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The Many Benefits Of Massage Therapy by primusboy


									The Many Benefits Of Massage Therapy
It's not hard to sell most people on the benefits of massage therapy -
who wouldn't want to lose themselves in an hour of therapeutic
relaxation? But since it does carry some moderate expense, it helps to
know about the many benefits.
Some people seek out the services of a massage therapist simply because
they need some down-time to relax and refresh; certainly, this is enough
of a reason to frequent the massage therapist's office in itself, but
there are also many health benefits; an increasingly large number of
clients find their way to the table in search of relief modern medicine
has been unable to manage. Likewise, clients also seek massage therapy
services to supplement and enhance both modern and alternative medical
The Many Benefits Of Massage Therapy
Regardless of the impetus, clients find numerous incomparable benefits;
it is not at all uncommon for a client to come into massage therapy for
the treatment of one symptom or condition, only to find wide ranging
benefits that treat a number of other conditions.
The most notable advantages include:
Improved blood circulation
Stimulation/relief of muscle pain due to lack of activity (often caused
by sedentary jobs)
Increased alertness
Decrease in back pain (one of the leading reasons for seeking massage
Improved mood
Reduced stress levels
Reduced instances of stress-related illness including tension headaches
Decreased muscle stiffness/increased mobility
Improved ability to heal (in part due to circulation/stimulation
Reduction in muscle spasms
Increased physical performance/athleticism
Improved deep breathing
Improved posture
Strengthened immune system
Reduction in anxiety levels
Lower dependence on medication
Improved joint flexibility
Lessened risk of depression
Promotes healing of soft tissues, including scars
Improved delivery of oxygen and nutrients
Increases pain tolerance by releasing endorphins (natural pain killers of
the human body)
Eases pain of childbirth
Relieves sleep loss/insomnia
Increased energy, reduction in frequency and severity of fatigue
Netting The Biggest Benefits
Even a one-time visit to the massage therapist can net excellent
benefits; but for the most lasting benefits, regular sessions are
recommended. Regular therapy ensures that the body continues to enjoy the
increase in circulatory health and relief of muscle tension which
directly contribute to the benefits. Over time, the expense of sessions
is easily mitigated in increased health and well-being, and in a large
number of cases, in the savings enjoyed between decreased use and cost of
medications, doctors' visits, and time lost from work.
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