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									Luke Brown's Gold Secrets Guide - WoW Guides Reviewed
When I first started play World of Warcraft, which was a few years ago, I
was happy just to hang out with guild mates at the Pig & Whistle,
Stormwind, or to harass the Horde at the crossroads if feeling a bit
adventurous. Making gold wasn't something I gave much thought to until I
approached level 40 and realized that I had no where near the 100g needed
to buy my first mount.
For many new players, buying their first mount can seem like a huge road
block in leveling a character. It's one of those hidden challenges that
Blizzard slips into the game just when you thought you had things figured
out. Suddenly, the focus of the game changes and there is a rush to make
gold as quickly as possible.
And many new players are stumped.
Now, there's an art to making World of Warcraft gold and a little help in
the form of a guide can go a long way to advancing you in the game.
Having bounced around from blog to blog, trying this tip and that tip
from helpful - but mainly misinformed - players, I came across Luke
Brown's Gold Secrets Guide.
Luke Brown has been a player of WoW longer than most and this is
reflected in his guide which contains a vast number of hints and tips on
how to make easy wow gold. The guide is nicely laid out with plenty of
maps and diagrams to help you along. There are also several bonus guides
bundled with the main gold guide which you'll also find very helpful.
Now, when I say Luke has included a vast number of hints and tips - I'm
not kidding. Luke's main guide contains about 80 pages of hints, tips and
general gold making strategies. In addition, he has a huge section on
making gold in the Burning Crusade - about another 100 pages.
Luke Brown is nothing if not original when it comes to making gold in
World of Warcraft. He lists everything from making gold from a rare
chicken, to tree farming in Dire Maul. This guide will suite those
players who know the basics of making gold in the Azeroth and the Burning
Crusade, but would like to add more strategies to their armory of gold
making hints and tips.
I've used Luke's Gold Secrets Guide very successfully in my own game for
a while now and its concise format lends itself as a reference guide that
I'm always referring back to.
I've written more on Luke Brown's Gold Secrets Guide in my Journal - just
follow the link below for a more detailed review.
Marcus Ty is a level 70 Alliance Mage of Stormwind and has written
extensively on the art and craft of making World of Warcraft Gold. His
tips and strategies are chronicled in The Journal of Marcus Ty - WoW Gold
Guide which is free to subscribers. Read a more detailed review of Luke
Brown's Gold Secrets Guide together with details on how to contact the
great Mage.

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