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					                         Habonim Dror Camp Moshava
                                Clothing List
                               Suggested list is for four weeks
All campers' articles are to be marked clearly with full name. Use printed name tapes or rubber stamp with indelible ink.
Paste this list into the camper's trunk. Pack in trunks or duffle bags.

Laundry goes out once a week - after first week - and is not returned until five days later - plan accordingly.

Shabbat outfit should be simple. Girls may wear dresses, if preferred.

Simple, inexpensive, sturdy clothing is sufficient. Send only what your child will use.

Habonim shirts and T-shirts may be purchased at camp.

Please impress upon your child his responsibility for the care of his clothes and possessions. Camp Moshava is not
responsible for lost articles.

Suggested packing list:

        12 t-shirts/blouses                                      1 pair walking shoes (not new)
        12 pairs shorts                                          1 light sweater or jacket
        4 pairs jeans/pants                                      1 heavy sweater or jacket
        2 sweatshirts/sweatpants (optional)                      1 raincoat/poncho/hat/boots
        2 pairs pajamas                                          1 bathrobe
        16 pairs socks                                           2 laundry bags
        16 pairs underwear                                       1 sun hat/baseball cap (mandatory)
        2 pairs tennis shoes                                     2 bathing suits
        1 pair flip flops/shower shoes                           1 nice outfit for Shabbat

        Camping Out
        1 sleeping bag (mandatory)                               1 canteen (mandatory)
        flashlight & extra batteries                             1 overnight knapsack or backpack

        Bed and Bath
        6 bath towels                                            shampoo
        4 wash cloths                                            conditioner
        4 single sheets                                          soap and soap dish
        2 blankets                                               comb and brush
        2 pillowcases                                            deodorant
        1 pillow                                                 toothbrush and case
        toiletry bag or plastic bucket                           toothpaste
        to carry things to bathhouse
        tissues                                                  sanitary supplies
        talcum powder                                            shaving supplies

        Additional Items: (optional but recommended)
        camera and film                                          sewing kit and safety pins
        insect repellent                                         baseball mitt
        sunscreen                                                musical instrument
        books                                                    swim cap
        stationary, postcards and stamps                         funny hats or costumes
        address book or list                                     Tanach
        pens/pencils                                             Sidur
        white or light pastel T-shirts for tye dying (can be old) Kipah

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