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									Crystals And Gemstones: Facts And Tips

There are people who believe in the power of crystals and gemstones to
have profound energy medical tool. After all, this belief has been around
for many centuries for many cultures, religious associations, and
empires. The history tells it that the beautiful stones and crystals are
mystical tools that have the capacity to heal people.

The significance revolves around the fact that these objects can bring
positive changes both in body and mind. The healing method associated to
crystals and gemstones is alternative medical practice which is aimed at
healing the minds as well as strengthening the human body. They are
believed to posses vibrational rates, which when placed and worn within
the person's aura, they positive energy collide and work together with
the energy emitted by the human body.

One of the ways to use these objects for healing purposes is by wearing
high-quality crystals or beads around one's neck. It is not advised to
use metals with the crystals and gemstones as they supposedly inhibit the
healing properties. Strings or ropes are recommended in this aspect.

Love and money crystals and stones

Love stones and money stones are among the most popular. In hope of
finding relationship or improving marriage life, stones and crystals such
as jade, turquoise, romance crystal gold, rose quartz, emerald,
moonstone, rainbow jasper, and imperial topaz are some of the most
suggested. In the aim of attracting monetary energy to flow through,
there are the garnet, malachite, citrine, adventurine, and smokey quartz.

Healing crystals and stones

Physical, spiritual and emotional healing are other purposes of the
wearer. There specific stones and crystals for this purpose and as it is
a more sensitive topic must be used with care. This is believed to work
by placing the objects within the personal or aura atmosphere, where
specialists trust that they heal both physical and emotional condition.

Crystal healers conduct the process usually at home. They seek to improve
health especially if one is suffering from indigestion, fatigue,
inflammation and headaches. It is recommended that only the right and
good quality crystals and stones are used in order to achieve their
effectual goal.

How to select the right gemstones

Smell them. A strong smell given off by the object is an indication that
there has been an application of coatings to enhance the color but
actually is enough to weaken or dampen the energy of the stone.

Check for irradiation. Considered the worst artificial treatment process,
this is used to remove imperfections and bring out the color.
Unfortunately, this causes the energy of the gems or crystals to become
weak, and worse, dead.
Check for bad dye jobs. Also one of the worst artificial treatment
procedures done, it is used to enhance the color. A weakened energy state
of the stone is created when you see uneven color application or color
that is easily rubbed off.

Also avoid those that look too beautiful to be true. There are fakes
crystals and gemstones everywhere. You don't want to be victimized by
being carelessly enchanted by the flawless- and gorgeous-looking fake

Identify the 3 C's. Clarity, cut, and color. These are the most important
characteristics you should check out. If you don't know how, ask the

Ask questions or research. It never hurts to always ask about the
crystals and gemstones. And don't be afraid to ask many questions.
Remember that any dealer you are talking with should exude suggestion
that they are much well-informed and are giving the information you need.

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