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P2P Networks


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									P2P Networks
P2P (peer to peer) networks can be classified broadly into two
categories, pure and hybrid. Pure P2P networks have peers as both client
and server, and do not have either a central server to manage the
network, or central router. The hybrid P2P network, on the other hand,
has a central server that has information on peers and provides that
information on request, and holds peers responsible for hosting and
sharing the resources.
One of the biggest advantages of P2P networks is that all its users
provide resources, including bandwidth, computing power, and storage
space. Thus, as users log in and the demand on the system increases, the
total system capacity also increases. However, this is not true of a
client-server architecture which has a fixed set of servers, and adding
more clients means slower data transfer for all users.
Moreover, the distributed nature of P2P networks (Hybrid P2P networks)
also increases network robustness in case of failures caused by
replicating data over multiple peers. In pure P2P systems peers can find
data without relying on a centralized index server. Thus, in the latter
case, the single point of failure is eliminated from the system. Also, of
late, P2P networks are used to deal other disciplines which have large
datasets. One such discipline is bioinformatics, where P2P networks are
used to run large programs which carry out tests for identifying drug
However, most P2P networks are under constant attack for various reasons.
The most common examples are, poisoning attacks - which provides files
with contents different from its description; polluting attacks - which
inserts "bad" chunks/packets into a valid file existing on the network;
defection attacks - which happens when users or software that make use of
the network do not contribute resources to it; and inserting viruses to
data that is being downloaded.
Thus, while P2P networks are of immense significance to many, one needs
to be careful from the constant attacks that keep happening on these
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