Playstation 3 Vs XBOX 360 by primusboy


									Playstation 3 Vs XBOX 360
Before I get started, I feel that I need to let everyone know that I am a
Playstation 3 owner, but I assure all of you that I don't have as much
bias as most console owners do towards their systems. My roommate has an
XBOX and I spent a fair amount of time playing Halo 3 and Gears of War
with him, so I have a lot of respect for the console.
I bought a PS3 because I had been waiting for one ever since I got my
PS2. I tended to stay loyal to Sony mainly because they had done so well
with their previous systems and they had games that blew the Nintendo 64
away, which was the system I had in elementary school (bad decision).
When PS3 came out, XBOX 360 was already in the houses of millions of
people and the pricey $600 price tag on the PS3 held gamers at bay for a
while, who hoped they could keep themselves busy with a PSP until the
price went down. I waited until a year after it came out to buy one and
by then I had gotten used to satisfying my video game needs with the XBOX
One major difference between the two systems is the technical specs. PS3
fans can boast that the system has superior technology and thus better
graphics and more memory on the blu-ray discs. XBOX 360 can argue that
their library has more popular games like the Halo series and Gears of
From what I've seen personally, there doesn't seem to be a huge
difference in graphics between the two systems; my friend and I each got
copies of Call of Duty 4 and Grand Theft Auto 4 for our respective
systems and I can't honestly say there was a difference between my PS3
and his XBOX 360. This is just one of my theories but when games are made
for both systems, the limits on graphics can only go as far as the XBOX
360 can handle while the PS3 could go a lot further, but then again, it's
just a theory.
After the discontinuation of HD DVDs, I pretty much thought that XBOX 360
was done for because I figured that if people had the option to buy a
gaming system and a DVD player in one (a PS3) they would; though it
didn't seem to upset the XBOX 360's sales that much.
Most people, like me, were floored when it was revealed at E3 that Final
Fantasy XIII was coming to the XBOX, I have to say I am very impressed
with Microsoft's strategy of buying rights for games once exclusively for
the PS3 and keeping games for XBOX out of the PS3 library.
Despite the aggressive plan of Microsoft to get the rights of games once
exclusively for the PS3, I am going to make a prediction that Sony with
have the upper hand in the console wars for a few main reasons: we
haven't begun to see the possibilities the PS3's hardware is capable of.
The Blu-ray disc can hold much for memory than the 360's DVD. Also, PS3's
online is free, and XBOX live is about $50 a year.
So ultimately, my advice to the person looking to buy one of these fine
consoles would be to invest in a PS3, since it will probably have a
longer shelf life than the 360, but if you can find a 360 for extra
cheap, getting it wouldn't be a bad idea either.
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