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					Hard Tonneau
If you are looking to add a touch of class to your truck, you may want to
add a hard tonneau. These truck bed covers are usually made of fibreglass
and are painted to match the color of your pickup truck. The hard truck
cover is hinged at the cab end and lift up from the back of the truck.
Although these covers are a little heavy, opening and closing them is
easy with the help of shocks that make the job very easy.
The exception to the back end opening is a lid that opens on either side
of the truck bed in a butterfly style and which is called the Butterfly
Tonneau by Gaylord's. This type would be great for anyone using their
cargo area often and need easy access to all areas of the cargo bed.
The smooth epoxy finish of the fibreglass tonneau makes for a smooth
paint job which will be as shiny as the rest of your truck. When your
truck is all washed and waxed including the cover it will look very
The hard tonneau has been around for a little while now and have been
known to help save fuel consumption. With the price of fuel today, and
the way truck's are known to gobble it up, we can use all the help we can
Without a truck bed cover, wind goes over the cab and drops down quickly
and bangs into your tailgate holding the truck back and making the engine
work harder. The cover gives the truck a more aerodynamic shape allowing
the wind to pass over the truck with less resistance. The more you drive
and the higher speeds you use will determine the amount of savings a
tonneau will bring you.
The hard tonneau comes with locking capabilities which also adds a great
deal of security for your cargo. Not only will the lid protect your cargo
from thieves, it will keep the weather off your cargo as well. You will
not have to cramp your cab area with items during bad whether situations.
The fibreglass lids are a little expensive and there is an alternative to
the fibreglass lid if you want a hard tonneau. The Undercover tonneau is
a very tough truck bed cover with a lot of advantages over the fibreglass
cover, including the price.
You can find much more information and a look at fibreglass lids by
visiting Hard Tonneau Also check out a cheaper alternative called the
Undercover Tonneau

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