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									Oil Painting - Learn More About Oil Painting
The renaissance period has seen the rising of various important events
and has been responsible for several changes in the field of science and
technology. Painting was no such exception and newer techniques, like oil
painting, which was already present evolved with more prominence during
this period. Canvas painting is also at times referred to as oil
painting, the simple reason since the color used in this art of painting
comes from oil paints.
The general process of oil painting is to have the color pigments affixed
to the medium of oil that is about to dry. In the earlier days when the
art was practiced in Europe the painters used linseed oil as the medium
for binding the color pigments. On various occasions these oils were
heated to the limit of boiling along with resins or frankincense, and the
product that was obtained was known as varnishes. The varnishes were
highly prized at earlier times due to the rich body color they developed
along with the exquisite glossy look.
In the current days, number of oils is used for oil painting, simply due
to certain drawbacks some have been identified among them. The basic
factor that they cater to be the time of drying of the oil or, the
yellowing tendency that oil paintings have after a long period of time.
Painters often consider using different types of oil in the oil painting
to obtain the desired effect in their piece of work, which would not be
possible with a single oil blend.
Various processes of oil painting!
* The processes of oil painting could be distinctively characterized
according to the painters needs. The basic example of this is the usage
of canvas as the texture or surface to paint. Even though oil painting
can be done on various platforms canvases has been the most popular
texture since the 16th century. It replaced the popular wooden panels,
which were expensive, heavy and might split or get warped due to the
inconvenience while carrying them.
* Furthermore, every painter had the idea of mixing the pigments to the
oil by themselves, but over the years they have given up to the freely
transported oil paints obtained in tubes. However, they are still very
specific about the type of brushes they would use, and some may even go
to the length of having special ones manufactured for them.
* Most of the artists or painters try to go about oil painting by
applying the paints in layers; they generally form a platform on the
canvas on which they can apply further paint. In oil painting, many
painters like to put on extra layers on their paintings, just to improve
its detailing or to make it more appealing and more realistic for the
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