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									Cloud Computing As a Service
Businesses have greatly benefited from content, RSS, advertising and
communication solutions available from the Internet. These Web 2.0
services are easy to use and immediate. Open the web page, configure the
content and submit. There are also sites that deliver CRM, ecommerce and
other well defined backend functions that are available as Software as a
Service. With the maturity of cloud computing an era is upon us that
platforms will provide services to create custom services or even full
featured applications.
Software development currently requires skilled resources to analyze
requirements, manage those requirements, develop software, test and
deploy. Much of the complexity is due to technologist's reluctance to
simplistic change. The cloud, however, opens the Internet to new
approaches and forces evolution. One of the most intriguing opportunities
is Development as a Service. By taking the development process to the
web, this allows the business to define and change their own processes
and produce those processes more quickly than current methodologies
allow. Small businesses will be able to afford automation, large business
will be able to automate low ROI solutions, compliance and tracking will
become a part of all applications. The business potential is extensive.
To reach an era of Development as a Service, we must have a Platform as a
Service. The platform must provide services to define Software as a
Service combined with managing and hosting these services. In order to
reach this objective, the platform must know about itself and understand
the difference between design and runtime while seamlessly handling the
proper aspect for the user.
At design time, the platform provides services to integrate existing
services, define workflows, define web forms and place automated rules
around those services to control their behavior. At runtime, the platform
provides a status manager, reporting, tracking and user inbox. These
aspects are common, but not limited, to all applications.
Many companies are working on platform services to meet the expected
demand. Google, Microsoft and Netsuite are among a list of many
established organizations. There are also innovative platforms such as,
ActiveWIT, that offer greater depth into this space.
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