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									Web Hosting and Types of Web Hosting
While most of us can design a website and upload any information, news,
bulletins, images, files and documents (incl. HTML files, CSS files,
graphic files, java scripts etc.), to make the same available for public
viewing we need to copy the site to a public server. Such servers are
provided by web hosting companies. In short web hosts are companies that
allot a particular web space to each of their clients who may then use it
for his/her website and in addition provides high speed internet
connectivity. The client apart from uploading data of his choice on the
website is provided with a mail server to send and receive e-mails.
There can be various types of web hosting services;
Free Web Hosting : It is best suited for small sites like family, hobby
or personal sites with low traffic. These have limited security options,
database and technical support and most often restricts the domain name
to the ones handpicked by them.
Shared Web Hosting : Here, your website is placed on a powerful server
with hundred other sites, best for small business sites with an average
traffic flow. While it allows one to use a self chosen domain name and
multiple software solutions, viz. e-mail, database and editing options,
it provides limited security due to all sites put on the same server
(which predictable makes it cost effective) and restricted traffic volume
for the same reason.
Dedicated Web Hosting : Best meant for large business sites, it provides
the user with his/her own web server powerful database and e-mail
solutions unlimited software support. It requires more technical skill to
operate and the most expensive of all plans but can handle high traffic
Collocated Hosting : It locates your own web server on the premises of a
service provider. The hosting company besides providing the physical
space also makes available regulated power back up, and dedicated
internet access. Although somewhat expensive on the lines of dedicated
hosting, colo provides a high bandwidth, security, up time (the
percentage of time the web host is accessible via the internet) and
unlimited software options.
Home Server : A system operating from home is used for hosting one or
more websites.
Managed Hosting Service : The user is provided with his own web server
and he is allowed to manage the data via FTP or other remote management
tools. However, the service provider does not allow the user full control
at any time to avoid any untoward modification or new configuration
problems in the server.
Reseller Web Hosting : Clients are allowed to become host themselves and
a reseller's account can be enormous in size with their own dedicated
server to a collocated server.
Clustered Hosting : It is meant to optimize resource utilization wherein
multiple servers host similar content.
Grid Hosting : Here a server cluster as a grid and is composed of
multiple nodes.
Virtual Dedicated Server : Herein servers are divided into virtual
servers where each user shares his server with many other users but he
feels as if he is on a dedicated server.
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