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									Tips For Using a Dedicated Server
Having a decent understanding of what a dedicated server is and how it
works will help you ask intelligent questions and make an informed
decision when the time is right. A reliable web server host will be able
to answer all of your questions without hesitation, and if they do not
have an immediate answer for your question, they will follow up with the
correct information.
Ask the Right Questions
Find out from a potential web host what they mean precisely when they
advertise unlimited transfers. Make sure that this is a feature than is
actually available when you need it. Typically, hosting service plans
include a range of 50 - 500 GB of transfer for each month that you are on
their service. Will this be enough to handle the volume of traffic
generated through your site? Find out who the host has contracted for
their internet connectivity and be sure that company has a reputation for
reliability. If you do any amount of business online, you lose money and
trust if your website goes down.
The importance of redundancy is a feature that cannot be overstated.
Redundancy is a system that guarantees everything you do online is backed
up so that if one network goes down, the continuity of your online
activities is assured. Do not settle for a dedicated server provider that
has less than 2 redundant internet connections. In this day and age, the
providers with the most consistent reputation for consistent,
uninterrupted service use several fail-safe measures.
Why You Need It
You will need to have a dedicated web server if you have a very large
website that attracts a substantial volume of traffic though sales,
inquiries, uploads and downloads. You will benefit from this type of
service if your emails or website require a 3rd party security system.
Webmasters that need to optimize or configure their server to support
particular functionality on their websites must use a dedicated service
if they expect to have the depth of access needed to do their work.
The cost of this category of server can be much higher than you would pay
for a virtual server, which is shared with thousands of other users. The
upside is that over time the prices have dropped enough to make if
affordable for most people to use the service. A few years ago it would
have cost in the neighborhood of $500 a month to lease the server but now
it can be obtained for less than $100. Just make sure you shop around
before jumping for the cheapest service. Cheap does not always promise
you'll get the service that best supports your needs.
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