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       proje                                              Fancy
            4                             Fleece
                  Supply                                           Finishes
                                   J ill Repp from June Tailor joined
                                     Sue with a variety of fleece proj-
                                   ects. Not only cute, these projects are
3/4 yards Turquoise fleece         quick! Sue and Jill were wearing 10
1/2 yard purple fleece             minute Ponchos.
Sewing thread
Fancy Fleece™ Ruler from June
Tailor ®
Rotary Cutter and mat
Husqvarna Viking Sparkler Design                                             Jill shared the instructions for the
collection #412595401                                                        poncho she was wearing. You will
Husqvarna Viking Braiding Foot                                               want to make several, ponchos they
#411850045                                                                   are so quick and easy!
Sulky Cut Away Stabilizer
                                                                             Cut turquoise fabric 28” by 56”. Fold
Sulky Solvy Stabilizer                                                       turquoise fleece in half widthwise.
Sulky 12 wt. or 30 wt. Cotton                                                Using rotary cutter and Fancy Fleece™
thread                                                                       ruler, cut wavy edge through both
                                                                             layers on the 28 inch length of the fabric.

                                   Sue’s was made from red and black         Lining up the straight edge of the
                                   checked fleece and the fringe was cut     Fancy Fleece ruler on the fold of
                                   with the Fringe Cut Ruler.                fabric, cut wavy edge along the
                                                                             bottom width of the fleece.
                                                               brought       Cut 1 strip of purple fleece 6” by 53”.
                                                               lots of       Cut two strips of purple fleece meas-
                                                               projects      uring 6” by 32”.
                                                               fringe!       Using a 1/2” seam allowance, sew
                                                               Jill’s        32” strips perpendicular to opposite
                                                               turquoise     ends of 53” strip of fleece, lining up
                                                               fleece        6” edges with width edge of 53” strip.
                                                               had a
                                   pretty wavy border made with dark
                                   blue fleece. The scallop border on
                                   her poncho was accented with a
                                   “Sparkler” embroidery.

22                                                                                America Sews with Sue Hausman
                                                                                                     Jill Repp

                                                                                       J ill Repp developed her love of
                                                                                         sewing long before her career at
                                                                                       June Tailor. With a grandmother and
                                                                                       four sisters who were avid sewers it
                                                                                       was inevitable that she, too would fol-
                                                                                       low suit.
                                                                                       After graduating from the University of
                                                                                       Wisconsin, Jill began a sales career in
                                                                                       the international division of an indus-
                                                                                       trial textile company. Future positions
                                                                                       required extensive travel where she
Pin front of pieced purple unit to         Soak to remove any remaining                had developed her love and apprecia-
back of main turquoise portion of          stabilizer and you are ready to go!         tion for a wide variety of handmade
fleece, overlapping 2”. Make sure                                                      crafts and exquisite quilts.
bottom wavy edge of turquoise fleece       The Fancy Fleece Ruler has lots of          Jill is Vice President of Sales and Mar-
is pinned to purple unit. Using the        different cutting possibilities, it comes   keting for June Tailor, a company
wavy edge of the turquoise fleece as a     with complete instructions for cutting      manufacturing products for sewing,
                                                                                       pressing, quilting and heirloom
guide, top stitch turquoise and purple     waves, zig zags, slits and more.
fleece together, 1/2” from edge.
                                                                                       Carrying forth the mission of founder
                                                                                       June Tailor, Jill encourages individual
Fold pieced poncho fabric in half
                                                                                       creativity in sewing and quilting proj-
widthwise, right sides together. Be-                                                   ects by combining various techniques
ginning at top outside edge, using a                                                   and materials for a one of a kind look.
1/2” seam allowance, stitch toward
fold, stopping 13” from fold to form
neck opening. Back tack ends.

Turn poncho right side out, keeping
purple edges even. Using rotary
cutter and Fancy Fleece™ ruler, cut        To make a wavy edge, line up the
scallop edge on purple fleece edges,       flat edge of ruler on the fold of the
cutting through both layers of fabric.     fleece. Fold fleece in half, cut
                                           through two layers. Cut.
Embellish the scalloped edges with
blanket stitch by hand or by ma-
chine. Jill embroidered the Sparklers
design on hers! It’s easy, just hoop
the fleece with Sulky Solvy on top
and underneath. Embroider the de-
sign and tear off the excess stabilizer.

program 2104                                                                                                                23
     For weaving fleece strips, ribbons          This cute child’s outfit with scallops
     etc., cut 1” slits. Ruler says “Slits for   is easy to do with the Fancy Fleece
     weaving” in the center of the ruler.        Ruler. Line up straight edge on the
     Cut slits and weave ribbon through.         end, then cut the scallops. The little
     Cut the slits about 3” in from the          teardrop notch allows you to cut to
     edges and tie ribbons in the corner         the edge. The ruler is designed to be
     for a cute blanket!                         used with a 45mm rotary cutter.

     Cut wavy strips of green and pink
     fleece, then weave them together for
     a cute pillow.                              Finish the edges of the scallops with
                                                 a hand sewn blanket stitch or mach-
     These cute scarves have ribbon              ine blanket stitch. On Husqvarna
     woven through the slits. Cut Wavy           Viking Sewing Machines select E23
     fringe on the ends for a fun touch!         and increase the width and length.
                                                 Place strips of Super Solvy water
                                                 soluble stabilizer under the edges.

                                                 This little girls pink poncho is so
                                                 adorable! Cut scallops on the bottom
                                                 edge of the poncho with your Fancy
                                                 Fleece Ruler and couch hairy yarn
                                                 on the scallops. Place the yarn for
                                                 couching in the Braiding foot and
                                                 select a zig zag stitch, length 2. Add
                                                 some fun faux fur around hood and
                                                 finish with fleece flowers.

     Red wave edge fleece pulled up with
     a ribbon woven through slits gives a
     nice rouched effect, to this scarf.

24                                                    America Sews with Sue Hausman
To make the flowers: Cut a strip of   For the diamond use the same set of
scalloped fleece. Baste a running     lines but cut on fold. Align the fabric
stitch by hand and pull up the        edge on the marked line for
thread to make the flower. Stitch     diamonds.
ends together and sew a button in
the center.

The pink and orange hat has a
diamond cut out and a zig zag edge!
To make the Zig Zag edge, line up
use the Fancy Fleece Ruler. Line on
edge and cut to teardrop. Zig Zag!

                                      The Fancy Fleece Ruler comes with
                                      an instruction sheet. Save instruction
                                      sheet in a safe place to refer back to

program 2104                                                                    25

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