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Corporate Flight Attendant Resource Guide

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So, you want to become a corporate flight attendant. Good for you! I've
included several links to informative sites that can help you further
your career. Please read on for detailed information.

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wine, wine service, NBAA, FAA

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So, you have decided to enter the exclusive field of business flying.
Congratulations! Before you go further, have you done all the research
that you can to find out all the details that you need to know about this
exciting field? Some people say that business aviation is a mystery
compared to working for the airlines and, in many ways, they are corre ct.
To take the mystery out of everything, this handy little guide will help
point you in the right direction.

<b>FAA</b> -- All that you need to know about the regulatory side of
business aviation can be found on the FAA’s web site. The FAA, or Federal
Aviation Administration, is the U.S. government agency tasked with
overseeing much of what goes on in business aviation. FARs, or Federal
Aviation Regulations, are set up to establish what can and cannot go on
in business aviation. As a corporate flight attendant, FAR Part 91 and
FAR Part 135 will be of the most interest to you. Visit for
all the details.

<b>NBAA</b> -- The NBAA or National Business Aviation Association is the
premier voice for business aviation. The NBAA has several over site
committees in place which are tasked with guiding companies and
personnel. The NBAA’s Flight Attendant Committee is an important voice
for business flight attendants. Please visit for more

<b>Corporate Flight Attendant Community</b> -- Established in 2002, the
Corporate Flight Attendant Community is an independent resource center
for private flight attendants. The community pulls together articles,
links, training sources, food and wine information, and much more into
one centralized area. The community also includes a resume posting
service, forums, and catering information. Visit
for more information.

<b>Cabin Manager</b> -- As part of the Corporate Flight Attendant
Community, Cabin Managers is a top performing forum for members of the
business aviation community. General Discussion, Stress and Health,
Inflight Services, Just For Newbies, and Safety and Security, are some of
the chief subforums on this site. Visit for more
information; read, start or respond to a thread for direct contact with
members of the community.

<b>Corporate Jet Catering</b> -- Another subsection to the Corporate
Flight Attendant Community is this site particular site which features
in-flight caterers from around the world. Visitors to the site list
comments about catering experiences and share recommendations and tips.
Articles related to food and wine service are also included.

<b>Women in Corporate Aviation</b> -- An offshoot of the Women in
Aviation International group, Women in Corporate Aviation was established
in 1993 to promote networking and mentoring opportunities for women in
business aviation.

Lastly, there are several business aviation training companies that have
been established to help corporate flight attendants to further their
careers. For a list of some of the top companies out there, please visit for all the details.
Business aviation is a rewarding field…getting established takes a lot of
pluck and determination and not everyone has what it takes. How about