Cosmetic Dentistry Results; Before And After by MarijanStefanovic


									Cosmetic Dentistry Results; Before And After

You just can’t take your eyes on people who have whiter, perfectly lined-
up teeth. And you can have the same great looking teeth if you go for a
cosmetic dentistry solution. This will involve a dentist to make some
interventions on your teeth color, pattern, and appearance in general. It
may or may not include dental surgery, depending on the need on your
teeth. The end result will be just the same as those great smiles you
love to watch so much.

Some of the simple procedures in cosmetic dentistry are teeth whitening,
teeth reshaping and resizing, bonding, veneer, and so many others. Some
of these require a lot of time and frequent visits to the cosmetic
dentist but some are good for one visit or a day. The fees will also
range in different amounts, depending on the area like if you are in the
city, and the professional fee your dentist is charging. Below are the
few examples of cosmetic dentistry procedures which you can invest on:

1.) Teeth whitening. This cosmetic dentistry procedure can be available
in two ways: the laser treatment and the gel tray. The former is an
instant result of up to eight shades brighter while the latter is a
gradual brightening procedure that may result after few months from the
treatment time. This will cost you around $400-$1000 depending on the
severity of your teeth color and the shades brighter you want. Of course,
the procedure also counts a lot like if you want laser or gel tray.

2.) Teeth reshaping and resizing. This cosmetic dentistry procedure is
making a new rave because of the benefits one can acquire from it. You
can enjoy a new set of teeth actually when you go for it. On top of that,
you also get to enjoy the results right after the visit, so it’s an
immediate benefit. This procedure can cost you as much as $300 per tooth
but the results will definitely be worth the price. Just make sure that
you are with the right dentist.

3.) Dental bonding- this procedure restores decayed teeth into fresh,
fixed, whiter teeth. It can also be used in the cases of small gaps,
closing it up for an even looking teeth as well as correcting the crooked
looking teeth. This procedure can also cost as much as $300 per tooth. If
you are up to the results, don’t mind the cost.

4.) Dental veneers- this is another option in changing the color, shape,
and size of your teeth. It is a material used over your teeth to enjoy
its great benefits. Just like dental bonding and reshaping/resizing, this
can cost you around $300. But with the promise of a great, attractive
smile, there’s no reason not go for it.

5.) Dental contouring- another option to reshape and resize as well as
recolor your teeth. Crooked and gaps are also among its corrected
problems. This procedure can also cost you around $300. This is a proven
procedure though so you are on the right path for restoring that great
smile you always wanted.

Any of these cosmetic dentistry procedures promises great result for you
physically. Consider the professional fee you will shell out as an
investment so you won’t feel troubled by it. Besides, it will not matter
how much you have but how you look in front of the many so don’t think

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