Customer Service Agreement by SergioF


									 Appendix C to DIR Contract No. DIR-SDD-690

                      Customer Service Agreement

                           <insert project name>
                              Date of Project

Deloitte and Touche                                1
Table of Contents
Introduction             3

Project Objectives       3

Milestones List:         3

Schedule                 3

Estimate and Resources   3

Terms and Conditions     3

Deloitte and Touche      2
Purpose: The purpose of this Customer Service Agreement is to define the work to be done for the project.

A high level description of the project will be detailed in this section.

Project Objectives
Describe the time period covered by the Customer Service Agreement, and what is to be accomplished.

A bullet list of objectives will be detailed here.

Customer Requirements:
A description of any tasks required of the customer will be listed in this section. This will be customized by project,
but will include the following:

•     Customer identified Project Liaison

•     Logistics and physical resources need to complete the project

•     Customer equipment and access needed to complete the project

Milestones List:
The project will consist of a series of milestones that will be used to complete the deliverables for this effort:
(examples included below, but will be customized for each project)

            Milestone                                           Deliverable / Objective
    Identify Critical Processes   This step reviews, or identifies, the key business processes so that current state
                                  and future state are aligned to intended business objectives.
    Define Organization           This step recommends and prioritizes the media, frequency, and staff that needs to
    Change Communications         be communicated with to make this planned change effort successful.

    Deliverables                  Project Kickoff Meeting
                                  Summary View of Current State (for VSI and Project Charter
                                  Key end-to-end processes
                                  Future State Draft (for VSI and Project Charter)
                                  Communications Plan Draft
                                  Key Performance Indicator Opportunity Proposal (for VSI and Project Charter)
                                  An Action Plan for Next Steps

This section will detail out the schedule, any perceived constraints and our assumptions in putting together the

Estimate and Resources
Payment shall be in accordance with Section 5.C. of Appendix A of the DIR Contract No. DIR-SDD-690.

This section will describe what the estimate includes, how the estimate was calculated, the preliminary payment
schedule and any assumptions we determined while putting the estimates together.

Deloitte and Touche                                                                                                       3
Terms and Conditions
In the event of a conflict between the additional terms and conditions contained in this Customer Service
Agreement and the DIR Contract No. DIR-SDD-690, the DIR contract controls.

This section will have the following text included and document any additional terms and conditions we negotiate
with the customer. This Customer Service Agreement is governed by the terms and conditions set forth in the
DIR Contract No. DIR-SDD-690 executed between the Texas Department of Information Resources and Deloitte
& Touche LLP.

Deloitte and Touche                                                                                            4

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