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Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Repair Tips


									Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Repair Tips
Even though the Xbox 360 is probably the best new generation console with
the most impressive selection of games, it still suffers from one major
drawback - many consoles become affected with "general hardware errors"
that are caused by overheating. To prevent damage to the console, it goes
into a stand by state to prevent serious problems, with the blinking red
lights on the front there to warn you that something is seriously wrong.
In this article I am going to share some of the top Xbox 360 red ring of
death repair tips, as well as destroy some popular rumors about the ways
to repair the red light error.
Xbox 360 Repair Tip 1 -
You can send your console to Microsoft to have them repair the fault and
send you back a refurbished console. Although this sounds like the best
way to repair the red ring of death, there are a few issues that need to
be carefully thought over. Firstly, Microsoft do not send you back the
console that you sent them. Instead, they simply prov ide you with a
console that their technical team has refurbished. This means that if you
do decide to ship your console to Microsoft, you need to remove any discs
from the disk drive, leads and controllers, as well as the hard-drive or
you will loose all your saved games and player profiles. Another thing to
think about is the fact that the repair process can take a rather long
time. Expect to wait at least eight weeks before you receive a new
console, and this is the best case scenario - the amount of time you will
have to wait could easily be double that.
Xbox 360 Repair Tip 2 -
There is a lot of talk on Xbox 360 forums of being able to fix the 3 red
lights error by wrapping a faulty console tightly in a bath towel. Videos
have even appeared on YouTube that appear to promote this repair method.
If you take only one thing from this article, please, please, please
don't try this on your Xbox 360! Even if it does work for a short amount
of time, it will simply cause more overheating by effectively insulating
the console and will eventually lead to even more serious faults. In
extreme cases it would actually be possible for the console to get so hot
that the towel may ignite, potentially causing a house fire and damage to
people and property. Now I don't know about you, but I would rather learn
how to fix the problem properly and safely rather than risk further
damage using what is essentially an urban myth.
Xbox 360 Repair Tip 3 -
Although it may be annoying, you really need to invest in a good Xbox 360
repair guide. Seriously, this isn't optional as there is virtually no way
to safely repair the red ring of death without one, other than having
someone else carry out the repairs for you which could cost a lot of
money. Because the Xbox 360 is quite a complex piece of electronic
equipment you cannot just open it up, tighten a few loose screws and get
back to gaming. Repairing the red ring at home is the only truly viable
option for those of you who wish to spend as little money as possible and
get back to playing your favorite games as quickly as possible. When
purchasing a repair guide you should look for the following;
* High quality video and audio. This is an absolute must as grainy video
and poor quality audio will make the repair process difficult and
* Free updates. In case a better, new red ring fix is discovered by the
makers of your guide, having free updates will allow you access to this
important information. Don't buy a repair guide that doesn't offer free
updates as it will be poor quality
* Instant delivery via a secure payment processor. For maximum security
and peace of mind it is important to only purchase a repair guide that
can be downloaded instantly after payment to a secure, accredited payment
processor. By taking this approach, the risk of fraud or other potential
problems is eliminated. Also look for the ability to purchase via PayPal
as this is even more secure.
* A price of less than US $40. Because the majority of repair guides tend
to fall in the mid-to-high thirty dollar range, anything over $40 is
really too expensive. This also means that if someone in your local area
is offering to repair Xbox 360 consoles that have been affected by the
red ring of death, if they are charging more than $40 you should save the
money and do it yourself. Any price around the $25 mark is an absolute
bargain and will probably be a special limited time offer. If the rest of
the product's credentials stack up (ie it offers high quality sound and
video, free updates and secure instant delivery) then you should
definitely purchase it.
In this article I've shown you three of the top Xbox 360 red ring of
death repair tips. To recap, although you can send your faulty console to
Microsoft for repair this is a very lengthy process and it is critical t o
make sure that you don't accidentally send any other console components
to them. Also, avoid using the towel wrap trick as it will simply result
in your console sustaining worse damage and overheating in the long run.
Finally, when purchasing an Xbox 360 repair guide, look for high quality
audio and video, free updates, secure and instant delivery and a
reasonable price of less than $40.
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