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					Anti-Aging Products
It is quite normal to expect people to want to look attractive, and this
might explain why anti-aging skin care products are in such demand. This
is due primarily to the fact we are all living longer and want to
continue looking younger as we age.
A certain group of beauty products generally works by enabling the
synthesis of collagen, the main protein of connective tissue in animals,
and the most abundant in our body; almost 25 percent of the protein in
skin is actually collagen. Collagen is related to other natural
substances, which help to slow down the aging process. This group is
called antioxidants which are natural chemicals found in many foods and
our body.
Probably the best known of these anti-oxidants is vitamin C, although no-
one really knows just how much we should have each day. Vitamin C
formulated skin care treatments, however, suffer with a particular
problem of oxidizing on contact with the air, which sometimes causes a
problem for users and manufacturers.
More stable skin care treatments are now available, that are almost as
efficient and actually cost less to manufacture. These new anti-oxidant
products are not quite as good as vitamin C, although other naturally
occurring compounds, vitamin E and lipoic acid can achieve the same
Vitamin E is an antioxidant and component of human blood whose purpose is
to help increase the body's immune system against diseases, including
cancer. Lipoic acid is found in every single human cell; it's function is
to provide energy and reverse much of the damage caused to the skin by
Other compounds called phytochemicals have proven to be beneficial in the
formulation of anti-aging skin care products; they are removed from
various plants. Like lipoic acid, phytochemicals h elp reduce the
occurrence of cancers such as prostate, breast and colon cancer.
It has also been discovered that there are anti-aging benefits to
vitamins B5, B6 and B12. The field of anti-aging skin care products is
vast and needs a great deal more research.
In time, new discoveries will be made advancing our understanding of the
aging process, resulting products that can reduce or reverse the effects
more successfully. Hopefully, these challenges will get resolved in due
course and better and cheaper anti-aging skin care products will be
In some respects the real way ahead lies in our own hands, as there are
many things we can do to reduce the signs of aging naturally. Regular
sleep patterns, exercise, a good healthy diet, and less stress will all
contribute to reducing the signs of aging.
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