gross the innocent 
                                                                                               Street  Amphitheatre  to  benefit               throughout  the  show  there’s  other           woman  had  no  choice  but  to  sit  on 
                                                                                               the  Gulf  of  Mexico  cleanup  ef-             ways to have fun without any technol-           stage  watching,  while  everyone  else 
                                                                                               forts.  The  show  is  tentatively  ti-         ogy at all.”                                    was watching her.
                                                                                               tled “Groove for the Gulf.”                       Aside  from  the  spectacular  light            “I thought it was clever, and I was 
                                                                                                   “It’s  going  to  be  a  nicely  pro-       show,  Tokheim’s  assumptions  were             so mesmerized; the show seemed like 
                                                                                               duced  show  for  a  good  cause,”              true. The Blue Man Group does teach             it lasted ten minutes,” Tokheim said. 
                                                                                               Schneider said.                                 a  valuable  and  tech-free  lesson:  Fun       “It really was true entertainment.”
                                                                                                   After  graduation,  Schneider               can be found nearly anywhere, and it              Seeing  the  Blue  Man  Group  is  a 
                                                                                               said  he  wants  to  earn  enough               is contagious.                                  unique experience I won’t forget any 
                                                                                               money  to  convert  a  warehouse                  At  one  point  during  the  show,            time  soon.  I  highly  recommend  see-
                                                                                               into  rehearsal  and  recording                 Tokheim  and  I  were  standing  up             ing one of the five performances left 
                                                                                               space for musicians.                            dancing  to  a  song  instructing  us  to       in Dayton: tonight at 8 p.m., Saturday 
                                                                                                   “Practice  space  is  in  high              “shake  our  booties.”  The  strange            at 2 and 8 p.m., and Sunday at 2 and 
                                                                                               demand,”  he  said.  “The  Werks,               song  was  strangely  catchy  and  used         7:30 p.m. 
                                                                                               when they’re in town, practice at               at  least  50  different  hysterical  and         Tickets start at $38 and can be pur-
                                                                                               Street  Sounds.  [Practice  space]              strange names for “booty.”                      chased  online  at  ticketcenterstage.
                                                                                               is  a  product  that’s  gone  unrecog-            This  interactive  dance  party  with         com.
                                                                                                   Schneider  would  like  to                                                                  FEEL INSPIRED? Submit your
                                                                                               change that.                                                                                    work to Orpheus, the undergradu-
                                                                                                   OurVinyl’s  YouTube  channel                                                                ate literary and arts magazine. For
                                                                                                                                                                                               written materials, send in a Word
                                                                                               is available for viewing at http://
                                                                                                                                               local and global                                document (.doc only) to orpheus.
                                                                                                                                                                                      For more
                                                                                               nyl.                                            arts and events                                 information, call 937-229-2743.
                                                                                                   For  more  information  about 
                                                                                               Street  Sounds,  go  to  http://www.
The man behind the glass: Senior Jordan Schneider, president of ArtStreet’s Street Sounds      my s p ac e.c om /s t r e e t s ou nd s r e -   “AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY,” the Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning
recording studio, mixes music. Schneider not only produces music, he is also a filmmaker for   cordingstudio.
                                                                                                                                               play by Tracy Letts (“Superior Donuts”), is running now through Sunday, and plays in the band The Most. ANNAMARIE BOGUSZ/PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR                                                               Oct. 10 at Wright State University. A collaboration between WSU and
                                                                                                                                               the Human Race Theatre Company, “August: Osage County” humor-
                                                                                                                                               ously chronicles the lives and romances of an extended, dysfunctional
                                                    STUDIO THEATRE’S “MONOLOGUE NIGHT”                                                         and secret-filled Oklahoma family. The play is recommended for mature
                                                    DORM DAYS, THE PORCH PROFILE FOR STUDENTS WITHOUT A PORCH                                  audiences. For show times and tickets, contact the WSU box office at
8                                                                                                        OPINIONS

                                                                                               Flyer News • Friday, October 1, 2010

                                                                                                                                      “In journalism there has always been a tension between get-
                                                                                                                                       ting it first and getting it right.”

                                                                                                                                          Ellen Goodman, syndicated columnist, 1993

ROCK THE VOTE:                                                                                    Silence:
                                                                                                  Constant noise, activity drowns out relationships, religion, sense of self
AS ELECTIONS APPROACH, STUDENTS SHOULD HEAD TO POLLS                                                                                            in  college;  we’re  taught  every  hour           Regardless  of  our  religious  back-
                                                                                                                                                must  be  maximized,  and  yet  not              grounds, a process of  listening to the 
     For a generation that is arguably more politically active than ever                                                                        enough  is  said  about  the  optimiza-          things  we  have  forgotten  must  be-
before, we really haven’t held the basics in the highest regard.                                                                                tion that comes from sitting quietly.            come part of  our collegiate tradition.
     During  the  November  2008  elections,  only  63.6  percent  of   our  na-                                                                  Many religions share the practice              For many people, sitting in silence or 
tion’s citizens voted, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And with                                                                            of  sitting silently. Call it contempla-         even  slowing  down  their  scheduled 
President Obama’s current approval rating dipping to an all-time low                                                                            tive prayer if  you’re Catholic or med-          lives  is  something  scary.  Giving  up 
of   45  percent,  it  begs  the  question:  Can  non-voters  complain  about                      REBECCA YOUNG OPINIONS EDITOR                itation  if   you’re  Buddhist,  but  the        constant  movement  and  constant 
                                                                                                                                                general  idea  is  the  same:  Spending          conversation – be it with other peo-
their country’s leadership when they choose not to go to the polls in                               Stop. Listen. What’s that you hear? 
                                                                                                                                                time silently strengthens the soul. In           ple,  ourselves  or  our  electronic  de-
the first place?                                                                                    Oh, that’s odd. Nothing.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 vices – equates to giving up control.        
     The Ohio governor’s race is currently neck-and-neck. Neighboring                               Can  you  remember  the  last  time         “
Kentucky’s U.S. Senate seat is up for grabs with its competitors within                           you  sat  perfectly  still,  when  you                        “ ... ”                          But that prompts the question: What 
                                                                                                                                                                                                 are we afraid to hear? We must sit in 
two  percentage  points  of   one  another.  We  have  just  a  month  before                     weren’t  cruising  to  class,  rushing 
                                                                                                                                                                                                 silence  and  listen  for  ourselves.  It’s 
mid-term elections, and it’s time to get active.                                                  to  the  Rec,  or  frolicking  over  to  a 
                                                                                                                                                                                                 not until Gchat’s off, the iPod’s out, 
                                                                                                  friend’s?  What  about  the  last  time       REBECCA YOUNG, JUNIOR
     We’ve  just  passed  the  90th  anniversary  of   the  women’s  right  to                                                                                                                   the books  away and  the roommates 
                                                                                                  your brain wasn’t filled with formu-
vote.  What  happened  to  the  vigor  and  excitement  once  felt  by  our                                                                                                                      gone that we can even begin to hear 
                                                                                                  las  and  phone  numbers  or  defini-         the  Christian  tradition,  contempla-
country’s citizens when it came to voting?                                                                                                                                                       a whisper of  what we really feel and 
                                                                                                  tions and due dates?                          tive  prayer  is  a  time  to  be  still  and 
     Though participation from young voters is the highest it has been                                                                                                                           think. 
                                                                                                    We  have  lost  the  silence  in  our       delve  into  the  depths  of  ourselves, 
in  decades,  it’s  still  nowhere  close  to  full  involvement,  and  we  think                                                                                                                  Fall  break  is  coming,  and  with  it 
                                                                                                  lives.                                        examining  our  relationship  with 
                                                                                                                                                                                                 comes ample opportunities to take a 
it’s time to change that.                                                                           Too  often  we  look  at  silence  as       God.  We  learn  not  only  about  our 
                                                                                                                                                                                                 few minutes of silence for ourselves.        
     Rock the Vote is a great organization geared toward this cause. It                           awkward, or worse, empty. When si-            interaction with God but also about 
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Find a place on campus – there are 
aims to get young adults educated about candidates and registered to                              lence falls between friends, it’s seen        our  interconnectedness  with  every-
                                                                                                                                                                                                 many  secluded  spots  that  remain 
vote. Go to the website at UD students can use their                             as uncomfortable and needing to be            one  around  us.  Christians  believe 
                                                                                                                                                                                                 underutilized, such as serenity pines 
on-campus address to register and can even vote early in Ohio.                                    filled ... Is a gap in a conversation a       everyone is loved and created by the 
                                                                                                                                                                                                 by Marycrest, the chapels in the resi-
                                                                                                  reflection  of   unintelligence  or  lack     same  being,  and  thus  they  belong 
     For those already registered to vote in their home state, all coun-                                                                                                                         dence halls, the gazebo outside the li-
                                                                                                  of  social skills? Or is it rather an un-     even more so to one another. 
ties  allow  students  away  at  college  to  vote  via  absentee  ballot  –  just                                                                                                               brary, the graveyard across Stewart 
                                                                                                  appreciated  statement  of   trust  and         Other religions emphasize medita-
look up your county online.                                                                                                                                                                      and  the  top  of  the  Stuart  hill  –  and 
                                                                                                  comfort?                                      tion  as  a  process  of  listening  to  the 
     No matter which way you do it, vote, and vote informed. Let’s make                                                                                                                          see if  you can sit and be still. Cross 
                                                                                                    Likewise, why do we assume that             things we have forgotten. The word 
our generation truly excited about reenergizing politics.                                                                                                                                        your legs on the ground, or put your 
                                                                                                  something  must  be  wrong  if   we’re        “mediation,”  as  used  in  the  Bud-
                                                                                                                                                                                                 back  against  a  chair  with  your  feet 
                                                                                                  sitting  silently  doing  nothing?  The       dhist tradition, literally means “get-
                                                                                                                                                                                                 flat on the floor.  
                                                                                                  general  mindset is that  to spend  an        ting  used  to”  in  Tibetan.  Buddhists 
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Once  the  body  is  still,  it’s  even 

                                                                                                  hour  relaxing  is  to  waste  time  we       believe that what you listen and get 
                                                                                                                                                                                                 harder to slow down and shut up the 
                                                 2010-2011                                        could have spent doing anything and 
                                                                                                  everything  from  homework  or  ap-
                                                                                                                                                used  to  is  the  true  Buddha  nature. 
                                                                                                                                                This is only possible by letting every-
                                                                                                                                                                                                 mind. What remains might surprise 
                                                                                                                                                                                                 you. What are you listening for?
                                                                                                  plying to graduate school, to volun-          thing else evaporate like clouds on a 
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                                                                                              OPINIONS                                                                                                                 9
                                                                                   Flyer News • Friday, October 1, 2010

Stick shifts surpass automatics in experience, style
                                           gear.  This  is  because  they  need         Push in the clutch pedal. Select a 
                                                                                                                                               letters to the editor
                                                                                                                                   INDIAN POLICY CHANGE KEY
                                           to  anticipate  the  driver  wanting         gear.  Slowly  let  out  the  clutch, 
                                           to  accelerate  suddenly.  With  a           and  accelerate.  Build  up  the  en-
                                           manual,  you  can  shift  through            gine  speed  and  repeat  the  pro-
                                           the  gears  just  the  same;  how-
                                           ever,  when  you  get  to  speed,  you 
                                                                                        cess.  In  my  personal  experience, 
                                                                                        nothing is more satisfying. 
                                                                                                                                   TO POLITICAL PROGRESS
                                           are  able  to  immediately  shift  up          Take a manual through a curvy              While the world waits in anticipa-         while  others  insisted  on  freedom 
                                           into  the  highest  gear  your  en-          road. Anticipating corners as you          tion for further peace talks between         for Jammu and Kashmir.  The del-
                                           gine speed allows. This results in           prepare  your  car  with  a  down-         Israel and Palestine, another battle         egation  made  it  clear  that  Jammu 
  Driving  cars  with  manual              lower revs per minute from your              shift and then getting the timing          of  the borders is brewing in Jammu          and Kashmir were “an integral part 
transmissions  is  better  than  au-       engine.  And  the  less  the  engine         right  to  a  split-second  creates        and  Kashmir,  the  disputed  border         of  India, and there was no question 
tomatics. When behind the wheel,           is  revving,  the  less  gas  you  will      the  strongest  feeling  of   satisfac-    area  between  India  and  Pakistan,         of  its secession.”  
there  is  nothing  more  satisfying       be using; thus, you will get better          tion  and  unity  with  the  car.  It’s    where  Kashmiri  separatists  have             The  most  refreshing  answer  of-
than  executing  the  functions  of        gas mileage.                                 the  difference  between  only  ac-        been  staging  protests  for  the  last      fered during the trip was one by the 
a  manual  transmission  as  you             As  college  students,  we  could          celerating,  braking  and  steering 
accelerate  or  decelerate.  Almost 
anyone who has had experiences 
                                           all  stand  to  save  some  money  on 
                                           gas.  But  we  also  need  a  car  that 
                                                                                        in  an  automatic,  and  doing  all 
                                                                                        of   that  while  you  select  gears, 
                                                                                                                                   “India needs to restore a sense of
with these transmissions will tell         is  cheap  from  the  start.  This  is       look  ahead  to  a  curve,  prepare         normalcy to the region if it wants
you  that  automatic  gearboxes 
simply  do  not  compare  to  manu-
                                           another  place  where  manuals 
                                           shine. With the exception of  per-
                                                                                        downshifts,  start  fresh  at  every 
                                                                                        stop  light,  and  feel  the  car  with 
                                                                                                                                    Jammu and Kashmir to be an inte-
als. But for those who are still in        formance  oriented  cars,  many              a manual.                                   gral part of India...”
the dark about this, I’ll explain.         new  cars  come  standard  with  a             You’re  not  sitting  there  lazily 
  The  benefit  of   these  trans-         five  or  six-speed  manual  trans-          as  you  steer  the  car;  you’re  in-
missions  comes  from  a  number           mission at no extra cost. Usually,           volved  and  understanding  how 
                                                                                                                                   EMILY JIRLES, SOPHMORE
of   factors.  One  of   the  beautiful    opting  for  the  automatic  trans-          it  works  as  you  execute  its  func-
things  about  manual  transmis-           mission  can  add  thousands  of             tions.  It’s  something  that  makes       few  months  against  continued  In-         leader  of   the  Indian  Communist 
sions is they are capable of  good         dollars  to  the  car’s  total  price.       the  experience  of   driving  an  ab-     dian  military  rule.    Protests  have      Party,  Sitaram  Yechury.    He  said 
gas mileage because they put you           Also, manuals tend to last longer            solute pleasure.                           pitted  stone-wielding  Kasmiris             that India’s first step was to restore 
in  control  of   selecting  a  gear.      than  automatics  because  there               If   you  haven’t  yet  had  the  op-    against  armed  Indian  soldiers  re-        normalcy to the region, then the de-
Automatics  will  shift  as  you  get      are  fewer  parts  that  can  wear  or       portunity  to  experience  it,  I          turning lethal fire.  Over 100 people        mands can be further discussed. 
up  to  speed;  however,  once  you        need to be replaced.                         suggest  you  ask  a  friend  with  a      have died in the fire fights. Last Sat-        India needs to restore a sense of  
get  to  a  desired  speed,  they  tend      Still not convinced?                       manual  car  to  take  you  out  in  it    urday, India sent a peace delegation         normalcy  to  the  region  if   it  wants 
to  hover  in  closer  gears  instead        I  haven’t  even  gotten  to  the          sometime.                                  of   Indian  members  of   Parliament        Jammu and Kashmir to be an inte-
of   defaulting  up  to  the  highest      best part: driving the manual car.             You won’t be disappointed.               (MPs)  to  meet  with  the  Kashmiri         gral part of  India as it claims.  How 
                                                                                                                                   public,  politicians  and  business          can  Jammu  and  Kashmir  be  “an 

Resident represents for best dorm
                                                                                                                                   leaders to seek an end to the blood-         integral part of  India” if  its people 
                                                                                                                                   shed.                                        continue to chafe under such harsh 
                                                                                                                                     The  tension  between  India  and          military rule?  India needs to repeal 
  Walking up the hill through the            As  we  freshmen  plow  down  the          that  compared  to  other  residence       Kashmir has its roots in 1947, when          the emergency laws that allow their 
rain,  heat,  snow  or  cold  is  some-    hill  in  the  morning  for  our  8  a.m.    halls,  our  furniture  looks  brand       the  then  maharaja,  or  high  king,        police to act with brutality and im-
thing  I  look  forward  to  everyday.     classes,  we  all  chat  with  one  an-      new, and it probably is.                   signed  over  some  of   his  powers  to     munity.  Instead  of   policing,  India 
Stuart  Hall  is  where  I’m  residing     other  and  laugh  about  how  much            Despite  the  10  minute  commute        India  to  protect  the  area  against       should focus on providing econom-
this year at the top of  the top in 7      we  hate  the  uphill  climb  after          from  campus  to  my  room,  Stuart,       invading  Pakistani  militants  who          ic and social assistance to the state.     
Meyer.  Up on the hill, we have the        classes.  But  even  though  we  say         with everything it has, goes above         wanted  to  annex  the  territory  be-       By creating more jobs through pub-
best view and the best lobby.  With        we hate it, we really don’t, because         and  beyond  any  other  dorm.    The      cause  of   its  Muslim  majority.  In       lic work projects, building up infra-
recent  renovations  to  the  whole        at the end of  the day, who can say          sense of  accomplishment I get ev-         return, India was supposed to offer          structure  and  offering  chances  for 
first floor, Stuart now has amazing        they walk into a brand new lobby?            ery  day  when  I  walk  through  the      military  support  and  hold  a  refer-      better education, India can give the 
couches,  huge  flat  screen  TVs,  a      Not Marycrest or Founders, that’s            doors of  Stuart’s lobby, over to the      endum,  a  nation-wide  vote  on  cer-       people of  Kashmir not only a sense 
fireplace, a ping pong table, a foos-      for sure.                                    brand  new  elevator,  is  worth  the      tain  issues  and  legislation,  for  the    of   normalcy,  but  a  feeling  of   hope 
ball  table  and  a  brand  new  laun-       Another great thing about living           walk.                                      people regarding the future of  Jam-         for their country and their children.      
dry room, and even  Stu’s Landing          up at the top is that the RecPlex is           As  I  breeze  past  the  brand  new     mu and Kashmir.  India’s promised              After  normalcy  has  been  estab-
got a facelift.                            only a short jog down the hill, or if        TVs, observing my fellow students          referendum never came.                       lished, the best solution would be to 
  Yes,  walking  up  the  hill  can        you want, you can always take the            working  on  homework,  I  can  see          Most  of   the  policies  that  have       finally  offer  the  referendum  India 
sometimes  be  a  pain,  but  it  is       stairs.                                      they’re  happy  because  there’s  no       Kashmiris  up  in  arms  are  those          promised in 1947 and have the peo-
worth it when I get to the top of  the       Did  I  mention  the  view?    Not         place  like  home,  and  there’s  no       put  in  place  by  India  itself.  The      ple decide the future of  their state.     
hill and look out over Stuart Field        only  does  Stuart  have  the  best          place like Stuart Hall.                    area  suffers  from  brutal  measures        Perhaps, by then, they will see that 
and can see the gleaming blue cha-         view  of   campus,  but  we  also  have                                                 such  as  a  strict  curfew  and  harsh      there can be some advantages to be-
pel right in my field of  view.            a  great  view  of   downtown  and                                                      military rule.  During the talks with        ing “an integral part of  India.”
  While  Marycrest  has  the  dining       all  around  for  that  matter.    The                                                  the Kashmiri last week, politicians 
                                                                                                   ASHLEY PANTONA PRICE                                                                             EMILY JIRLES
hall,  and  Founders  has  the  loca-      view makes up for the closet-sized                                                      posed  tough  questions  to  the  MPs. 
                                                                                                              FRESHMEN                                                                               SOPHOMORE
tion, Stuart has the character and         rooms  we  are  crammed  into.  An-                                                     Many  Kashmiri  politicians  chided 
the camaraderie.                           other  great  thing  about  Stuart  is                              EDUCATION           the MPs for India’s “brutal tactics,”        INTERNATIONAL STUDIES / ECONOMICS

      WHAT DO YOU THINK? IS STUART REALLY THE BEST?                                      ourpolicy
       DOES ANOTHER DORM RIVAL THE REST ON CAMPUS?                                      Flyer News is the student-run newspaper of  the University of  Dayton. It works to serve the campus 
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10                                                                                                          SPORTS
                                                                                           Flyer News • Friday, October 1, 2010

Cincinnati Reds advance to playoffs for first time since ‘95
                                               in 15 years (1999, 2000), and almost as          of  their next 34. They head into June 
                                               many  managers  (nine)  as  Opening              one game ahead of  St. Louis.                               768        RUNS SCORED BY THE REDS THIS SEASON, MOST IN THE NL
                                               Day starting pitchers (11) in the same                Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2010:
                                               amount of  time.                                      The  Reds  started  a  three-game                     134        STRIKEOUTS BY STARTER JOHNNY CUETO, MOST ON THE TEAM
                                                   That’s  why  this  season  has  been         series  with  the  Cardinals  the  day 
                                               a refresher for Reds fans with excite-           before, and coming into the Tuesday 
                                                                                                                                                            42        COME-FROM-BEHIND VICTORIES, MOST IN MLB

                                               ment  at  an  all-time  high.  The  team         matchup,  the  Reds  were  only  one 
 CHRIS MOORMAN, LEAD SPORTS WRITER                                                                                                                            21      CINCINNATI WINS IN ITS LAST AT-BAT, MOST IN MLB
                                               currently  leads  MLB  with  42  come-           game ahead of  their new rivals. This, 
    After  15  years  and  almost  80          from-behind victories, and 21 wins in            of  course, was the night Johnny Cue-                         15       YEARS SINCE THE REDS MADE THE PLAYOFFS
percent  of   my  lifetime,  the  Cincin-      its last at-bat.                                 to kicked himself, and the Reds, into 
nati Reds are finally returning to the             Summarizing  the  season,  three             postseason contenders.                                     1.029F        FIRST BASEMAN JOEY VOTTO’S OPS, BEST IN THE NL
postseason.                                    dates  tell  the  real  story  of   the  2010         Even though the Cardinals even-
    Thanks  to  Jay  Bruce  and  his           Cincinnati Reds.                                 tually  swept  the  series  with  ease, 
walk-off   heroics  on  Tuesday,  Sept.            Saturday, April 24, 2010:                    and went a game up on the Reds, no 
                                                                                                                                                                                                     ALL STATISTICS AS OF TUESDAY, SEPT. 28
28, Cincinnati can party like it’s 1995            The Reds had just been shut out,             one  expected  the  Reds  to  win  seven 
once  again,  the  last  time  the  Reds       and held to four hits by the San Diego           straight afterward and go 19-8 in Au-         lous  slider  to  a  Milwaukee  Brewers      second baseman Orlando Cabrera).  
won  the  National  League  Central            Padres.  The  Reds  had  a  7-11  record         gust.  And  no  one  expected  the  Car-      team  looking  ahead  to  next  year.  In       They also have a starting rotation 
and qualified for the postseason.              on the young season, and stood three             dinals  to  crash  faster  than  the  1929    eight  pitches,  Chapman  gave  Reds         with  some  of   the  best  young  pitch-
    For Reds fans my age, those born           and  a  half   games  behind  St.  Louis.        stock market. By the end of  August,          fans goose bumps and something we            ers  in  baseball  between  Edinson 
after the wire-to-wire championship            Manager  Dusty  Baker  then  decided             the Reds were seven games up on the           haven’t felt in years:  hope.                Volquez,  Homer  Bailey  and  Cueto.        
team of  1990, we’ve been praying for          to pull a “Bull Durham” on his team              Cardinals, and pulling away.                      Looking  ahead,  the  Reds  have         And  teams  can’t  forget  the  Reds’ 
this day to come. We’re too young to           (watch the movie, if  you don’t catch                 Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2010:                  a  chance  in  October  with  NL  Most       deep bullpen with Chapman, Arthur 
remember  the  1995  season,  and  the         the  reference).  After  another  poor                This was the day “AroldisMania”          Valuable  Player  candidate  Joey            Rhodes,  Nick  Masset  and  Francisco 
one-game  playoff   against  the  New          performance,  Baker  held  a  team               hit  Cincinnati.  The  Reds  promoted         Votto, not to mention NL Comeback            Cordero.
York  Mets  in  1999  doesn’t  count,  no      meeting, and proceeded to chew out               22-year-old  Cuban  defector  Aroldis         Player of  the Year hopeful Scott Ro-           There’s  one  more  date  Reds  fans 
matter how hard we try to convince             the  entire  team  for  close  to  15  min-      Chapman just in time to stabilize the         len. The Reds have not only the NL’s         should  keep  in  mind:  Wednesday, 
ourselves it does.                             utes,  even  skipping  the  postgame             bullpen and put him on the potential          highest scoring and hitting team, but        Oct. 6. That’s the day the MLB post-
    It’s  been  tough  for  Reds  fans  for    media session, according to ESPN.                postseason roster.                            an  infield  with  three  former  Gold       season  starts,  and  for  the  first  time 
the past decade and a half. The Reds               The  scare  tactic  worked.  The                  Chapman  showed  off   his  103-         Glove  winners  (third  baseman  Ro-         in 15 years, the Reds will be playing 
have  had  only  two  winning  seasons         Reds won five straight games, and 23             mile  per  hour  fastball  and  ridicu-       len,  shortstop  Brandon  Phillips  and      baseball in October. 
                                                                                                        SPORTS                                                                                                                         11
                                                                                         Flyer News • Friday, October 1, 2010

Women’s Soccer

MARISSA MALSON                                   but the highway, and [we] sucked in            has  taken  the  time  to  establish  per-      families  outside  of   soccer  as  well;     said.  “He  treats  us  and  cares  for  us 
Sports Staff Writer                              exhaust  fumes.  Baujan  Field  was  in        sonal relationships with his players.           this  means  a  lot  to  us  knowing  that    like his own daughters. He goes into 
                                                 absolutely  horrible  condition.  They         This culminated in last year’s unde-            he cares about us and our success off         every game knowing we are the bet-
      University  of   Dayton  women’s           used  it  for  band  practice;  they  used     feated  regular  season,  and  a  trip  to             
                                                                                                                                                the field.”                                   ter  team,  [and]  as  long  as  he  thinks 
soccer  head  coach  Mike  Tucker                it  for  intramural  sports,  and  really,     the second round of  the NCAA Tour-                 And the constant improvement of           that, we believe and know it too.”
never expected to find himself  at the           there  was  more  dirt  than  grass.  We       nament.                                         the program is not just his doing. His            To  this  day,  Tucker  said  he  still 
helm of  one of  the Atlantic 10 Confer-         always  had  good  players  [though];              “Coach  Tucker  takes  so  much             interaction  with  his  players  keeps        loves what he does.
ence’s most successful teams.                    that was the constant.”                        pride  in  our  team  and  program,”            them involved in the process, proving               “After  all  these  years,  I’m  still 
      His  career  began  unexpectedly.               Tucker still lives today in the city                       
                                                                                                senior  midfielder/forward  Kelly               to another senior how he values their         having a blast,” he said. “I still have 
Tucker’s  daughter  Lori  played  for            of  his alma mater, the University of          Blumenschein said. “We all are moti-            time at UD.                                   a  lot  of   fun,  [and]  I  owe  the  success 
the  Flyers  from  1989  to  1991,  and  he      Cincinnati,  where  he  graduated  in          vated  by  this  to  play  with  pride  and          “Coach Tucker always takes into          we’ve  had  primarily  to  our  players 
would watch her practices. One day,              1969.  When  asking  others  about  the        passion  and  to  be  positive  represen-       consideration our thoughts and ideas          and  to  our  assistant  coaches.  I  hope 
head coach Tom Schindler told Tuck-              success during his tenure, they men-           tatives  of   UD  at  all  times.  He  takes    about  what  might  help  our  team  to       I’m here to enjoy it for a number of  
er  his  time  watching  from  afar  was         tion  the  team  culture,  the  academic       the  time  to  get  to  know  us  and  our      succeed,” senior defender Alli Giner          more years.”  
over.                                            success and the overall pride of  being 
      “Coach Schindler at the time said          a Dayton Flyer.
‘if   you’re  going  to  hang  around,  I’m            “I think it’s a very player friendly 
putting  you  to  work’,”  Tucker  said.         [atmosphere],”  assistant  coach  Ser-
“It was great for me; I loved it. I would        gio Gonzalez said. “I think it’s an en-
come  up  and  help  a  little  bit,  and        vironment  where  players  are  asked 
without  that  there’s  no  way  I  would        to  be  individuals  kind  of   within  the 
have ever become a college coach.”               team  concept,  where  we  want  to  get 
      Tucker  now  is  entering  his  16th       the  best  out  of   a  player  that  we’ve 
season as head coach for the Flyers.             brought  in.  It’s  an  opportunity  for 
He  has  a  career  record  of   216-80-22       them to bring their strengths to make 
for  a  .714  winning  percentage.  He  is       us a better team.”
a  three-time  A-10  Coach  of   the  Year            In  addition  to  developing  soccer 
and  has  won  nine  conference  titles,         skills, Tucker also demands academ-
including six tournament champion-               ic excellence from his players. 
ships.  Under his direction, the Flyers               “We’ve tried to set a standard from 
have  appeared  in  six  NCAA  tourna-           the very beginning [that] we’re going 
ments,  and  have  reached  the  Sweet           to  do  things  the  right  way,”  Tucker 
16 once.                                         said. “Academically, we demand that 
      Tucker  has  seen  numerous                           
                                                 that’s first priority, and I think in my 
changes  to  the  women’s  soccer  pro-          16 years here, we’ve never had a year 
gram over the years.                             where  we’ve  been  under  3.0  [grade 
      “[The difference is] night and day,        point average] as a team. I’m proba-
really,” he said. “Just really the facili-       bly way more proud of  that than any 
ties are incredibly different. We used                                                
                                                 of  the wins we’ve done on the field.”
to practice over in a field next to the               From  the  success  in  the  class-       Women’s soccer head coach Mike Tucker leads the Flyers during a practice at the NCR Fields on Tuesday, Sept. 28. Tucker, in his 16th
arena, where we couldn’t hear a thing            room and on the field, the coach also 
                                                                                                season as the leader of the UD program, has won six Atlantic 10 Conference tournament titles. MIKE MALLOY/ASST. PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR

Williams starring for Flyers early in 2010 season                                                                                                                                                   READ THE MEN’S SOCCER
                                                                                                                                                                                                    A-10 PREVIEW ON MONDAY
CHRISTIAN CABELLO                                and  nine  assists.  Williams  then            herself.
Sports Staff Writer                              worked  hard  in  the  offseason  to               “She  leads  by  example,”  Tucker 

                                                                                                                                                       Calling future
                                                 prepare mentally and physically for            said.  “As  the  stats  show,  she  is  in-
     Sophomore  women’s  soccer  star            this current season.                           volved  in  almost  every  goal  scored. 
Colleen Williams is off  to a hot start 
through  10  games  of   the  2010  regu-
                                                     “Yeah,  actually  during  the  off-
                                                 season,  I  play  on  a  club  team  all 
                                                                                                Now,  a  lot  of   teams  are  getting 
                                                                                                scouting  reports  on  her  and  dou-
                                                                                                                                                   Peace Corps Volunteers!
lar season.                                      summer with girls I have been play-            bling  her,  but  she  manages  to  fight 
                                                                                                                                                       Thousands of new volunteer
     With  the  University  of   Dayton’s        ing with since I was eight years old,”         through, and get things done.”                        positions are available for 2011. is calling.
non-conference  schedule  complet-               Williams  said.  “We  end  up  playing             Compiling  over  200  wins  in  his                         Apply now!How far will you go?
ed,  she  currently  leads  the  Atlan-          about 20 or 30 games; it’s really like         career  as  Dayton’s  head  coach, 
tic 10 Conference in points (21) and             another season.”                                                             
                                                                                                Tucker  remains  confident  about 
goals scored (eight).                                Women’s  soccer  head  coach               Williams  and  the  rest  of   the  team                                                                         Life is calling.
     “It  has  definitely  been  a  collec-
                                                 Mike  Tucker  praised  Williams’               for the 2010 season. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                           How far will you go?
tive  effort  between  all  of   us,”  said      work ethic.                                        “We’ve  put  ourselves  in  a  great 
                                                                                                                                                     Learn more about the benefits of Peace Corps service.
Williams  about  the  early  season                  “Well,  Colleen  is  way  up  there,”      position,”  he  said.  “We’ve  played  a 
results.  “Everyone  has  their  part            Tucker  said.  “She  is  a  very,  very        lot of  good teams, and we’re coming                                                    Information Session
on  the  team.  All  of   the  girls  I  play    talented player and one of  the most           around to be a very, very good team 
with are truly leaders on and off  the           competitive  I’ve  had.  She  hates  to        at  this  point.  We’ll  be  very,  very 
                                                                                                                                                                                        Wednesday, Oct. 13th
                                                 lose and scores goals when we need             competitive with anyone we play.”                                                       6:00 p.m.
     Before  the  year,  she  was  named         them.  She  is  as  talented  as  anyone           The  Flyers  will  begin  the  re-de-                                               World Exchange Lounge
one  of   six  A-10  players  as  “sopho-        I’ve had.”                                     fense of  their A-10 crown this week-                                                   0116 Alumni Hall
more  stars  for  2010”  by  the  soccer             Tucker  also  said  Williams  loves        end  at  Baujan  Field.  UD  will  play 
website                     to  play  soccer  whenever  she  gets  a       against Fordham University Friday,                           Apply by Oct. 1 for added programs leaving
     She earned the 2009 A-10 Rookie             chance,  whether  it  is  during  an  ac-      Oct.  1  at  7:30  p.m.,  followed  by  La                  in 2011 -- Peace Corps’ 50th Anniversary Year!
of   the  Year  award  last  season,  fin-       tual  game,  practice,  or  just  when         Salle  University  on  Sunday,  Oct.  3 
                                                                                                                                                                  800.424.8580 |
ishing with 23 points off  seven goals           she  is  kicking  the  ball  around  by        at 1 p.m.
12                                                                                               SPORTS
                                                                                  Flyer News • Friday, October 1, 2010

DANIEL VOHDEN                              spring tournament season and the              weeks  to  recover  from,  but  com-          exposes  character,”  volleyball 
                                                                                                                                                                                     Friday, Oct. 1 vs. Rhode Island
                                                                                                                                                                                     Saturday, Oct. 2 vs. Fordham
Assistant Sports Editor                    summer  workouts,  but  the  issues           plications  quickly  arose  when              head  coach  Kelly  Sheffield  said. 
   Four knee surgeries usually                    quickly  resurfaced  on  the           Marten  tried  to  return  to  action         “Well,  she  hasn’t  felt  sorry  for         Football
would be enough to derail most                    last day of  preseason.                again.                                        herself,  made  excuses,  pulled              Saturday, Oct. 2 vs. Valparaiso
athletes from continuing their                              “I  was  doing  the              “When I came back to practice,            away  from  the  team,  quit  on  her-
careers.                                                   shuttle  run  and             I  couldn’t  control  the  swelling  in       self   or  her  teammates,  or  any 
                                                                                                                                                                                     Cross Country
   For  redshirt  junior                                      pivoted  wrong             my knee,” she said. “There would              of   the  number  of   things  that 
                                                                                                                                                                                     Friday, Oct. 1 at All-Ohio Cham-
volleyball  player                                             on  my  turn  and         be  days  I  would  wake  up  and             many  people  in  the  same  situa-
Yvonne          Mar-                                           tore  my  medial          couldn’t bend it past 90 degrees.”            tion  do.  People  see  how  hard  she 
                                                                                                                                                                                     pionship, Cedarville, Ohio
ten,  though,  it                                                                            The  lingering  injury  forced            works and how determined she is. 
was  only  a  speed                                                                          Marten      into     limit-     e d       There’s not a person on this team             Women’s Tennis
bump.                                                                                                                                  that  Yvonne  hasn’t  inspired  big           Friday, Oct.1 - Sunday, Oct.
   Coming  out  of   In-                                                                                                               time.”                                        3 at Notre Dame Invitational,
dianapolis  Cathedral  High                                                                                                                Through  the  adversity  Marten           South Bend, Ind.
School, Marten already had two                                                                                                         has had to go through over the last 
surgeries under her belt with two                                                        action during her redshirt                    several years, her commitment to              Men’s Soccer
ACL reconstructive operations on                                                         sophomore  season  in  2009,  mak-            volleyball never wavered.                     Sunday, Oct. 3 vs. Canisius
her right knee.                                                                          ing  it  the  second  season  in  a  row          “My  orthopedic  surgeon,  Dr. 
   The  outside/right-side  hitter                                                       that she was unable to play at full           [Donald]  Shelbourne,  who  be-
                                                                                                                                                                                     Women’s Soccer
Marten  began  her  University  of                                                       strength.                                     cause  of   my  history  I  know  very 
                                                                                                                                                                                     Friday, Oct. 1 vs. Fordham
Dayton  career  on  a  positive  note,                                                       “Last  year  was  rough  because          well, has been telling me I should 
finishing  third  on  the  team  in                                                      I would feel really good, and then            give up sports since I was a junior 
                                                                                                                                                                                     Sunday, Oct. 3 vs. La Salle
blocks-per-set  while  helping  the                                                      not be able to walk the next day,”            in  high  school  after  ACL  tear  No. 
team  to  a  first  round  win  in  the                                                  she said. “Or I’d make it through a           2.”  Marten  said.  “I  never  really         Men’s Golf
2007 NCAA Tournament. After the                                                          couple days of  practice, but by the          think  of   it  like  that.  I  think  the    Sunday, Oct. 3 - Monday, Oct.
season, however, Marten went un-                                                         time  the  weekend  came,  I  would           moment  you  start  thinking  you             4 at Renaissance Invitational,
der the knife for a third time.                                                          be  so  swollen  and  sore  that  I           have  a  career-ending  injury,  it  is       Fort Myers, Florida
   “My  first  surgery  in  college                                                      wouldn’t be able to play in games.            a  career-ending  injury.  It’s  all  in 
was  in  May  of   freshman  year,” 
Marten said. “I tore the ACL, MCL 
                                                                                         It was a horrible cycle.”
                                                                                             Marten  eventually  decided  to 
                                                                                                                                       your head.”
                                                                                                                                           As  a  pre-dental  major  with  a          DID YOU KNOW?
and meniscus in my left knee dur-                                                        shut  everything  down  and  take             psychology  and  business  minor, 
ing a spring practice.”                                         me-                      two  months  off   from  any  volley-         Marten is on track to complete her 
   Due  to  the  extent  of   the  inju-                       nis-                      ball-related  activities  before  re-         undergraduate  degree  next  aca-               DANGER DUO
ries, Marten and the UD coach-                                c u s , ”                  turning for this season.                      demic  year  before  dental  school,            Redshirt senior Lindsay Fletemier
ing  staff   decided  it  was  best                          M a r -                         Now  healthy  for  the  first  time       although  a  professional  career  in           and senior Amanda Cowdrey won
for  her  to  redshirt  the  next                          ten  said.                     since  2007,  Marten  has  started           volleyball is still a possibility.              Atlantic 10 Conference Offensive
season, and make sure her                               “I  had  a  lot                   every  game  for  the  nationally                For  now  though,  being  back              and Defensive Player of the Week
knee  was  fully  healed  be-                      of   swelling  and                     ranked No. 20 Flyers this season,            on  the  court  is  the  best  medicine         honors, respectively, for their vol-
fore  resuming  volley-                        pain,  so  I  had  sur-                     and ranks fourth on the team in             Marten could get.                               leyball efforts last weekend.
ball.                                       gery  to  get  my  medial                      blocks.                                         “It  feels  good  to  be  back  out 
   The         deci-                       meniscus  taken  out  the                            Her  perseverance  through             there  with  the  team;  just  being            AMAZING GRACE
sion  paid  off,                           first day of  preseason ju-                       the injuries is not taken light-          able to play is huge for me,” Mar-              Cathy Sheffield, wife of Dayton vol-
as  Marten  was                            nior year.”                                         ly by her head coach.                   ten said. “I have a lot of  things to           leyball head coach Kelly Sheffield,
able  to  partici-                            The  procedure  was                                     “We’ve  all  heard  that         work  on  to  make  up  for  lost  time,        gave birth Tuesday morning, Sept.
pate  during  the                          only supposed to take six                                athletics  and  adversity          but it feels great.”                            28, to a baby girl named Grace.

Men’s Water Polo Club
Club excited for Family Weekend tournament, hopeful for increased attendance
Sports Staff Writer                        Blume  and  senior  team  captain/            in the pool at a time for each team.          and went back into the game.”                 cause  it  takes  a  lot  to  keep  up  the 
                                           club  president  Ben  Beachler  be-                       
                                                                                             “The  field  [pool]  is  like  soccer,        For  the  entire  game,  players          endurance for a game. The mental-
   The University of  Dayton men’s         lieve  the  team  will  win  the  tour-       the  play  is  like  basketball,  and         have  to  tread  water  and  aren’t  al-      ity needed to withstand all the low 
club water polo team begins its sea-       nament  this  weekend.  They  hope            intensity  is  like  rugby  or  mixed         lowed  to  touch  the  bottom  of   the       blows and cheap shots comes with 
son shortly, and has high hopes for        they are the most talented team in            martial arts,” senior David Allison           pool.  To  prepare  for  this  torment,       time.  
accomplishing goals of  years past.                
                                           the  field,  and  they  have  the  depth      said.                                         the  UD club swims for 30 minutes,                Allison,  a  goalie/utility  player 
   After  winning  the  national           this  year  to  keep  the  intensity  up.         Blume  has  had  numerous  bro-           and then works on drills and scrim-           for the team, is optimistic about the 
championship in 1994, the team has         The club is compiled of  14 players,          ken  noses  and  a  chipped  tooth            mages for the rest of  practice.              team’s chances in the tournament, 
attempted to increase participation        so they have plenty of  people to sub         while  playing  through  the  years.              “I  started  in  middle  school,”         and  believes  UD  can  make  the  na-
and  awareness  on  campus.  That          in and out.                                   Allison  once  saw  a  player’s  jaw                                   
                                                                                                                                       Thelen  said.  “My  first  two  years         tional  tournament  if   its  members 
continues this weekend at the Rec-              Freshmen  standout  Connor               come out of  place.                           I  was  forced  into  it,  but  after  two    do the necessary work.
Plex when the team hosts a tourna-         Thelen  described  the  game  as  the             “The player got an elbow in the           years  of   getting  my  butt  kicked,  I         “It’s  a  big  deal,  [and]  we  want 
ment on Friday and Saturday, Oct.          physicality  of   football  with  the         face,  and  blood  went  everywhere,”         started to really enjoy it.”                  to  bring  in  support,”  Allison  said. 
2-3, to determine conference seeds.          
                                           flow of  basketball. There are a total        Allison said. “Then he went to the                Thelen  said  the  hardest  part  of      “The  bigger  the  crowd,  the  better 
   Both  senior  coach  Brendan                        
                                           of   six  field  players  and  one  goalie    bench,  popped  it  back  into  place         water  polo  is  the  conditioning  be-       we do.”

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                                                                FLYER FOCUS BLOG, FEATURING A Q&A WITH MEN’S BASKETBALL SENIOR CHRIS WRIGHT.

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