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									Massage Therapists - Tips For Mobile Massage Safety
For many clients the idea of having a massage therapist come to them is
appealing. They do not have to drive or deal with parking on their way to
or from their appointment and they are able to relax immediately after
the appointment. As a massage therapist, providing services to these
clients can be lucrative. However, concern for your safety may limit you
from offering these services. We employ many therapists across the
country to meet the demand of mobile massage services and recommend the
following tips to help ensure their safety.
Your company image is important to ensure both you and the clients are
comfortable with your business relationship. Professionalism in your
advertisements, phone consultations, and marketing materials will project
the services you provide.
Have a safety person you contact to provide names, addresses, and phone
numbers of the client you will be visiting. Explain to them you'll call
them when you arrive and when you leave so they will know where you are.
Once you have a client's name, research them on the internet. Conduct a
search on their name and go to sites like to determine
if they reside at the address provided or your local sexual predator
lists to determine if there are any areas of concern.
Consider processing payments by credit card over the phone in advance so
that you are not carrying cash with you on appointments.
Personally, I have found visiting clients in their homes provides another
level of interest to client relationships. I have the opportunity to meet
family members, see their environment and lifestyle which assists in
assessments and recommendations, and reduce my overhead costs not having
to maintain an office.
As a mobile massage therapist, you have a great service to provide and
keeping your safety as a priority is critical.
Lisa Meloche, President and Massage Therapist, Bodywork Alternatives
Massage Therapy.
Bodywork Alternatives Massage Therapy offers mobile massage therapy
services and corporate chair massage services across the country. Massage
therapy services provided reduce pain and stress in the comfort of
client's homes and offices. Corporate chair massage allows companies to
help employees reduce stress and pain associated with common problems
such as headaches, carpal tunnel symptoms, and low back pain. All
therapists are trained and licensed or certified in their area of
Lisa first became interested in massage therapy when she was able to
reduce her Fibromyalgia symptoms by receiving regular massages. She has
combined her massage therapy training and personal experience to develop
massage therapy techniques to help reduce Fibromyalgia symptoms. Massage
therapists on her team are trained on these techniques to help bring
relief to Fibromyalgia clients across the country. She is in the process
of writing an eBook on self-massage techniques to help others reduce
their symptoms.

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