1888 32 Combat Engineer Regiment by fjwuxn


									                    1888 32 Combat Engineer Regiment Cadet Corps
                    c/o 32 Combat Engineer Regiment                                    CO@1888army.org
                    Area Support Unit Toronto                                            (647) 822-3387
                    The LCol George Taylor
                    Denison III Armoury
                    1 Yukon Lane
                    Toronto, ON, M3K 0A1

                             Winter Indoc Training Exercise Cold Feet
                                       05-07 February, 2010

                                            KIT LIST
Start Time: Be at Dalton Armoury, no later than 1830hrs (6:30 pm) on 05 February 2010. Cadets must
wear combats or other appropriate clothing for the field. Ensure you bring the kit shown below.

Finish Time: The cadet will be dismissed from Dalton Armoury, by 1600hrs (4:00 PM) on 07 February

Accommodation: Cadets will be sleeping in barracks (Friday) and 5-person Arctic Tents (Sat-Sun). The
corps will issue all parkas, sleeping bags and related equipment. Training will continue rain, snow or

IMPORTANT NOTE: To attend this exercise, YOU MUST attend the Pre-Winter Indoc
Training if you have never been on a winter exercise before. If you did not attend this
training, you will not be allowed to go on this Winter Indoc Exercise.

 2 pairs of pants (not jeans-they are not warm)
 3 T-shirts
 1 warm sweater (wool/fleece)
 1 pr of boots
 1 coat
 1 hat (not ball cap)
 Rain Gear (coat/pants or poncho)
 1 hygiene kit (soap, deodorant, tooth brush, comb, shaving kit, foot powder, lip balm…)
 1 wash cloth
 1 towel
 3 pr of underwear
 3 pr of socks (wool if possible)                Any Cadets with Dietary restrictions
 Non Breakable Cup                                        must speak to Lt Landry
   Pencil & Paper                                           prior to this exercise.
 Back Pack or Duffel Bag (avoid suit cases)
 Prescription Medication (if required)
                                                   ALL CADETS MUST HAVE THEIR OHIP
 Water Canteen

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