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Lake Superior State University Industrial Advisory Board Meeting by bigmekahlo


									Lake Superior State University
 Industrial Advisory Board Meeting
         November 3, 2006
8 :3 0 – 9 :0 0 a m              In fo rm a l D is c u s s io n - A ll W e lc o m e

9 :0 0 – 9 :1 0 a m              M e e tin g C a ll to O rd e r– F re d B e rg
                                 - In tro d u c e n e w m em b e r E lio P rin c ip e

9 :1 0 - 9 :4 0 a m              A c tio n Ite m R e v ie w /M in u te s A p p ro v a l – L yn n e tte U te c h t
                                 -     A p p ro ve m in u te s from N o v e m b e r M e e tin g
                                 -     R e v ie w A c tio n Ite m s from A p ril 2 0 0 6 m e e tin g
                                 -     In tro d u c tio n to J o h n s o n C o n tro ls
                                 -     T o u r o f E n g in e e rin g fa c ility

9 :4 0 – 1 0 :0 0 a m            C h a ir’s R e p o rt – F re d B e rg
                                 -    C h a irm a n R e s p o n s ib ilitie s /n o m in a tio n
                                 -    S p rin g n o m in a tio n
                                 -    IA B s u rve y - A p ril 2 0 0 7

C o m m itte e R e p o rts
1 0 :0 0 – 1 0 :1 5 a m          R e c ru itm e n t S u b c o m m itte e R e p o rt - C h ris C o n k lin
                                 - M A C R O E ve n ts F a ll 2 0 0 6 u p d a te

1 0 :1 5 – 1 0 :3 0 a m          S c h o la rs h ip R e p o rt – D a n G o o d ric h

1 0 :3 0 – 1 0 :4 0 a m          B re a k

L a k e S u p e rio r S ta te U n ive rs ity U p d a te s
1 0 :4 0 - 1 1 :2 0 a m          S c h o o l U p d a te s – M o rrie W a lw o rth
                                 -     E n ro llm e n ts ,
                                 -     R e c ru itm e n t
                                 -     S c h o la rs h ip s
                                 -     A B E T vis it

1 1 :2 0 - 1 2 :0 0       P ro g ra m U p d a te s – D a vid B a u m a n n , P a u l D u e s in g , J im D e va p ra s a d
                                 -   M A /C S re la tio n s h ip s
                                 -   N e w o p tio n
                                 -   F a c u lty a c tiv itie s

1 2 :0 0 – 1 2 :3 0 p m          Lunch

S e n io r P ro je c ts
1 2 :3 0 – 2 :0 0 p m            S e n io r P ro je c ts – J im D e v a p ra s a d
                                 -     L a s t ye a r's re s u lts
                                 -     T h is ye a r's p ro je c ts
                                 -     C o u rs e E n h a n c e m e n ts
                                 -     O ve rv ie w o f S e n io r P ro je c t p ro c e s s

2 :0 0 p m                       C lo s in g R e m a rk s / N e x t M e e tin g L S S U C a m p u s , 2 0 0 7
ACTION ITEMS                                                              Responsible
    Control charts – need some data and examples for the proposed
     new class EG346                                                      IAB members

    Recruitment activities – MACRO nights coming up this fall.
     Check out the LSSU website to see when one is located in your area   IAB members

      IAB members to be involved in evaluating of the senior project
      presentations                                                       IAB members

    Senior Project ideas for 2006-2007 send to David Baumann                  All

  Additional Notes:
  Please keep LSSU in mind:
   When your company is getting rid of old equipment. LSSU can use it for students’ classes,
    sale for parts, or other various items.
   When your company is looking to hire new people.
        Chair’s report
Chairman responsibility/nomination
Spring nomination
IAB survey
                            Industrial Advisory Board
                             Chairman Election Spring 2007
Nomination Process:

• Any existing IAB members are eligible

•Self nominations are acceptable

•If you are nominating another member please
be sure that they are willing to participate

•All nominations will be accepted and presented
at the spring IAB meeting

•Any Questions you can contact the existing
IAB offices.

                                               The Nominations Are:
                      Lake Superior State University
                     School of Engineering and Technology
                          Industrial Advisory Board
             IAB Chairperson Responsibilities and Term Limits
It is the Chairman’s responsibility to oversee all of the activities of the IAB including
coordinating committees.

As the need arises, the Chairman shall appoint committee chairpersons.

The Chairman is an ex-officio member of all committees and is eventually responsible for
the completion of all committee business. He/She shall keep in touch with all committee
chairs, facilitate the completion of their task, and if necessary, remove inactive committee
chairs/members and appoint successors.

The Chairman is directly responsible for the IAB meetings.

Meeting Responsibilities include:
Establish meeting dates, locations and times (coordinate with Dean of Engineering)
Arrange meeting facility
Finalizing meeting agendas
Presiding over meeting
             L a k e S u p e r io r S ta te U n iv e r sity
                             S c h o o l o f E n g in e e rin g a n d M a th e m a tic s
                                        In d u stria l A d v iso ry B o a rd
        IA B O ffic e r R e sp o n sib ilitie s a n d T e r m L im its

T h e term o f each o ffice sh all b e tw o calen d ar years.

T h e term s o f C h airm an an d S ecretary sh all ex p ire o n altern ate years.

N o m o re th an 2 co n secu tiv e term s are allo w ed .

T h ere is n o lim it to th e n u m b er o f n o n -co n secu tiv e term s.

E lectio n sh all b e b y a m ajo rity o f th e m em b ers p resen t at th e sp rin g m eetin g .

T h e term sh all p ass to th e su ccesso rs at th e en d o f th e sp rin g m eetin g .

C o m m u n icatio n o f all n ecessary in fo rm atio n is th e resp o n sib ility o f th e ex itin g o fficer.

C o m m en ts:

T h e sm o o th o p eratio n o f th is sm all o rg an iz atio n w ill d ep en d o n co m m u n icatio n .

F o rm o f co rresp o n d en ce:

         F ax
         E -m ail
         L etters

T o facilitate h an d -o ffs, a fo rm at sh o u ld b e co n sen ted u p o n fo r electro n ic ap p licatio n s
(e.g . IB M /D O S ).
IAB Survey
•     As of the Spring IAB meeting held on the
campus of LSSU,4/28/06,the action item taken
relative to the IAB survey was:
  The membership survey will be emailed to
  all IAB members yearly. Results to be
  presented in the spring meeting of that same
•    Do we still want to have a survey
annually or perhaps every other year?
Simple Project
Dean Morrie Walworth is our conduit to the
University. He will assist in any project that can
generate additional funds to the University,
especially for the School of Engineering.
examples: short term quick turn around projects
previous examples: prints, one of a kind part.
LSSU IAB Recruiting
Subcommittee Update

Chris Conklin, Bob Andersen, Don
   Stephanic, & Dan Goodrich
        October 30, 2006
          Major Points
Direct recruiting support effort
Indirect recruiting support effort
           Direct Recruiting
            Support Effort
MACRAO Calendar on schedule (updated
early this season)
MACRAO College Nights
    - Fall, 2006 (we had scheduled participation in 12
     events this season)
Follow up via the Admissions counselors
Increased the number of IAB participants and
MACRAO Events in Fall 2006 MACRAO
College Nights from a year ago.
         Direct Recruiting
          Support Effort
Volunteers from IAB for Fall 2006 MACRAO
  Bob Andersen
  Don Stephanic
  Chris Conklin
  Fred Berg
  Dan Goodrich
  Jim Gibbs
  Dave Allison
  Adam Lyon
  Ralph Larsen
       Indirect Recruiting
         Support Effort
Admissions/Alumni Association/IAB
   Did not occur (not sure of status of this
            Future Plans
Continue to increase activity and participation
within the IAB.
Invite the admissions advisors to the senior
projects & research projects final
Continue to work with Admissions to
determine role with Alumni Association/IAB
with respect to support of Admissions.
Continue to work closely with Admissions on
2007 Spring Recruiting Season and MACRAO
 Follow up & Next Steps
Preparation for the Spring 2007
recruiting season.
Record any follow up offered during
today’s meeting.
Comments, Concerns, Suggestions?
Volunteer positions are still open…
Scholarship Subcommittee

   Don Stephanic, Dan Goodrich
Charlie Snyder scholarship
   For incoming freshmen
   Awards not renewable
   $27k fund balance
   2 x $500 awards in Fall 2006 (first year for 2 x)
   2 x $500 awards planned for Fall 2007
Robotics scholarships
     For incoming freshmen
     Awards renewable in 2nd year
     $275 fund balance
     3 x $1500 awards in Fall 2005 (first year)
        0 eligible for renewal
     3 x $2000 awards in Fall 2006
     4 x $2000 planned for Fall 2007
     Funding primarily by SET
     Support needed!
    LSSU Updates

 Morrie Walworth, David Baumann,
Paul Duesing, and Jim Devaprasad
        School Updates
            Morrie Walworth
Dean, School of Engineering & Technology

 ABET Visit
In general, across the state, enrollments in
engineering and technology are down.
Furthermore, LSSU enrollment is down
about 20% over the last 5 years.
SET enrollment is down about 35% over
the same time period.
There has been no director of enrollment
at LSSU for the last three years.
New Director of Enrollment Services
   Bill Eilola
   New regions for recruitment
   New Web presence
   Buying more names
   More high school visits
Admits are already up 150% from last
Engineering admits are 15% higher than
they have ever been (2000).
Faculty calling students
Students calling students
New articulations
 High School Skill Centers
 Community Colleges

More scholarships
Charlie Snyder Endowed Scholarships
   2 @ $500
Huizenga Scholarships
   4 @ $1,500
Robotics Scholarships
   4 @ $2,000 (renewable for 2nd year)
MSPE (matching scholarships)
   3 @ $2,000
SAME Scholarship
   1 @ $500
Youth International
Continental Automotive Systems
   Summer Robotics Camp Sponsorship
21st Century Jobs Fund
   Michigan economic Development Corporation
   American Association for the Advancement of
    Science (AAAS)
   Strategic Economic Investment and
    Commercialization (SEIC) Board
   Over $580,000
   Prototype Development Center (PDC)
Prototype Development Center
 Entrepreneurial Activities
  Design
  Prototype Development

  Testing

  Consulting

 New Equipment
 New Staff
Visit: September 24-26
 CE, EE (David Baumann)
 ME (Paul Duesing)

 Generally Positive Outcomes

 Nothing Officially Reported

 Expect all Three to be Accredited

  (August, 2007)
Positive Comments
 Assessment Process

 Quality of Senior Projects

 Happy Graduates

 Faculty
General Items (all degrees)
 Concern about student knowledge of
  lifelong learning
 Concern about enrollment

 Concern about time spent in Senior
 Concern about budgets

 Must publish objectives in the catalog
Electrical Engineering
   Nothing !
Mechanical Engineering
   Need to increase realization of design in
    the thermal fluids area
Computer Engineering
 Concern about the lack of CE faculty
 Need to ensure all graduates meet the
  minimum math/science and discrete math
      Program Updates
Curricular Issues
New Option
Faculty Activities
         Curricular Issues
           David Baumann, Chair ECE

   New Course in CE Degree
   Control Charts
   Team Teaching With Mathematics
   Focus on Applications
   “New” Lab Format
     New Engineering
     Degree Options
    Paul Duesing, Chair ME and MfgET

Related and Other Changes
Attract Additional Students
Populate Upper Level Courses
Provide Path for Graduate School
           Current Options
 Computer      Electrical      Mechanical    Manufacturing
Engineering   Engineering      Engineering    Engineering

                     Robotics &

 General                       Design           General
 Option                        Option           Option

             Future Options
 Computer      Electrical     Mechanical    Manufacturing
Engineering   Engineering     Engineering    Engineering
                      Robotics &


   Digital            Electrical/
  Systems             Mechanical
   Option              Option
      Related Changes
Four Courses for Options
 PLC Course for Robotics & Automation
 Assembly Modeling / GD&T for Vehicle
  Dynamics Option
Dynamics In Electrical Core
Other: New Gen Ed Class
Faculty Activity Highlights

Matthew Carroll
Paul Duesing
Robert Hildebrand
Dave McDonald
Wael Mokhtar
Taskin Padir
            Faculty Activities
          Matthew Carroll
Co-authored paper presented by Prof. Hildebrand at
the 2006 International Conference on Dynamics,
Instrumentation and Control in Querataro, Mexico
EGNR245: developing and expanding course – a
synthesis of all mathematical techniques beyond
basic calculus needed by MfgET majors.
            Faculty Activities
            Paul Duesing
Attended the National Assessment Institute in
Indianapolis,IN – Oct. 2005
  Presented paper entitled Quantitative and
   Qualitative Assessment to Accomplish Continuous
Attended training session on coordinate measuring
ABET: guru for ME reports and materials
Continues to coordinate Cooperative Education
experiences for SET
              Faculty Activities
          Robert Hildebrand
Attended the 2006 International Conference on
Dynamics, Instrumentation and Control in Querataro,
Mexico – August 2006 and presented two papers.
Attended workshop in Kourou, French Guiana – May
2006 as external advisor to group of Finnish grad
students: reviewed work progress, toured ESA Ariane
launch site and tropical wood research station
Translated Swedish textbook Sound & Vibration to
English. Will be used at universities in Egypt, Sweden and
at LSSU.
Attended seminar of Vehicle Dynamics simulation
software package for Fall 2006 courses.
             Faculty Activities
            Dave McDonald
Attended the 2006 ASEE Annual Conference, Chicago
– June 2006 and presented paper entitled Simulation
Learning Experiences in Energy Conservation with
Simulink and SimPowerSystems.
Worked with WaveCrestLabs in Rochester, MI during
summer – responsible for integration of instrumentation
and control features of dynamometer test stand operation
using LabVIEW and INERTIA software.
Course development of EGEE300 Instrumentation and
Control with Real Time Applications using LabVIEW,
CAN-LabVIEW Channel & Frame API and synchronous
DAQ & CAN, and MATLAB-Simulink (input on
applications is welcome!)
            Faculty Activities
            Wael Mokhtar
Received Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from
Aerospace Engineering Department – May 2006 from
Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA
Attended 2006 ASME Midwest Student Leader
Conference in April (Wael serves as ASME advisor)
Attended January AIAA 44th Aerospace Science
Meeting and Exhibit in Reno, NV
               Faculty Activities
                 Taskin Padir
Attended 2006 IEEE International Conference on Systems,
Man and Cybernetics in Hawaii and presented a paper entitled
Kinematic Redundancy Resolution for Two Cooperating
Underwater Vehicles with Manipulators on Board
Attended Michigan Consortium of Universities for the Saudi
Arabian Students Initiative, Arab-American Museum in Dearborn
Attended First-Year Engineering summer workshop at
Notre Dame
Consulting with Precision Edge - product modeling for CNC
machines for precision surface grinding
Co-Director of SET summer camps
Active in Cultural Diversity activities and presentations
Senior Projects

  Jim Devaprasad
       Senior Projects
Last Year’s Projects
Current Projects
Philosophy Behind Senior Projects
Course Enhancements In Senior
Overview of the Senior Project
Selection Process
            2005-06 Projects:
              4 Projects
DURA Automotive
   Automotive Pedal Assembly Tester
   Mobile Robotics System
   Frequency Input Modules for the SDAS
   CNC Plasma Cutter
2005-06 Projects:
              2005-06 Projects:
 LSSU’s Mobile Robotics System

     International Design Competitions
ASME Manufacturing Science and Engineering
Conference (Ypsilanti, MI – Oct, 2006)
   2nd Place (1st – U of Florida, 3rd – U of Michigan)

UPADI Pan American Conference
(Atlanta, GA – Sept. 2006)
   Honorable Mention Award
 2006-07 Senior Projects
Industry Sponsored Projects (3)
LSSU Sponsored Projects (3)
       2006-07 Projects: Industrial

Company…....… Continental Teves
Contact………... Bob Andersen
Advisor……..…. Paul Duesing
Team…….......… 2 CE, 2 EE, 2 ME
Budget ………… $18,000
         Steering Machine Calibration
                and Test Stand
        2006-07 Projects: Industrial

Company…....… DELPHI Steering System
Contact………... Fred Berg
Advisor……..…. David Baumann
Team…….......… 2 CE, 4 EE
Budget ………… $30,000
     Universal Steering Column Validator
        2006-07 Projects: Industrial

Company…....… Algoma Steel, Inc.
Contact………... Rani Lottey
Advisor……..…. Jon Coullard
Team…….......… 1 CE, 1 EE/ME, 1 EM, 1 ME, 1 MET
Budget ………… $15,000
Description: Trailer Beam Tester
       2006-07 Projects: Industrial

Company…....… LSSU Engineering
Contact………... Jon Coullard
Advisor……..…. Keith Schwiderson
Team…….......… 2 CE, 1 ME, 1 MfgET
Budget ………… $10,000
Description:   2-D Plasma Cutter (Phase II)
       2006-07 Projects: Industrial

Company…....… LSSU Engineering
Contact………... Ray Adams & Paul Duesing
Advisor……..…. Robert Hildebrand
Team…….......… 4 ME, 2 MfgET
Budget ………… $5,000
         Mini-Baja – Chassis Design and Build
       2006-07 Projects: Industrial

Company…....… LSSU Engineering
Contact………... Ray Adams & Paul Duesing
Advisor……..…. Wael Mokhtar
Team…….......… 4 ME, 1 MfgET
Budget ………… $5,000
     Mini-Baja – Drivetrain Design and Build
      Request for Feedback:
     Final Presentations
Held same day as IAB meeting
SPFB considers IAB evaluations of the Final
This is your best opportunity to give feedback
on the quality of the projects
We request your attendance and evaluation
of the Final Presentations
             Senior Projects:
Philosophy & Key Elements
         Transition from Academia to
         Industry or Graduate School
Emphasis on Soft Skills
    Interpersonal
    Working in Teams
    Communications (Written and Spoken)
    Leadership
    Time and Project Management
            Senior Projects:
      Other Key Elements
Working with a Budget
Interaction with Practicing Engineers
Results are Based on Outcomes
Academic Elements
   Ethics
   Writing Project Plans & Acceptance Criteria
   Formal Presentations
   Design Reviews
             Senior Projects:
       Enhancements Being
Development of a General Education
   Ethics
   Engineering Economics
Project Definition and Plan
Purchasing Plan (by early December)
   Order Parts by End of Fall Semester
Track Hours Being Spent in Senior Projects
                Senior Projects:
Solicitation and Selection Process
  Solicitation Occurs Late Spring and Summer
      IAB Spring Meeting
      Alumni & Employers of Alumni
      Regional Industries and Small Business
       Development Companies
  Project Submittal Form is Sent
      Company Background
      Project Description
      Budget
      Technical Content & Required Expertise
                Senior Projects:
Solicitation and Selection Process
  Proposals Reviewed for Selection by new
      Mid- August
  Criteria Used in the Selection Process
      Project Well Defined?
      Can it be Completed in 2 Semesters?
      Budget and Support Clearly Defined?
      Faculty & Student Expertise Available?
      Laboratory and Other Resources Available?
               Senior Projects:
Solicitation and Selection Process
  Projects Selected
      Student Members Assigned
      Faculty Members Assigned
      Industries Contacted
      Kick-off Meeting Planned (Late August or
       Early September)
Closing Remarks

Next meeting: May 4, 2007
    at LSSU Campus

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