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					                                               INCA TRAIL 4D/3N
                                                Fixed Departure

Route: Cusco- Piscacucho Km82- Wayllabamba- Pacaymayo- Wiñaywayna- Machu Picchu- Ollanta- Cusco

In this route, we will follow the original footprint of the Incas toward Machu Picchu Sanctuary, this path keeps the
mystery of our ancestors and shows the great road development that the Incas had to integrate a Great Empire, through
these four days we will be part of the Andean world and we will have the opportunity to walk along the route visiting the
different archaeological groups and enjoying the environment and the different ecosystems reaching the highest pass
over 4200 m.a.s.l. where we have a beautiful view of the Sacred mountains of the Incas and then to descend through
the Cloud Forest with wonderful biodiversity in flora and fauna like entrance to the citadel of Machu Picchu.

4 Days - 3 Nights / 01 March – 31 Jan

Minimum 02 clients
Every: Sunday- Wednesday – Friday

HIGHLIGHTS: Adventure Tourism / Nature Tourism/ Cultural Trekking
Archaeological and Historic Complexes: Spectacular Inca Archaeological complexes
Life Culture: Life Andean culture.
Nature: Beautiful landscapes, Mountain range, Andean biodiversity wildlife and flora, different ecosystems.

Adventure Tourism / Nature Tourism/ Cultural Trekking

Inca Trail to Machupicchu (4 days 3 nights)



      Early morning bus drive to the head of our trail at Km 82 from where we continue along the Urubamba
      River to the first archaeological site "Llaqtapata". Here we enjoy lunch in a beautiful setting. After a rest
      we continue into the side valley starting to gain altitude until we get to the last village Huayllabamba
      where we camp for today. (B/L/D)


      After a healthy breakfast we start climbing up to the first pass "Warmiwañusca" (4200 Mt/ 14'200 Ft).
      The climb will take us most of the morning. From here we descend for about 2 hours into the valley to
      our next camp "Pacaymayo". (B/L/D)

      Today is going to be the most diverse day. We start in the morning with the ascent of the second pass
      "Runcuracay" (3900 Mt/ 13'800 Ft) and descend on the other side for about 2 hours to the beautiful
      archaeological site "Sayacmarca". After having explored this unique place we continue on the original
      stone path of the Incas through semi-tropical cloud forest onto the third pass "Phuyupatamarca" (3800
      Mt/ 13'600 Ft). With good weather we have spectacular views of the surrounding snow peaks and the
      valley below. From here it is all downhill to our camp at "Wiñaywayna" (one of the most beautiful sites
      in the area for its construction and setting). (B/L/D)

      Early after a tasty breakfast we hike another 2 hours through cloud forest to the famous sun gate
      "Intipunku" from where we have the first breathtaking view and best panorama of the mysterious
      "Machupicchu". A short walk brings us down to the site. After refreshing a little we will visit "the lost
      city of the Incas" in a guided tour for app. 2 hrs. After that we descend by bus to the village Aguas
      Calientes. After lunch we take the train back to Ollantaytambo and transfer by bus to Cusco (B)

                                                 End of our services


                                    2-4                  5-9
                                   672.00               655.00

Additional per person for Vistadome service US$ 45.00

    Bilingual speaking guide ( Spanish – English)
    Entrance fee to the Inca trail.
    Private transportation to Piscacucho, where the trek begins.
    Transportation from Ollantaytambo to Sacred Valley hotel or Cusco hotel. (Fourth day)**
    Bus one way (fourth day)
    Back packer train or Vistadome until Ollantaytambo (Fourth day)
    Full meals during the trek. (3 Breakfast, 3 wake up tea , 3 snacks, 3 Lunch, 3 Tea time ,3 Dinners)
    Filtered and boiled water.
    Chef and supporting staff.
    Porters for passenger’s luggage and camping equipment.
    Whole Camping gear :
      Brand The North Face tent Four Season Mountain 25
    Inflatable mattress Therm-a-rest
    Sleeping bag -5 Cº
    Personal duffle bag 7kls / 15.43 lbrs
    Dinning, tent, cook tent, bathroom tent,
    Kitchen dishes
    First aid kit, oxygen.
    Communication equipment: walkie talkies

    ** The transfer at the return is including only if the clients return the second day, in case the client spend more
    days in Machu Picchu the transfer will be on themselves

    Tips
    Alcoholic beverages
    Others not mentioned at the service
    Hiking boots ( Preference one that you worn before )
    Long pants
    T- shirt 1 per day.
    Rain, jacket, warm jacket (ponchos), wool gloves, bandana, wool socks, hat, wool cap,
    Camera, flash light.
    Walking stick with rubber tip.
    Day pack.
    Canteen or Nalgene Bottle
    Insect repellent , Sun block
    Medicines ( in case you have a special requirement)
       Snacks ( if you prefer for one special )

                                             INCA TRAIL CHECK LIST

Following is a list of what we recommend that you pack and bring with you to the Inca trail:

    -   A back with a change of clothes for the whole period of the trek.
    -   Rain gear (jacket and pants if available) or rain poncho (plastic ponchos can purchased in Cusco)
    -   Strong footwear, waterproof trekking boots recommended.
    -   Warm clothes, included jacket and fleeces .thermal clothing is also recommended, especially for
    -   Flashlight and batteries.
    -   Camera, films and batteries (batteries consume more quickly under cold conditions)
    -   Hat or cap to protect you from the sun , rain and cold
    -   Sun block.
    -   After – sun cream or hydrating cream for face and body
    -   Insect repellent –minimum recommended 20 % DEET – no malaria risk has been reported
    -   Handkerchiefs
    -   Toilet paper
    -   Snacks : biscuits, energy bars , chocolate , raw fruits , muesli ,etc .Please beware that we do
        provide a daily morning snack and our meal services is very complete and well supplied .
        This recommendation applies for all clients being used to a specific snack, as it may happen that it is
        not included in our selection.
    -   Non-disposable canteen (Nalgene type) and water for the first morning, optionally: water sterilizing
        tablets in case you pick up water for streams or rivers along the route, other wise ,we provide
        filtered boiled water, which is safe to drink and has not reported any health problem so far.
    -   Small towel
    -   Swimsuit ( If intend to go to the hot springs in Aguas Calientes )
    -   Cash in soles and/or US $ ( no ATM machines in Aguas Calientes )
    -   Original passport
    -   Optional: Walking sticks or poles (rubber covers required in order not to damage the Inca trail)

Adventure Gear for trekking
-       Cotton short-sleeved shirt of t-shirts,
-       wool sweater and wool trousers,
-       jeans and hiking shorts.
-       Regular underwear.
-        Medium weight parka,
-        fiber fill.
-        Light cap and wool hat

-         rain poncho (or rain gear).
-         Light wool gloves.
-         Medium weight socks.
-         Tennis or running shoes and hiking boots.
-         Sleeping bag and small day pack.
-         Duffel bag, strong waterproof.
-         Sun glasses,
-         sun blocking lotion,
-         flashlight with spare batteries and bulb.
-         Towel and swimsuit.
-         Water bottles.
-         Personal first aid kit.
-         On each trip we carry a medical kit but we suggest a small personal first aird kit for bruises and
-         A knee and ankle brace are sometimes useful. Include any special medication your personal doctor
might suggest for you.

Cultural travel
-      Walking shoes,
-      light cap and wool hat (in mountains) sunscreen,
-      rain-gear,
-      sun glasses,
-      day packs or light carrying bags for protective gear.
-      Usual warm and cold weather clothing applicable to city travel

River   running programs
-        Shorts,
-        swimsuits,
-        wind-breaker and tevas or neoprene booties aside from other adventure gear as above for camping
         and evenings on the river shores.
-        Certain areas have bugs so bring long sleeved clothing and repellent.
-        Light weight sleeping bag.

Rainforest programs
-      Gum boots can be rented or are given at most lodges,
-      long-sleeved cotton shirts,
-      full rain-gear and insect repellent.
-      Other cotton pants and lightweight clothing
-      Remember your yellow-fever vaccines and malaria prophylaxis.

Due to the ever changing nature of the rainforest, day-by-day activities may vary due to local conditions.
Also the suggested itinerary may vary depending the flights schedule so the final itinerary will be confirmed
just when the flights are confirmed.

Booking, prepayment and cancellation conditions for the Inka Trail

According to the Inca Trail Regulation and Management, which refers to Inca Trail space bookings, bookings
will only be guaranteed by the governmental institutions when providing full names, nationalities and
passport numbers of passengers, and when having paid the full amount of passengers and staff (cook and
team of porters) entrance fees. Therefore there is no booking system but only upon purchase of the tickets
(non-refundable), prepayment amount required: USD 300.00 per person, which will be discounted on
the final invoice.

ALTA TOURS will guarantee the spaces booked provided:
 The booking has been first confirmed by our Reservation Department by e-mail, this meaning that
   spaces are available on the Inca Trail for the requested date at the moment of the booking.
 The full passenger data have been provided and the required deposit has been paid for.

Since the Inca Trail has a maximum allowance of 500 people per day (including passengers and agency
staff), we strongly recommend to make your bookings as much in advance as possible to make sure you will
find spaces on the desired departure date. We are already receiving bookings for departures scheduled as
far as one year prior to the trek departure date, so if you wish to travel with us to the Inca Trail, please
make sure to confirm your booking as soon as possible. Otherwise, we have also available alternative routes
of equally awesome beauty and interest to offer to you.

The following client information is requested for any Inca Trail booking:
 Complete names and surnames
 Nationality
 Passport number
 Date of Birth
 Gender

The exact information provided by you will be submitted to the governmental institution in charge of
regulating the access to the Inca Trail and will be included in the official permit to enter the Inca Trail on the
requested date. Should there be any change in the above-mentioned data (ie. New passport number), we
kindly request you to inform the Reservation Department at ALTA TOURS via email as soon as possible. The
government reserves the right not to allow the entry to any visitor whose data are not the exact ones as
those in the official permit. ALTA TOURS excludes any responsibility for a no entry in case the passenger
information has changed without prior notice to us.

Hiking pants and T- shirts are commonly used during the day, complemented by sweaters, fleeces and water
proof jackets. It is very convenient to have light raingear available in the day pack (rain poncho or jacket
and/ or rain pants) as the weather changes easily and rains can suddenly occur. At night, warm clothing is
required in the first two campsites, down jackets can be useful, otherwise a fleece and a jacket.
During the third day (if sunny) and in Machupicchu, convertible hiking pants are useful and can be switched
into shorts if necessary. Machupicchu has a warm climate, getting only cold at night.


Cusco`s climate is divided into two differentiated seasons: The rainy seasons, from November to April (The
heaviest rainfalls occurring usually between January - March); and the dry season, from may to October.
The dry season is colder, so temperatures can drop to below 0 degrees at night.

Along the Inca trail, temperatures range from 15 – 29 º C during the day if it is sunny, to 05- 10ºC during
the day if not sunny or 0 - 5º C at night in the first two campsites. At Wiñaywayna and Machupicchu, at
lower altitude, temperatures are usually warmer though warm clothes are still recommended at night.


Please inform your pax not to take more than 8 Kgs for the Inca Trail, Passengers' luggage are carried by
our porters, however , as porters must also carry the camping equipment, we request passengers not to
take more than 8 Kgs per pax. It is advisable pax have backpacks or douffle bags which are more
comfortable for porters to carry.

On the other hand, pax can carry their ponchos in case of rain, bottle of water, photograph camera, sun
block, repelent, etc.
Cotton short-sleeved shirts or t-shirts, wool sweater or wool trousers, jeans and hiking shorts. Regular
undergarments. Medium weight parka with fiber fill. Light cap and wool hat, rain poncho (or rain gear).
Light wool gloves. Medium weight socks. Tennis or running shoes and hiking boots.

Sleeping bag and small day pack. Strong waterproof duffel bag. Sun glasses, sun block, flashlight with spare
batteries and bulb. Towel and swimsuit. Water bottles. Personal first aid kit.

On each trip we carry a medical kit but we suggest a small personal first-aid kit for bruises and blisters. A
knee and ankle brace are sometimes useful especially if you suffer from weak knees or ankles.
Include any special medication your doctor might suggest for you.

For adventure trips, trekking or rafting, we recommend duffel bags that are waterproof or can be lined with
plastic bags to protect your clothes from water. The weight limit is 20 Kilos (44 pounds) per porter this
weight includes duffel and sleeping bag and one extra piece. Sometimes couples choose to share a duffle
bag. On the Inca Trail weight is an important factor, so we ask paxs to please pack lightly.

The weight limit per person is 8 K. Passengers carry their day pack which contains his rain poncho, a bottle
of water, photographic camera, sunblock lotion, insect repellent and other stuff that they will need while
ellent and other stuff that they will need while

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