Review of the Inada I1A Massage Chair

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					Review of the Inada I1A Massage Chair
Although the INADA Chair is the best-selling luxury shiatsu massage chair
in Japan, it has yet to become your favorite. What better massage chair
could you have than one that is designed by shiatsu and massage therapy
professionals and delivers the benefits of traditional Japanese
acupressure to you daily in the comfort of your home or office? The INADA
will help you take control of your health like so that you are able to
prevent stress and needless fatigue. The INADA chair is sold as a medical
chair in Japan and was permitted by the Japanese government in 1998 for
use in non-clinical massage and acupressure therapy. The INADA is
marketed for home-therapeutic medical and remedial purposes in Japan.
The INADA reaches the goal of what a massage is supposed to do and that
is improve the body's natural healing ability by releasing stress and
encouraging circulation. This massage chair is the only chair that relies
on the techniques and knowledge of the professionals of massage and
shiatsu because it maintains a balance between yin and yang elements in
the body and incorporating the relationship between the upper and lower
body as well as the left, right, front and back.
Knowing that the body has more than 350 pressure points aligned with the
internal organs along the meridians, the INADA stimulates specific
pressure points by kneading, tapping or pressing the organs to energize
The INADA is the world's first full body massage chair that adjusts
itself to the shape of your body with high quality technology. The
massage chair scans your body and detects the pressure points of your
body and offers tailored full body massage from head to toe that will
have you feel good as new. The chair also includes a revolutionary arm
and hand massage that will promote blood circulation. The main features
of the INADA include a whole shiatsu foot massage, triple action arm
massage and full contact recline.
To enhance your massage experience, you are able to adjust the angles of
the chair with just the touch of the remote control. You are able to
choose inclines that vary from 120-170 degrees. The foot rest of the
INADA can also be moved forward or back to accommodate people of various
The INADA literally has your back in the morning, noon and night. In the
morning if you wake up exhausted after a full night of sleep, you can
wake up those tired muscles with a full-body warm-up. This program
stimulates and rejuvenates you, sending you off into your day feeling
refreshed. At night after a long day in the office, it can be difficult
to sleep because of anxiety or soreness, or you could just be so wired
that you can't fall asleep it's a good idea to try the relaxing full body
massage before you retire for the night. This massage program will be
sure to soothe your body and mind as you move into a state of relaxation.
The INADA HCP-i1A will be sure not to let you down with its high quality
technology and techniques. Now is the time to lead a stress free life and
leave your pain and soreness with the INADA HCP-i1A.
Dr. Alan Weidner is the owner of, a
website dedicated to the education and sale of massage chairs by
Panasonic, Sanyo, Omega, Inada, and Human Touch. He graduated summa cum
laude from Southern California University of Health Sciences in 1991.

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