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									Search Engine Optimization Secrets - 6 Ways to Get Guaranteed First Page

Internet marketers have spent countless hours and days trying to figure
out Google's algorithm for ranking websites. Although nobody really knows
the actual rules, there are some search engine optimization methods that
have been tried, tested, and true. However, some of these are more talked
about than others. Here are 12 search engine optimization secrets that
will get your site ranked on Google's first page.

Domain name. An irrelevant domain name will have a much harder time
ranking than a domain name containing your targeted keyword. Make sure to
buy a domain name that contains a good quality keyword. Also, get a .com
or .net extension, as they are seen as more important pages.
Use bold and bigger font for your keyword. Try to bold, italicize, or use
bigger font for your keyword throughout the article or webpage. But keep
it looking natural; remember that a human will be reading your page, and
will be turned off if it's overly promotional.
Internal links. Although they don't carry as much weight as external
links in Google's mind, internal links is another one of those search
engine optimization secrets that is often neglected. By properly linking
your webpages to one another, you'll be passing link juice to your
webpages as well as making your site easier to navigate.
Backlinks. Search engine optimization secrets always speak of
backlinking. However, not all backlinks have the same power; a backlink
from a site with a high Page Rank, similar content to your site, and
using relevant anchor text will give your site a much bigger boost than
Links from .edu and .gov sites. Since these sites hold a lot of authority
with Google, a backlink from one of these sites will greatly boost your
search engine ranking.
Keyword at the top left of page. Google reads your webpage just like a
human: it starts at the top left corner. Then it stops about halfway
down. So make sure your keyword is right there in the left corner and
makes its presence on the first half of the webpage.

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