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					Basics of HTML
All web pages and websites on the Internet exist fundamentally as text
files saved with the HTML extension. Web browsers read these text files,
decided based on them (and based on HTML defaults) which formatting
choices to use on a page, generate all content from the text file and
link to all images, and ultimately display the page.
Of course it's impossible to talk to a web browser in natural language:
saying in plain language to "make the margins one inch on all sides" is
easy to understand for a human layout editor, but impossible for a
computer. Which is why--as we touched on in the first chapter--standard
protocols for online systems were a necessary condition for the growth of
the Internet. In order for two computers to talk to one another--and in
order to ensure that they're talking in the way that the user intends--
it's necessary to speak a common language, which is essentially what HTML
and other internet protocols are.
HTML (or "Hypertext Markup Language") is the most successful online
formatting protocol yet devised, and should be the basis for any good
website. It's also a fairly simple language to learn (as opposed to
object-oriented languages like Java or C#, which require a much greater
working knowledge of computers and a much greater willingness to spend
time organizing a program.) HTML is essentially a formatting guideline
rather than a true programming language, which explains some of its
versatility and ease of use.
So in order to learn DIY coding (or to learn how to talk intelligently to
your web designer), we first have to learn some key features of HTML.
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