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Water Fuel For Trucks - Reduce Truck Gasoline Consumption by Using Water As Fuel by primusboy


									Water Fuel For Trucks - Reduce Truck Gasoline Consumption by Using Water
As Fuel
Most people surfing the internet may come across information on using
water fuel for trucks. With the recent gasoline fuel price hike, many
vehicle owners are finding it increasing challenging to run a car and
have some money left over at the end of the month. The gasoline expense
bill for a truck owner is larger because this type of vehicle has a
bigger engine capacity hence burns more fuel. Because of the issue of
expensive fuel, the interest on alternative fuel source for vehicle has
increased dramatically. That has lead to the promotion of water fuel for
trucks on the web. How can a truck owner benefit from using water as
fuel? This article will provide some information on the science behind
using water to generate power for trucks.
There is a hidden potential power stored in water and it is hydrogen gas
(H2). Hydrogen gas is clean, efficient, highly flammable and is three
times more potent that any fossil fuel. To use H2 on trucks, it has to be
separated from water through an electrolysis process. To run a truck
engine on water, all you need to do is to construct an electrolysis
device and use the electricity from the battery to produce current for
the process.
The logic of using water fuel for trucks is pretty sound. However, there
are a few challenges on this new energy system. The main issue is how to
produce enough hydrogen gas for the engine consumption. In addition, you
would have to create an effective delivery system to channel the H2 into
the engine internal combustion chambers. Nonetheless, any idea that can
help a truck owner to improve his vehicle mileage and save cost should be
explored further.
Are you spending more and more money on fuel for your truck? Increase
your vehicle mileage by using Water Fuel For Trucks technology. Read the
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