A Biography of Bob Ross the Artist by primusboy


									A Biography of Bob Ross the Artist
Bob Ross was a versatile painter and television anchor from America who
was born in the year of 1942 on 29th October. Bob's place of birth was
Daytona Beach in Florida. Before he became famous as a painter, he had a
long career in American air force for about 20 years.
His posting was mostly in Alaska and he used to take care of the medical
services there. After retiring from the air force services he earned huge
fame in all over the world for his paintings and television shows.
Bob Ross had an impressive look, which like his paintings appealed a lot
to the audience of television. With his afro hairstyle and his composed,
gentle voice added up to his worldwide popularity.
He used to host a television show related to art and the name of the show
was The Joy of Painting and it is often considered to be the most popular
one among the Americans.
In this show he used to teach the viewers how to paint and the techniques
and presentation was impressive enough to make the audience stick to the
television screen. There were quite a number of kids who used to take
their art lesion from Bob Ross through this particular television show.
Some of the paintings that gained huge fame and still remembered by the
audience are "pretty little mountains", "happy little trees" and "happy
little clouds".
He was a strong believer of the fact that each and every person has an
artist hidden inside him who can come out if the person is inspired and
taught in a correct way. His shows were dubbed in German and they were
broadcasted for the popularity among the audience.
He was quite successful as a painter. In fact he started painting when he
was posted in Alaska. He discovered a unique technique of painting, which
was acclaimed by the art critics of the United States.
This technique is known as the wet-on-wet technique and it involved
special method of applying the wet paint on an existing layer of paint
that is absolutely different from the conventional methods. He used to
paint the darkest clouds and liveliest trees on paper using the simple
1or 2-inch brushes.
But the most interesting fact about bob Ross is that he never received a
professional training of making paintings.
At the same time Bob Ross has got some critical comments from the art
critics as well as fellow artists. According to them his paintings run
short of detailing which is an indispensable part of a good painting.
They also say that the paintings of Bob Ross contained a style, which
seems artificial.
In fact he also faced embarrassing situations created by the traditional
artists who protested against his modern technique of painting. This
great persona passed away in the year of 1995 suffering from lymphoma.
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