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					Huntsville, Alabama German Restaurants - The Schnitzel Ranch
If you're looking for an authentic German restaurant in Huntsville,
Alabama, you've got several fine choices to select from. Huntsville is
home to a lot of Americans of German heritage, and many of them are
fairly recent newcomers to the Rocket City, thanks to the wave of
scientists who immigrated to the area to work on America's space program
after World War II. The most famous of the German scientists who came
to America was Werner Von Braun, of course, but there were lots people
from German that settled in the Huntsville area after the war to help
with America's rocket program. And some of these folks wound up
starting German restaurants.
Well, now Huntsville has a brand new German Restaurant, The Schnitzel
Ranch. Located very conveniently on University Drive just off Memorial
Parkway, it's just a short drive at most from anywhere in Huntsville.Â
The Schnitzel Ranch opened in Spring 2008, and they moved into the
building that Beauregard's vacated when they moved over in front of Books
A Million and Costco.  Just getting the restaurant open was a real
triumph over adversity in itself! The couple, who came to Huntsville
directly from Germany had all sorts of trouble getting their new venture
off the ground - their kids couldn't get enrolled in school because their
records were buried in a storage container in Savannah, GA., for
example. After they signed the lease on the building, they found out
that there was a huge water leak, and that they were now responsible for
a past due water bill for around $10,000.   Then, just as they were
about to open, the air conditioning went out.  Of course, trying to
run a restaurant in Huntsville, AL without air conditioning is just
unthinkable. Well, they were told that it wasn't fixable by contractor
after contractor, and they would have to spring for a brand new system,
which there was no way they could afford. But finally, an elderly HVAC
contractor told them he could fix it, and by golly, he did.Â
And if you like German food, and lots of it, you'll be very glad that the
owners of The Schnitzel Ranch didn't give up. The food is certainly not
gourmet quality, and the ambience is nothing to write home about (a
converted fast food joint) but the food is pretty good, and the
portions are huge. And I do mean huge - my Jaeger schnitzel filled my
plate. The German potato salad was excellent, as were the other sides
we sampled. I must say that the side salad was very disappointing - it
was basically a tiny bowl of little more than shredded lettuce. But
that was the only complaint anyone at my table had about the meals at the
Schnitzel Ranch. Everyone was too full to order dessert! If you've
never been to The Schnitzel Ranch, give it a try in the next few weeks.Â
The night we were in, the waitress said they were about to get their beer
license, so that's an added attraction for a lot of folks.
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