2006 Celebration of Diversity Recognition Banquet

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					         2006 Celebration of Diversity

                Recognition Banquet
Recognizing the Service of YSU Students in the U.S. Military
      Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2006
              Time: 5:00 p.m.
                Keynote Speaker:

      The Honorable Jay Williams, Mayor
                    Youngstown, Ohio
                        Youngstown State University
                        2006 Celebration of Diversity
                                Recognition Banquet
•   5:00 PM
•   Meet and Greet                   YSU Student Diversity Council
•   5:30 PM
•   Opening Ceremony
•   Presentation of Colors by YSU Honor Guard
•   Occasion                         William J. Blake, Director Student Diversity Programs
•   Welcome                          Dr. David Sweet, President
•   5:45 PM
•   Readings and Blessing of Food    Maggie McClendon, Coordinator
•                                    Undergraduate Admissions Office
•   Dinner is Served                 Ms. Debbie Picchiottino
•                                    Catering Director - Sodexho
•   6:10 PM
•   Recognition of YSU Veterans      Cheryl Levy, Financial Aids
•                                    Major Daniel Jones, US Army
•   6:20 PM
•   Introduction of Speaker          Scott R. Schulick, V. P. of Investments & Business Development
•   Butler Wick Trust Company &
•   6:25 PM                          Jay Williams, Mayor
•   City of Youngstown, Ohio
•   7:10 PM
•   Presentations                    Diversity Management Class &
•                                    YSU Student Diversity Council
•   7:15 PM
•   Closing Remarks                  William J. Blake
Diversity, Community, 2010!

   “Embracing diversity doesn’t involve
    surrendering your identity or core
  beliefs, but you have to be willing to go
      beyond your comfort zone when
   dealing with others who are different
                 than you.”
            Jay Williams, Mayor
                Youngstown, Ohio 2006
The Banquet Recognized the
Service of YSU Students in
the U.S. Military

  Ms. Cheryl Levy, of YSU’s Financial Aid Office led
 the recognition of 29 men and women who have
 been deployed in
 the U.S. military.
 Currently, YSU
 has 251 Veterans
Branches represented were the U.S.
Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army,
U.S. Army Reserve, U.S. National
Guard & U.S. Marines.

  The students have served in places
  such as Iraq,
  Southwest Asia,
  Africa, Haiti,
  Germany and Korea.
Recognizing YSU Students
with service in the
United States Military
•   U.S. Air Force               U.S. Navy
•   Jermeko Sola Cassel          Dalene Marie Scott
•   Nickolaus Joseph Lockard     Charles Gregory Sydney
•   Gretchen Paige Smith         Jeff Vutech
•   Cherub Taylor
•                                U.S. National Guard
•   U.S. Army                    John Josep Chupa
•   Jason Robert Ashton          Jacob Douglas Hostetler
•   Derek Caffey                 Sean William Druckenmiller
•   Chase Callion
•   Sean William Druckenmiller   U.S. Marines
•   William Charles Haug         Josef Frank Venerose
•   Jeremy David Hill            Craig Matthew Stre
•   Charlene Victoria Joseph
•   Anthony James Lawrence
•   Shakir Bernard Perkins
•   Travis Phillips
•   Anthony Spirito Jr.

•   U.S. Army Reserve
•   Brian Allen Montogomery
•   Joseph M. Smaldino
•   Kelly Ann Cruz
•   Carlos Jones
   2006 Celebration of Diversity

       Recognition Banquet

On behalf of the Diversity Banquet
Committee, students, faculty and staff of
Youngstown State University we salute you
for your meritorious service to the land of
the free and home of the brave. Thank you
for your defense of the stars and stripes and
may they forever wave.
YSU Foundation $500.00 Minority
Scholarship Challenge Grant

 All those in attendance were urged to make
 contributions to the
 YSU Foundation
 Minority Scholarship
 Fund. There is
 currently a $500,000
 Challenge Grant in place.
People Gather Before the Start
of the Diversity Banquet

 Sandra Martin, a non
 traditional freshman
 and a member of the
 Student Diversity
 Council remarked,
 “that she would like
 to see more participa-
 tion from everyone.”
2006 Celebration of Diversity

Recognition Banquet

    The banquet was sponsored by the YSU Office of
    Student Diversity Programs, YSU Partners for
    Workplace diversity,
    the YSU Foundation,
    the YSU Equal Oppor-
    tunity & Diversity Office
    & the YSU Student
    Diversity Council.
2006 Celebration of Diversity

Recognition Banquet
One of the features
of the evening
were two Desert
Tables on both
the East and West
walls of the Chestnut
The Social Work Department
had over 20 seats at the

 “Diversity needs to be defined in a three dimensional
 sense, with equality and
  fairness being as
 much a part of the
 equation as racial
       Jay Williams, Mayor
        Youngstown, Ohio
          March 22, 2006
2006 Celebration of Diversity

Recognition Banquet

faculty and
staff mingled
throughout the
2006 Celebration of Diversity

Recognition Banquet
Seen in the forefront is a PowerPoint
presentation of the different diversity
represented throughout campus.
Representing the Office of Student
Diversity is Mr. William J. Blake,

 William Blake remarked after the
 speech, “that it was simply
 fantastic. He
 believes that
 Williams was the
 right man for Y-town.”
       “…Diversity requires involvement
            and commitment.”
                 Jay Williams, Mayor

In his speech Williams admitt-
ed that though he is a proponent
of diversity, he is by no means
an expert. But he said he wanted
to share his diversity experiences
from working with the 2010 plan
and in his mayoral campaign.

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