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									Mobile, Powerful Mini Laptop Samsung Q1Ultra NP-Q1UA000
Do you need a perfect partner on the road? Nowadays, it is not so easy to
fund a mobile, powerful mini laptop. However, Samsung is ready to present
a Samsung Q1Ultra NP-Q1UA000. Mobility is one of the major advantageous
features of this ultra modern Samsung laptop.
Despite the fact that this model of a laptop weighs only 1.7 lbs, it is a
full-powered PC with multimedia functionality. Just put their mini laptop
in your pocket and use it when you need it. Checking your personal email,
chatting with your friends and doing a web search while you are on road
is very easy. Thanks to integrated WLAN 802.11 b/g, 10/100 LAN and
Bluetooth 2.0 you will be connected anytime. The connection is quick and
easy and it is definitely one of the most significant advantageous of
this model of a laptop.
1 GHz processor provides a quick work of this Samsung laptop. I bet you
do not like laptops that work too slowly. 60 GB hard drive disk provides
an opportunity to store your favorite audio and video files, important
and necessary work documents. It is another great advantage of this model
of a laptop.
Samsung laptop's display has 7 inches size. The display is not very big,
but it has a landscape and portrait orientation. The display colors are
amazing. The laptop's display is also very bright.
The Samsung company tried to create a powerful and at the same time
mobile machine. As a consequence Samsung Q1Ultra NP-Q1UA000 was presented
on the market that won the attraction of many customers.
Mini Samsung laptop review

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