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					Starting A Money Making Business Online The Basics
By: Gordon Bloomfield

The first thing to do is to find the market you wish to sell to and then conduct a keyword
search using google external keyword tool. This will give you an idea of how big the
market is for your chosen niche.

The next step is to see how much competition already exists for that niche. It is highly
unlikely that you will find a niche with no competition at all but you don?t want to be
competing within a market that is already saturated.

Once you have chosen your niche you are going to need products to sell. There are
several options here,

1. Produce your own.

2. Buy ready-made products to sell on.

3. Sell other peoples products (affiliate marketing)

4. Build a content only site and earn revenue from advertising

Now you will need to build your website or have it built for you. It is surprisingly easy
these days to build your own site with programmes such as XsitePro who offer full
support and video training.

While you are busy building your site you will need to start finding the customers to sell
your products to. Using a simple capture page with some kind of offer included is a good
way of building up a following of potential customers. This can be achieved quite easily
by starting a blog page dedicated to your chosen niche, include an email sign up form
using the services of Aweber or a similar auto responder supplier

There are of course other alternative fast track methods of starting your online business,
you could purchase a system from a good marketer that will get you started. Some
methods are available that do not even need websites, check out the link below for more

You may prefer to look for a complete package, there are many marketers offering these
ready-made businesses. You can purchase the website, domain name, products, and
everything else you need. If you have products of your own to sell and need a website or
just want a ready-made business out of the box, a good marketer can help. For a free
marketing course and to receive a free ebook that you can sell on, you can contact me
with your requirements.

Wishing you every success with your online business ? Gordon Bloomfield

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