Host Gator Web Hosting Review by primusboy


									Host Gator Web Hosting Review
I've been blogging for quite a few years now, starting with hosted blogs
on sites like blogger and then slowly moving up to my own shared hosting
and now a reseller account running a number of blogs and other sites.
Obviously, hosting your own site and not having the fallback of a hosted
blog creates a lot of choices and things to worry about. First, I've
started to really care about reliability and uptime, especially when
you've got people visiting your blog daily - every outage is a real
inconvenience and can cost you regular readers and subscribers. On top of
that, as my blogging has developed I've realized I have a need for more
and more features to keep my sites fresh and innovative, for example
bringing in a forum or having more advanced stats. Some of my previous
hosting plans lacked these features and were aimed at simply hosting one
basic blog and nothing more.
That said, I'm not ready to make the big leap up to a dedicated server,
let alone a VPS (Virtual Private Server). So, when I look for a host I
want a company that will manage my well featured hosting without me
having to do too much at all. My current host is Host Gator and I'm
pleased to say they're doing that job pretty well. I'm on the baby linux
web hosting plan which gives me 600gb of disk space as well as 6,000 Gb
of monthly transfer. On top of that I can host unlimited domains all for
Host Gator also gives you all the normal features you expect via the
fantastic cPanel interface, including denying access to the site by IP,
and providing instant blogs and forums. All of this is backed up with
great support both by phone and by instant online messenger. This means
that you can get instant support for any of your concerns from a staff
that are polite and tend to know what they're talking about.
So in conclusion, Host Gator offers a great service, with a lot of good
features - perfect for people starting up! They also offer great services
for those who want more; be it a reseller account or a dedicated server.
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