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Hollywood Stars Wearing Crystals and Their Gemstones


Crystal and Gemstones

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									Hollywood Stars Wearing Crystals and Their Gemstones

Hollywood doesn't seem to have enough stars to brighten up its gates, but
the stars themselves keep wearing such fabulous, crystals and gemstones,
as they love partnering such stones with amazing clothes while taking
their walk on the red carpet. While some say they like wearing crystals
and gemstones as their birthstones. Really, these trinkets are said to
have the ability to enhance the natural aura of a person. Let's see what
they can do to some of our popular stars' already bright future!

January – Garnet
Oprah Winfrey - January 29, 1954
Patrick Dempsey - January 13, 1966

Garnet is known to trigger the creative abilities of a person and
activate the desire to help others sincerely. Oprah could very well be
carrying this gem in her pocket with all the philanthropic work she's
doing and clearly, the scrub suit isn't enough to bring out Patrick's
natural passion to save lives.

February – Amethyst
Jennifer Aniston – February 11, 1969
Rihanna - February 20, 1988

We all agree that Jennifer and Rihanna could do well with a little calm
and balance, with their bad break ups and trying relationships. The
Amethyst could channel the calming energy towards their hearts enabling
them to clear their thoughts, manage their emotions and sharpen their

March – Aquamarine
Sarah Jessica Parker - March 25, 1965
Reese Witherspoon - March 22, 1976

Aquamarine emits energy that centers on spiritual experiences. In effect,
it reduces fear, allowing a person to move forward in his or her life
experiences. Sarah could benefit from the Aquamarine to balance her
hectic work life and her spirituality for a holistic beauty. What better
way to maintain her fashion iconic status! Reese, on the other hand,
would enjoy the calm of the stone, allowing her to communicate freely and
engage in new experiences.

April – Diamond
America Ferrera - April 18, 1984
Leighton Meester - April 09, 1986

While diamonds are often seen as a mere sign of engagement, we should
also realize its immense ability to clear the mind and remove negativity!
As new stars, America and Leighton could use a little bit of spiritual
awareness to keep their minds healthy and hearts always compassionate
despite the stress and cutthroat demands of show business.

May – Emerald
Robert Pattinson - May 13, 1986
Megan Fox - May 16, 1986

Being very busy and popular are the two common denominators of Robert and
Megan. They could use a little Emerald to stimulate the over-all healing
of mental and physical health, as they could usually falter due to
stress. This stone could help them harmonize their personal lives while
keeping them focused when at work.

June – Pearl
Angelina Jolie - June 4, 1975
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen - June 13, 1986

The pearl is very effective in clearing out emotional imbalances. With
the hectic schedule and non-stop drama in the lives of the Olsen Twins
and the always in scrutiny tandem of Jolie and Pitt, these guys would
really benefit from a little pearl exposure to absorb their stress and
prevent them from behaving negatively.

July – Ruby
Lindsay Lohan -July 2, 1986
Daniel Radcliffe - July 23, 1989

Obviously Lindsay and Daniel have talent in common, and there's no better
way to ensure that the artistic juices keep flowing in their careers than
to wear some pieces of ruby. It stimulates energy in the body to assist a
person while achieving one's goals. This equilibrium in the mind helps
create stability and confidence at the same time, warding off negativity.

August – Peridot
Hayden Panettiere - August 21, 1989
Madonna - August 16, 1958

Peridot is an effective stimulant of regenerative hormones in the body.
Therefore, Madonna and Hayden's athleticism will need support from this
stone to aid in muscle relaxation. Peridot is also known to ease the mind
during stressful situations, thereby eliminating feelings of nervousness
and fear.

September – Sapphire
Beyoncé Knowles - September 04, 1981
Keanu Reeves - September 02, 1964

Artistic people are known to be very emotional, and the sapphire could
help them balance their body chemicals at the same time normalize their
moods. Sapphire stones are known to promote tranquility and inspiration.
Clearly, Beyonce and Keanu are both very artistic and creative and might
need a little sapphire to soften their naturally intense emotions.

October – Opal
Zac Efron - October 18, 1987
Simon Cowell - October 07, 1959

It is extremely interesting how the gemstone Opal promotes clarity in
making decisions and Simon Cowell is on our list. His name is synonymous
to big talent shows that produce stars today and his thoughts simply
matter. For Zac Efron, whose career is just about taking off, Opal could
be helpful in reducing the effects of fatigue in his career life.

November – Yellow Topaz
Miley Cyrus – November 23, 1992
Scarlett Johansson - November 22, 1984

Popular, beautiful and talented Miley and Scarlett have their schedules
pretty full that hardly have any time left to relax. And because of this,
they need to have the gemstone, the Yellow Topaz which integrates the
busy mind to the refreshing energies of the world. It promotes trust and
clarity in communication and encourages the wearer to be in touch with
his or her higher desires. Truly ideal for these two stars who are so
pretty much wrapped up in their busy careers.

December –Turquoise
Brad Pitt - December 18, 1963
Taylor Swift - December 13, 1989

Taylor Swift would definitely do well wearing turquoise as this gemstone
keeps the mind focused at one's goals especially when he or she is too
busy achieving his or her goals. Swift's talent and success is amazing
and the gemstone turquoise would help her keep a more objective look at
what she dealt with on her way to the top. As for Brad, this is a great
stone to help attune his mind and spirit. Wearing the gemstone turquoise
will surely help bring clarity and calm to him.

Really, people have used various kinds of stones for many years and these
gems are priced not only for their value but for their inherent ability
to pull energies. More than piece of accessory to complete our stars'
awesome wardrobes, various crystals and gemstones might just be able to
further improve what is already a great life for them!

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