Understanding Past Life Regression by tauben


									Understanding Past Life Regression

The idea of immortality has always very controversial, an idea which is
easily traced back to its Indian origins, particularly in Hinduism.
According to reincarnation, the soul moves from one body to another upon
death and the cycle continues as the soul decides to be born repeatedly
out of desire. The technique to revisit these past lives is through what
is called the past life regression (PLR) and is achieved through

A Brief History

There are very limited accounts on PLR in history. The more substantial
writing is that of Patanjali, a Hindu scholar, who said that the soul is
always burdened by its karma and thus introduce prati-prasav or reverse
birthing. This is a technique where the subject revisits memories to
address present issues. Prati-prasav is currently being practiced in

PLR was revived through the efforts of Madame Blavatsky. She is the co-
founder of the Theosophical Society and her studies have re-introduced
the concept in the west. The practice was further developed in 1950's
when credible medical practitioners began their advocacy on PLR as an
instrument to improve mental health. In 1967, Dr. Denys Kelsey was the
first to use regression as a therapy.

The Practice of Past Life Regression

Studies made on religions believing in reincarnation did not take into
account nor accept the idea of repressed memories. The practice of PLR is
usually done to simply experience this spiritually and therefore, be able
to venture the unknown. To draw information on the subject's past life,
practitioners would use hypnosis and ask their subjects a series of
questions. With the use of bridging, the unearthed memories are brought
to consciousness. This is very important for both the doctor and patient
as unresolved issues in past lives are believed to be significant in
healing the present issues of the patient. However, they are not always
easily dealt with as in most cases; the memories are of a negative

Past Life Regression on Television

Oprah featured Past Life Regression last May 2008, with the help of Dr.
Oz and Dr. Brian Weiss, who have been studying Past Life Regression for
many years. Their subject named Jodie, sought the help of Dr. Weiss to
know why she fears dolls to a compulsion.

Fear for Dolls

Then it was described how Jodie got to see her dead grandfather shortly
after entering state of hypnosis and minutes later, she began describing
what she thought of as a car accident she got involved in then she began
to cry. Apparently, she had died unexpectedly in her past life, leaving
her children to grow up without her and this resulted to her fear of
dolls which is a metaphor for her inability to care for her children.

Healing Through Past Life Regression

Months later, Jodie saw Oprah featured the Osmond family where Marie
Osmond handed an Oprah-doll. She reiterates that had it not been for Past
Life Regression, she would have immediately turned off the TV because of
her fear of doll. But what's good to know is that after the session, it
seemed that she was already able to deal with looking at one.

There are many practitioners of PLR in the United States and more studies
are being conducted as of this writing. Accounts of reincarnation and
repressed memory studies are present in the history of man, and his
natural curiosity would only encourage him to know more about past life

Man's Desire to Learn from Mistakes – Past or Present Life

Whether traveling through time to relive the lives we left behind is
legitimate, that remains a question yet to be answered and perhaps today,
no form of science can produce concrete evidence about past life
regression or the past lives' existence. However, the moral of these
presumptions could easily be traced into man's desire to learn from what
mistakes he has committed – whether in this life or in the past.

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