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					Unique Marketing For Postcards
By: Lynne Saarte

If you want your postcards to be effective and successful in the market, make sure that
you have a great plan. Not only will you need a plan in steering your business to the right
direction, but you must also plan on how you will measure your success or failure. To
help you plan for a good and effective postcard campaign in the market that will surely be
a success, below are some great ideas that you can consider.

First off, always ask questions first and plan later. Before you begin to make a good plan
for your postcard campaign, it is a must to ask questions first. The answer you collect
from people that you have asked and even your answer to these questions will help direct
you to your goals and effectively keep you on the right track as your planning process
progresses. Here are some of the questions that must be answered:

1. What is your post card campaign purpose?

2. What are your expectations for your post card campaign?

3. Who is your target audience or market?

4. Do you want to use your postcard to increase your business sales? To promote your
business? Or to market your new business product and services?

5. How often do you want your postcards to be distributed?

When it comes to answering these questions, always answer it in a specific way and also
target a group of audience rather than focusing on the general population. This way you
surely cut down the cost and attain more response.

Another thing that you should consider is to establish your goal. The moment you know
what you are going to do with your post cards, that is the right time to decide where or
how you want your postcards to reach your clients and customers. Starting with your goal
will surely help you determining whether you have a successful or failed postcard
campaign. If you have a goal to reach a larger range of population like an entire state or
city, then it is a must to always have a list of all your target persons and especially their

Determining the specifications of your postcard campaign is also another consideration
that you must always keep in mind. If you are now preparing for the requirements for
your postcard campaign, it is a must to know the type of post card that you will use and
what is its printing size. Always keep in mind that your business postcards reflect your
business image. Therefore, you must always choose carefully and rightly. The quality of
your business post card will also determine whether your business will have a long life in
the market industry.
Lastly, always give a specific period for your clients and customers to respond to your
postcards such as putting phrases like these in your cards: visit us this month and you will
get a 10% discount in all your purchases or bring this post card on your visit to us this
week and you get free items from us. You will have an easy time determining if your
postcard printing is successful especially when you provide time a frame to respond. This
way your target customers will be encouraged to contact you as soon as they can.

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