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					Anti-Aging Eye Creams
Over time, the skin around the eyes can start to look anything but
youthful. This delicate area of the face is prone to harsh treatment from
the environment, pollution, sun rays, and makeup application and removal.
In addition, diet and cigarette and alcohol consumption can also affect
this sensitive eye area.Thankfully, science and technology have been
incorporated into cosmetic development, so there are anti-aging eye
creams on the market that can truly work wonders.
Applying the eye cream with the ring finger is the first and most
important step. The skin around the eyes is delicate and rubbing the
cream in with the ring finger prevents the collagen underneath the skin
from breaking apart. The ring finger is widely accepted to be the weakest
in strength out of all the fingers, and therefore best suited for the eye
Patting the cream into the skin is also critical to preventing wrinkles,
because light tapping is far less destructive than rubbing. If you must
rub in cream, try to rub from the outside of the eye towards the inside
of the eye - this is a beauty insider secret that not many people know
about. While it may seem intuitive to rub from the inner corner to the
outer corner, this direction only enhances wrinkles and crow's feet!
There are many different brands of eye cream out there, but there are
some common threads between them all. A good eye cream will moisturize
the skin - this will help the overall area look more youthful and
glowing, because unmoisturized skin can look dull and lifeless. A good
anti-again eye cream will encourage cell turnover and plump the collagen
beneath the skin. In addition, to eliminate under eye bags and circles, a
good eye cream will have calming herbs, minerals, or medicines in it -
such as lavender, tea, or magnetite. Technology is constantly improving,
and more effective eye creams are constantly being invented!
It is important to note that while eye creams are being invented at a
tremendous pace, and becoming more miraculous than ever before, you can
still minimize or prevent damage to the eye area by following a few
simple rules. First and foremost, wear sunscreen! The suns harmful UVA
and UVB rays damage collagen and skin tissue, which leads to sun spots,
wrinkles, and crows feet. Sunscreen should be worn everyday, regardless
of the temperature or season.
Wearing sunglasses is also important to protecting the eye area. This
will prevent you from squinting, and it further reinforces the protection
of the eye area when combined with sun screen.
And finally, don't smoke! Smoking, besides of the sickness and disease
associated with it, deprives your skin cells of oxygen and thus
accelerates the wrinkle process near the eyes. The oxygen deprivation is
also true for gross alcohol consumption, but smoking is a thousand times
worse. Quitting smoking now, and staying away from second hand smoke, is
the best thing you can do for your health AND for maintaining a youthful
eye appearance.
Remember, you are beautiful the way you are! However, should you want to
enhance or explore different levels of beauty maintenance, eye creams are
a great way to combat the wear and tear of the eye area.
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