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									Last Minute Wedding Favors

Couples who are in the process of planning their wedding and neglect to shop for
wedding favors early on in the process may find themselves scrambling at the
last minute for wedding favors. This often happens as the wedding planning
progresses and the couple gets caught up in other details. Time can often seem
to fly by during the process of planning a wedding and the couple may keep
putting off the process of shopping for wedding favors until the last minute.
When this happens it can seem stressful but it is important to remember that all
hope is not lost and the couple can still provide great wedding for their guests
even when shopping at the last minute. This article will provide some great
information on how couples can still give their guests great wedding favors even
when they are shopping at the last minute.

The first thing to remember when shopping for last minute wedding favors is that
you will likely have to face the fact that personalized wedding favors will not
likely be possible. This includes favors which include the names of the bride
and groom as well as the wedding date such as candy bars with customized
wrappers or candle holders with a personal message. Purchasing these types of
wedding favors often involve a lead time of at least a couple of weeks. This
means you will have to order the items a few weeks before you need them. If you
are last minute shopping for your wedding favors you will not likely have this
much time available. While there are many wedding favor distributors who will be
willing to rush the order for you, they will also likely charge you very high
fees for this service. The cost of rushing the wedding favor may more than
double the price of the favor.

If you are seeking last minute wedding favors, one great idea is candy. Giving
candy as wedding favors can be incredibly quick and easy. You can purchase gift
bags from stores which sell wedding supplies and fill these bags with some of
your favorite candies. You can purchase the candy in bulk and divide it up into
the smaller bags. Candies such as miniature chocolate bars, hard candies or
other individually wrapped candies are all appropriate for this use.

Flowers are another great last minute wedding favor idea. If you are already
planning to have floral centerpieces, your florist may be able to supply one
additional flower for each guest in attendance. This is a very simple gift but
it is also extremely appropriate as a wedding favor. Flowers are often used as
symbols of love so giving a favor of a flower is an excellent idea for a
wedding. It will also likely closely match the centerpieces so the wedding
favors will actually help to contribute to the décor at the wedding reception as
well as serving as a favor for the guests.

Finally, if you are in need of a last minute wedding favor you can have keys
made for each of your guest. You can use a ribbon to attach a note to each key
informing your guests that you wish they will keep in touch through the years
and that your home will always be open to them. The key you give them does not
have to be an actual copy of the key to your house but can rather serve as a
symbolic gesture that you will always be available if they need you.


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