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									                Thirsties Cloth Diaper Pre-Wash

Thirsties Pre Wash Cloth Diaper DetergentMeasures 32 fluid ounces
64 loadsFeaturesCompletely non-toxic solution 100 biodegradable
Custom formulated by a chemist specifically for use in pre-washing
diapers Designed to help loosen and rinse away waste and
eliminate bacteria Antimicrobial ingredient naturally disinfects
Washes completely clean; will not leave residue Highly
concentrated to reduce costs and carbon output HE Safe Made in
the USA DescriptionThirsties Pre-Wash is the only solution custom
formulated by a chemist to pre-clean your cloth diapers. The active
antimicrobial ingredients in Thirsties Pre-Wash actually eliminate
bacteria from your diapers which are often the culprit of residual
odors and diaper rash.Be sure not to skip this important step in
cleaning your cloth diapers! Thirsties Pre-Wash is specially
formulated to loosen and rinse away waste and works to prevent
stains from setting. Our pre-wash solution is completely safe
against your babys skin and washes clean from your diaper leaving
no residue behind.Most detergents contain harmful enzymes
artificial fragrances man-made whiteners and leave behind harmful
residues. Thirsties Pre-Wash is entirely non-toxic is safe for your
HE washer and is 100 biodegradable.Use Pre-clean with 1/2 ounce
Thirsties Pre-Wash on COLD if your machine has a pre-wash cycle
use it; if not use a short cycle. Follow with 1/2 ounce of Thirsties
Super Wash in heavy cycle on HOT with an extra rinse. Allergy
warning Contains Honey and Natural Lemon Juice.MADE IN THE

  q   Completely non-toxic solution; 100% biodegradable
  q   Custom formulated by a chemist specifically for use in pre-
      washing diapers
  q   Designed to help loosen and rinse away waste and bacteria
  q   Antimicrobial ingredient purifies naturally
  q   Rinses completely clean; he Safe

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