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									Colorado’s Labor Market Information

                                LMI’s Gateway Delivers on the Web
                                                                             Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
CDLE Executive Director                      • CAREER DECISION MAKERS delivers:
                                               Gateway’s excellent skill inventory
                                                                                                      • EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS
ALEXANDRA E. HALL                                                                                      When considering the development of new
LMI Director                                    - a listing of jobs consistent with a user’s           educational programs, Gateway delivers
                                                  identified skills;                                   data on occupations and industries that are
            Gateway replaces                    - help with job descriptions and wage                  growing, needing additional workers
                                                  information;                                         through 2014.
          the work of multiple                  - projections for occupation growth or
          web sites in delivering                 decline.
            the latest in labor                                                                       • WORKFORCE CENTER STAFFS
        market information and               • SEEKERSdelivers facts on education and
                                                       OF NEW WORKPLACE SKILLS                        • SCHOOL CAREER COUNSELORS
                                                                                                       Gateway delivers help for clients with access
           employer assistance                  training services across the state.                    to information that is updated regularly.
           to customers, staff,
        analysts, and researchers.           • JOB SEEKERSits thorough skill inventory,
                                               In addition to                                         • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCILS
        Introduced in September                 Gateway delivers information on:                      • CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE
                                                - job market trends;                                   Gateway delivers information to facilitate
         2006, Gateway delivers
                                                - potential employers; and                             business strategic planning and decision
         a true focus for specific              - actual, up-to-date job openings.                     making, especially important to companies
       labor market information                                                                        considering relocation or expansion.
       needs to all levels of users.         • EMPLOYERS
                                               Gateway delivers:
                                                - access to industry data and trends;                 • RESEARCHERS
 Visit                                          - links to assistance in posting job openings         • LOCAL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES
                                                  and finding qualified candidates; and                Gateway identifies and delivers access to

    Gateway                     for:
                                                - access to economic and demographic data.             sources of data for planning.

      Labor Market Analysis            Services for Individuals            Services for Employers                       Products
         Industry                        Career Services                                                          Downloadable Presentations
         Occupation                                                            Recruitment Services               by LMI Staff
                                         Job Seeker Services
         Labor Force                                                                                              Colorado Job Vacancy
         Income & Wages                                                                                           Surveys
                                         Education Services                    Education Services
         Employers                                                                                                Local Employment
         Education                       Labor Market Services
                                                                               Labor Market Services              Understanding the
         Economic Indicators
                                           Other Services                                                         Colorado Economy–
         Demographics                                                                                             Mesa County (pdf )
                Profiles                 Assistance Center                             Other                      Colorado Wage Survey (pdf )
         Area Profile                                                                 Services
         Industry Profile                   Quick Menu                                                            Hot Jobs, Jobs Requiring
                                                                                                                  Higher Ecucation, and
         Occupation Profile                                                    Assistance Center                  Jobs Requiring On the
                                         Job Search
           Comparisons                                                                                            Job Training (pdf )
         Compare Areas
         Compare Industries
         Compare Occupations                 /LMIGateway /LMIGateway

Labor Market Information’s Gateway

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