SMS Annual Report 2006 by bigmekahlo


									SMS Annual Report
   Membership     2006 figures   2005 figures

    Honorary           9              9

       Life           45             44

    Ordinary          128            164

    Institution       52             64

     Junior           41             73

     TOTAL            275            354
                        President : Peter Pang
                        VP : Hang Kim Hoo, Ling San, Zhu Chengbo

  Officials             Hon Secretary : Victor Tan Hon Treasurer : Yang Yue
                        Editor : Leung Ka Hin Ex Officio : Tan Eng Chye

Asst Secretary : Helmer Aslaksen Asst Editors : Toh Tin Lam, Bernhard Schmidt
Committee Members : Chia Yew Loon, Grace Chua, Tay Eng Guan, Thomas Teo
   Publications
   Lectures and Workshops
   Distinguished Visitor Programme
   Singapore Mathematical Olympiad
   International Mathematical Competition
   Singapore Mathematics Project Festival
   Annual Prize Presentation Ceremony
   Enrichment Programmes
   Sudoku Super Challenge
                         SMO 2006
                        Solution books

  Mathematical Medley
Lectures and Workshops
Distinguished Visitor Programme
      Professor Alan H. Schoenfeld
      University of California, Berkeley
                                           • Public Lecture
                                           • Teachers’ workshop
                                           • Academic Talk
Singapore Mathematical Olympiad
                     > 9000 students
                     132 local schools
                     23 foreign schools
                     3 categories

                     Top 3 Prizes (Team)
                     RI/ HCI/ NUSHS
                     RI/ ACS(I)/ HCI
                     HCI/ RJC/ VJC
International Mathematical Olympiad

Lim Wei Quan, Zhao Yan
Bryan Hooi, Wu Jiawei,
Ho Jun Wei
Honourable Mention
Tham Zheng Kang
Unofficial ranking: 27
Singapore Mathematics Project Festival

              56 teams
              25 schools
              2 categories

              Gold Awards
              HCI/ NUSHS
              HCI(2)/ Xinmin
 Annual Prize Presentation Ceremony
                           Guest of Honour:
                           MoS Education
                           RAdm Lui Tuck Yew

18 prizes for SMPF
90 SMO individual prizes
54 SMO team prizes
6 IMO awards
Enrichment Programmes
   Primary Mathematics Olympiad Programme
    (550 students )
   Secondary Enrichment Programme
    (5 schools & GEP)
   Master Class
    (GEP - Primary)
   World Youth Mathematics Inter-city Competition
    (Training sessions)
Sudoku Super Challenge
                     > 100 teams
                     4 categories
                     5 preliminary rounds
                     1 final round
SMS Prizes in Mathematics
   Singapore Mathematical Society Challenge Trophy
    SMO Junior (Team) - Raffles Institution.
   Singapore Mathematical Society Challenge Shield
    SMO Open (Team) - Hwa Chong Institution.
   Singapore Mathematical Society Prize
    SMO Open (Individual) - Zhao Yan (Raffles Junior College).
   Singapore Mathematical Society Shield
    SMPF Junior and Senior sections - Hwa Chong Institution.
   Singapore Mathematical Society Prize
    NMOS Top Individual Award
   Singapore Mathematical Society Gold Medal and Book Prize NUS
    Mr Kiah Han Mao
   Singapore Mathematical Society Book Prize for Engineering
    Mathematics at Temasek Polytechnic
    Mr Zhao Keyu
   MOE and SNAS - financial support
   SEAMS - SEAMS prize for SMO
   River Valley High School – hosted SMPF
   NUS High School – hosted Prize Presentation
    Ceremony and Teachers’ workshop
   Department of Mathematics NUS
   Mathematics Society NUS
   Mathematics and Mathematics Education Academic
    Group NIE
   Division of Mathematical Science NTU
   Members and friends

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