A Review of the Human Touch HT 125 Massage Chair by primusboy


									A Review of the Human Touch HT 125 Massage Chair
One of the most popular models of the Human Touch robotic massage chair
is the HT 125. It's definitely stylish, has shiatsu massage as wells as
full body stretch and comes with foot and calf massager and it can give a
pretty decent massage. But, with its price tag of over $2,000, there are
one or two features it lacks.
The Human Touch 125 chair looks very stylish as is certainly one of the
best looking chairs on the market. What's nice is that it looks kin d of
like a regular piece of furniture and would look great in most homes and
offices - the HT125 certainly doesn't have the 'dentist's chair' look
that many other brands of chairs have. It also comes upholstered in
leather and leather match in Black, Cashew or Red.
It retails for around $2,300 and has many features you'd expect at this
price; power-recline, 170 degree recline and massage functions of
Rolling, Kneading, Compression and Percussion that offer a pretty good
shiatsu massage. Another really nice feature is the Full Body Stretch -
it locks your ankles and then fully reclines, to stretch your back while
administering a gentle massage to the lower back - this is one of my
favorite routines and I'm always glad to see it as a feature on a robotic
massage chair.
The HT125 chair is in direct competition in terms of style, features and
pricing with the Sanyo HEC-SR1000K Massage Chair. When comparing the two,
the Human Touch chair fairs well in some areas while not so good in
What I prefer about the HT 125 over the Sanyo massage chair is the foot
massager. Both have a massager that needs to be manually moved to either
the calf or foot - HEC-SR1000K can also be moved to massage behind the
knees and the Achilles tendons - however, the massager on the HT is much
better. The massager can also grip your ankles so you get a full body
stretch (as mentioned above) but the Sanyo doesn't have this ability, so
there's no full body stretch available.
Though not the most important point, I also prefer the overall look of
the HT.
Both chairs offer pretty much the same massage modes and speed but when
it comes to massage programs, Sanyo offers more. You get 7 automatic
courses compared to 3 of the HT. The Sanyo also offers 11 manual courses.
But where the Sanyo really outdoes the HT, is its use of cutting edge
technology that gives the chair a Physical Shape Detection Sensor and
Stiffness Detection Sensor. The first automatically adjusts the massage
heads to the shape of your spine, while the second uses pulse and
perspiration to target specific areas of stiffness using an exclusive
massage program for each person according to physical combinations and
stiffness. The best the HT can offer is to allow you to manually change
the position of the rollers.
In summary the HT 125 is a good robotic massage chair from Human Touch;
it looks great, offers decent shiatsu, full body stretch and an
acceptable foot massage. But it does lack some of the more sophisticated
technology that is increasingly being to put to use in other chairs.
Follow the links for the Human Touch massage chair or another robotic
massage chair like the Fujikura, iJoy and Sanyo massage chair.

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