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					How Do Spammers Find My Email Address?
Spammers, as telemarketers do a phone number, get your e-mail in two
major ways, both of which you have some control over. The first way that
spammers get your personal information is through public and private
directories from a variety of sources, including e-mail address lookups.
The other is through previous business relationships.
Just as there are directories for phone numbers, there are also lists of
e-mail addresses. There are public directories that search web based and
government servers, as well as the more common private directories
maintained by individual servers. Spammers can access private directories
using e-mail address lookup sites, but you can also use these services to
help protect yourself from unsolicited e-mails by tracing a spammer's e-
mail address. While an e-mail address lookup searches for e-mail address,
a reverse e-mail search provides the name and server information to which
an account is registered.
Your number gets added to directories in a number of ways, but like phone
numbers, you can ask for your e-mail to remain unlisted. Simply
contacting your e-mail service provider should make you feel more secure
about spammers and how they get your number. Of course, spammers won't
stop bothering you if you simply request an unpublished e-mail, because
they can still get your e-mail in another way, through legitimate
business relationships initiated by you. This means anytime you give your
e-mail to someone, be that a business, a social networking site friend,
or simply a random website, you are taking the risk that this is a source
spammers don't use for e-mail addresses.
While you may not be able to completely prevent spammers from getting
your e-mail, you can take action against particularly annoying unethical
groups. A reverse email search allows you to trace a spam message back to
e-mail server from which it was originally sent.
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