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					Halo Cheats
I've discovered many of these Halo cheats from experience and from other
players online. The last time I checked, these worked. These aren't
exactly cheats in the Halo 2 sense but more weapon cheats/glitches. I'll
explain how to perform each cheat and its effect.
Each cheat has an associated button combo with it; the combo must be
pressed as quick as possible. (Most combos require a primary and
secondary weapon, especially if it involves pressing Y.)
Cancel Grenade Throw Animation-Press Y, LT, Y, to throw a grenade without
the animation, which gives you valuable time.
BR Kill- RT, RT, Y, (wait a split second) B. You must be host for this
cheat. This cheat will immediately kill your opponent.
Double Shot BR- RT, RT, Y. You'll shoot once, change weapons, and
automatically fire another round. So make sure your secondary weapon
isn't the plasma pistol.
Objective Instant Kill- RT, RB, B all at the same time.
This particular cheat has gained notoriety online, and there's been many
videos on it because it kills instantly.
Grav Hammer Glitch- Hold Y, RT, Release Y, Left Thumbstick and B. You
want to begin with the Grav Hammer equipped. The last two button presses
are right before the Grav Hammer is about to hit. This damages the enemy
with both the grav hammer and a melee attack. (Source: Next Gen Boards) I
should've prefaced the article with the fact that many of these glitches
are looked down up by Xbox Live.
You probably won't be banned, but it does look suspicious. However, I
strongly discourage the use of any of these in tournaments or ranked
matchmaking because they do make the game a tad unfair. For more Halo
cheats, go to Halo Go Pro
Brendan McCaffery runs a premiere Halo website: Halo Go Pro It hosts
tournaments and contests, and provides expert Halo tips, strategies, and

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