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Massage Therapy and Its Types


									Massage Therapy and Its Types
As the lifestyle of people is changing, so are their needs. Earlier,
people used to live carefree life but with the change in times, the
hustle bustle of city life has made it difficult for the common man to
lead a healthy and satisfied life. Different types of tensions revolve
around man and make him totally helpless. For relieving the burden and
tensions of life, people have now shifted to taking massage therapy. This
therapy is a highly beneficial practice that involves the soothing and
relieving of muscles and other tissues in the human body.
All About Massage Therapy
Massage therapy is also considered to be the best tension buster and in
some cases this therapy is an integral part of the CAM or the
complementary and alternative medicine. The term "massage therapy" does
not only include the different practices and techniques that are used to
soothe the senses of the patient, it also covers a large number of
related practices as well due to the fact that the massage therap y
includes approximately 80 kinds of different therapies.
The main intent behind the massage therapy is to relax the muscles and
tissues of the person thereby increasing the oxygen and blood delivery to
the areas where massage has been performed and in turn decrease the level
of pain suffered.
Various Kinds Of Therapies
The different types of massage therapies include the following:
Trigger point massage
In this type of massage therapy, the therapist uses different strokes of
strong pressure in order to relax the trigger points or knots.
Swedish massage
Long strokes are given to the person along with muscle friction and
kneading in order to make the joints flexible.
Deep tissue massage
Deep finger and hand pressure is given on the particular parts of the
patient's body where the muscles and tissues are knotted or tight. Focus
is paid on the muscle layers that are located deep inside the skin.
Shiatsu massage
In this kind of massage therapy, the professional applies rhythmic and
varying pressures from his fingers on the body parts, which are crucial
for the vital energy flow.
This type of massage therapy is popularly known as the zone therapy and
the main focus of the therapy is paid on the ears, hands and feet of the
person. Foot reflexology is the more famous of the other two-reflexology
Thai massage
This is also called as the Thai yoga massage therapy and involves the
unblocking of the energy pathways. In this kind of therapy, the person
getting the massage remains completely clothed and the therapist begins
to give the compression massage on the body parts that need special care.
The patient is made to be placed in different yoga like postures in order
to relax the muscles and soft tissues.
In all of the different types of massage therapies, the professional
therapist rub, press and manipulate the soft tissues and muscles of the
respective person often varying the movement and pressure exerted in the
massage. The therapists use their fingers and hands but in some cases
when there is a need to do stronger massages, even the elbows, feet and
forearms can be used to relieve the patient.
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